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Suggest who you want to see next in the Heartwarming moment series in my Blog.


WARNING Anon in Equestria [HiE] You X Lyra Heartstrings.

You are Anonymous the lone human in equestria. BonBon and Lyra are the closest friends you have, although Lyra might want to be more than just friends...

Story number eleven in the heartwarming moment series.

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Another good Heartwarming moment in the books.

In all honesty, I think your getting better! :pinkiehappy:

i think you need a proofreader or editor or something. i'll help if you need it.

Nothin' like a bowl o' cereal and an shit-ton o' mindless fluffiness to kick-start the day

Been waiting for another one of these. Really glad to see an update from you.:heart:

These are good.
Don't stop.
I like these.
Bit of errors.
Otherwise, fine.
Don't stop.
Or the next time you see me, it will be your last.:pinkiecrazy:

I don't like the look on Lyra's face here...

Aww loved the story. :ajsmug:

Lyra's on of my fav ponies so this was just icing on the cake.:raritywink: You told the story really well too, not to mushy, but still touching. I think that's because your character is actually aware of how Lyra may feel. :twilightsmile:

I always love your stories

5107328 Deffinatly. I can't really find any fault in his latest work other than a few grammar problems. Personally, I think relationships of the romantic type should be drawn out and developed, and so I normally hate one-shot romance tags, there so fake. But with the foreknowledge that they already know each other, this work successfully surpasses that roadblock. I nice little read. Still, I would like to see more work done on you chapter based stuff.

welp that's it i'm your new follower

stay classy:moustache:

The ending went way too quickly. Good story, by the way.

I wish I was actually there and hold her in my arms and She asked how you liked it I'd say......she's a fucking PROFESSIONAL!!!

amazing, great fic man :pinkiehappy:

It's hard to write in first person female perspective)

So true..:applejackunsure:

Awesome story dude. Looking forward to more of your fics :pinkiehappy:

Did you never wake up?

Edit this beast!!

That aside, liked it, very cute!

Nop I never woke up after that day :rainbowlaugh:

I wrote it all in a few hours that night and just left it like that. I really hope it isn't too bad, I've actually never read this through after the night I wrote it... A little late now:twilightsheepish:...

6649758 it's got Heart and that's what counts the most. Lyra is my fav background pony so it's hard to go wrong with her for me

I really like these stories.
Can you do one with Derpy?

I think my favorite part of this story is the fact that anon isnt the classic trope of being a dim witted idiot who cant get a clue. Good job, it was a enjoyable read.

Could you give links to the rest of the stories? I don't want to read this is it's number eleven and haven't I read the ones before it, obviously, since I'm asking for links.


Moondancer, please?

Amazing lyra fanfic

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