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Suggest who you want to see next in the Heartwarming moment series in my Blog.


You are Anonymous the lone human in equestria. You've been living in Rarity's boutique ever since you came to equestria. After Rarity has yet another failed date you decide to take her out to cheer her up.

My fourth story in the Heartwarming moment series.
Who's next?

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Comments ( 53 )

In the words of Sweetie Belle,
"Aww, that's such a sweet story."

2907491 you've read them all except for fluttershy? :rainbowderp:

2907496 ya i can read really fast like :twilightblush: fast

2907506 Awesome, Dont forget to tell me which one you liked the most.
Should I make a :trixieshiftleft: one? after the :twilightsmile: one?

now i've read them all, now i just want these: :twilightsmile:, :trollestia:, :trixieshiftright: and a :derpytongue2:.... kinda want a luna one and a vinyl one, too

2911121 twilight is sure to come. Celestia almost sure. Trixie and derpy maybe, as they are more difficult to write.

Um, ....wow. That's all I really got at the moment. Great job. :pinkiesmile: Extra points for Pinkie's involvement. lol

XD 10/10 NICE:twilightsmile:

Sweet Mother of Celestia, I take it back about the Pinkie story, THIS is the best one :pinkiehappy:
Dawwww, dear ol' Rarity :raritystarry:

Yeah, I get that reaction alot. I have no Idea why people adore my :raritystarry: story.
I just deal with it:twilightsheepish:

I liked this story. I laughed a few times on how Rarity or Anon would react (and he teased her). :rainbowlaugh:
Damn tho, Rarity is quite the schemer when she wants to be.
It would have been funny if Sweetie Belle walked in and saw that her old bedroom was demolished. :rainbowlaugh:

"Rarity how could you destroy my room..." Sweetie Belle witnessed something she wished she hadn't.
"Oh hi Sweetie... well this is awkward. I'm just enjoying my friend."
"I'll say, anyway, I'll just leave and go somewhere else..." :rainbowlaugh:

Once again loud as I can I'm insane

have to agree with Anon on Ponyville seems to be full of Jerks. But Glad he stepped up and showed Rarity not everyone is a jerk. And glad he is giving Rarity a shot

awesome as always. Anon is such a gentleman, good on him! :pinkiehappy:

Dismantle the bed? Dang, Rarity is not taking any chances.... :raritywink:

A very good job man :) :) :) :)

screw the rules! :duck: Ah yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dismantle the bed? frikin desperate much?

it feels wierd how you end all these with "the end?!?" are you planning on finishing all the ponies you have planned before you start on all their sequels btw? & do one with derpy pls! :heart:

This story was adorably sweet <3 I just love how kind and gentlemen like Anon was. I thought Rarity was moving a little forward but I can see why that was the case and it didn't detract from how sweet the setting was. It was rather nice to see something with characters interacting in a simpler way, just enjoying each others company and sharing their love. :heart:

I have a suggestion: Luna, Ditzy (Derpy) Hooves (who is that??), Celestia those are the only ones that I know. I read not watch My Little Pony, and someone tell me what this Derpy, also heard it as Ditzy, looks like. Read it in a fanfic no clue what this looks like, male/female, only thing I know it that it delivers mail and is a pony. WHAT IS IT?!?!?!?

Good story by the way

4078097 shes a grey coated pegasus with blonde hair and "derpy" eyes (hence the name derpy hooves) she is very accident prone, and loves muffins. also, derpy hooves is a fan name and her original name was ditsy doo

4078097 did i mention "is best pony"?

4078390 No you did not but have since corrected that statement.

The End- Until Spike finds out. :moustache:

you see one of rarity's romance novels on the table... A peek won’t hurt.

4 hours later you read the entire damn thing. Not because you liked it

...or anything. B-baka!

Why he took her out on a date when he knew what she was, how they were just freinds, is still a mystery to us all

Because she was rejected the other day. He didn't really see it as a date, he just wanted to cheer her up :raritywink:


In most of my stories, Anon has no idea of what he's doing.

Comment posted by Skizzer64555 deleted Dec 26th, 2014

Oh wow. Pinkie destroyed his bed!!!:rainbowlaugh:

This was a bit funny. Though, it was goo. keep up the good work man!

that was so sweet

I only managed to get to the part when he said 'you like what you see', then I just couldn't go on. I don't know why! It's just like how I couldn't stand to watch Spike humiliate himslef when he thought he was singing Ponyville's anthem, but was singing Cloudsdales instead in the episode 'Equestria Games'. I don't know why! They both were either too stupid, embarrassing, or just too sad (i mean like embarrassed but much worse).

not so much a fan of this one. Rarity was cute, but i was annoying..


you start to take off your clothes, wrap a towel around your waste and then


I can definitely see Rarity being like that, this is the best one so far. :raritystarry:


Well, Anon is known for sh***ing into towels, is he not?

Funny, that happens to me as well, especially for Spike. :moustache:

Honestly, I didn't dig it. Grammatical issues aside, the characterizations were flat as hell.

A bit of errors here and there such as 'of' instead of 'off' and 'to' instead of 'too', but otherwise nice story. Really loved the conclusion too, that was rather epic. Great work :raritywink:

Rarity is best waifu :rainbowlaugh:

I think the Rarity Heartwarming story is my favorite

I love your heartwarming stories, I wish there was more stories like this, Anon, 2nd person, Romance are my favorite genre's of MLP fanfiction. :ajsmug:

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