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Suggest who you want to see next in the Heartwarming moment series in my Blog.


You are Anonymous the lone human in equestra. Everyweek, you meet with twilight to talk about how things go back where you came from. But a meeting for one pony, might look like a date for another...

Finally, the story alot of you have been waiting for. My explanation to why the quality is a bit lower than the rest: I HAD TO WRITE IT OVER LIKE 6 TIMES. everytime changing the story completely. Why you ask? Because I couldn't think of anything with twilight :P

Story number eight in the heartwarming moment series.
Who's next?

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Comments ( 63 )

Brilliant as usual!

'the end?!?!.' i wonder what will happen in the future.

Haven't read it yet, but I love it already.

2980557 nice bro ill be waiting for the next one

The End?!?! indeed. Not your best work but a fun read none the less.

I know it isn't. This was actually a cancelled version of the story. But I was desperate:raritydespair:

I just wanted to get it over with so I can focus on other requests.:eeyup:

I couldn't think up anything with twilight.

2980688 yep and I feel it would have been up to your usual level of awesome if you had let the buildup do its thing for a little longer. And as always I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. :twilightblush:

Well even though it was been revised several times it is still cute~:heart: :heart:

it was good but to me it feels like it was missing something. Maybe you could of drag it a bit more but still I like it.

Lets just speak the truth here.
It is a weak story:applecry: I know. But I'm not going to redo it. Twilight took me a an abnormal amount of time to do(she has a hard personality) And I ended up erasing all my ideas because they were not good enough.
I promise the rest will be better:twilightsmile:

IT ARRIVES! :pinkiehappy:

SO worth the wait, good job Shader, keep it up!

very good keep it up :twilightsmile:

I love this series. Here have some moustaches.:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: P.S could you do one with chrysalis that would be awesome.

awe, that was so sad and sweet

Chrysalis??? Why hasn't anyone requested her yet... Could be interesting, but I wouldn't be able to make a one shot out of it.

You sir, might have just triggered me to try making a multichapter story. You x Chrysalis...

yeah could you make a story with Chrysalis please?:scootangel:

Ok, I will. I'll start a story. Heartwarming moment with chrysalis. Multiple chapters, that eventually lead to the mushy stuff :pinkiecrazy:

"NO! Bad brain. Horse not sexy!" ummm... i think you didnt 4chan enough today anon...
btw nice story...

Cute, indeed, but felt too rushed... :eeyup:

Maybe you should try to go for more details, and explain feelings better. :raritywink:

Everypony was laying on some heavy pressure on anon, it felt like Inception as everything was focused on something that doesn't belong.:trollestia:
Why is the monkey man not giving not kissing her, wait he's not one of us!:pinkiegasp:
Another great read NightShader so keep it steady as the ships are various as they are plenty.:twilightsmile:
I finally got around to watching Equestria Girls, I actually enjoyed it though its funny how her new friends got pretty munch dumped with no promise of seeing her again. Trolling thunder at its best.

Maybe a heartwarming moment with Derpy would be nice. :derpytongue2:


I've read a number of changeling/pony romances, some involving Chryssy herself but I don't think any involved a human. Well, there's that one by Darf but the human was completely enthralled and chained to a wall to be used in the most debasing of ways for his love...
It wasn't a very nice shipping. :pinkiesick:

Still, it's interesting to see if a Changeling can get over the stealing of "food" aspect and earn it legitimately. Seeing as how much of an egomanic Chryssy is (possibly more that Trixie?) it might take some traumatic crisis to make her vulnerable enough to fall for a weird alien that won't immediately put a spear through her face. After the failed Canterlot invasion might be an obvious choice of starting point, the Queen weakened, her forces scattered after the decimating Love Nuke, probably injured as well since the forced flight didn't come with a parachute when they all landed... wherever they landed. She show never tells us what happened to the unfortunate changelings caught between buildings and walls when the Love Nuke blasted outwards.

i Favorited it before i read it. AND I LOVED IT :D

still wonderful story :heart:

Duhhhh :rainbowderp: ummmm, okay? :derpyderp1:
Quick, simple, easy, to the point, worth while and nice...I like it :pinkiehappy:

Again, well done.
I wonder what was going through Spike's mind as what was going on with Anon and Twilight at the end.. :rainbowderp:

To who it may consent I'M INSANE great story brosky

Wow Ponyville seems to be really nosy. Lol
I liked how all of Twlights friends where looking out for her. Trying to get anon to open open his eyes about the dates

So let me see if i don't understand. If you don't like someone the whole town will hate you? WHERE'S OUR LIBERTY?!

Haha, I was having doubts about implementing that but see it this way: Anon is an outcast, upset the one who saved the town means you upset everyone:twilightsmile:

So if Twilight likes me and i don't like her my privacy goes to tartarus?

Indeed, don't upset the quiet ones:twilightsheepish:

All of your heart warmming moment storys are amazing, and I must request Chrysalis, as she is best changeling.:pinkiehappy::yay:

:rainbowlaugh: Glad you like them.

I was actually thinking of doing the chrysalis story but like the royal affection one...

I will have to read that one then, and then see idf it twas any good.:derpytongue2:

He he he he good yob man :)

I used :twilightsmile: pose from this picture for my OC avatar, is that kk?

The picture isn't mine (btw I really like your oc!)

Well, thanks for telling me that :) and thank you, I like it too :twilightsmile:

BTW loved the story, I think Twlilght would be quite impossible too. :twilightoops:

1) anon could have been less harsh
2) twilight can just stop crying and forget it.
3) anon is a failure with words

Good... Short, It felt you basically went:

"Welp, better fill that 1000 word minimum."

This story being longer would take it to much greater heights.

I know, I know "Quality over quantity," but there is such thing as "Quality and substance."


I was well aware of the word count indeed.

As stated in the story description :

Finally, the story alot of you have been waiting for. My explanation to why the quality is a bit lower than the rest: I HAD TO WRITE IT OVER LIKE 6 TIMES. everytime changing the story completely. Why you ask? Because I couldn't think of anything with twilight :P

I was sick of that story at the time and was only focused on finishing it xD.

So yeah, you're right about that, sorry.

However, v2 coming soon :pinkiecrazy:


thx for following mee)

slightly more heart-breaking one there. still really good

I HAD TO WRITE IT OVER LIKE 6 TIMES. everytime changing the story completely.

If I may ask (mainly out of curiosity), what were the previous versions like?

Now first lets say that I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT. HOW THEY SAY "Oh look I bet Twilight and Anon are dating." Hey when are you going to kiss Twilight." FUCK THEM ALL BURN IN HELL YOU WORTHLESS PIECES OF SHIT!!! Oh and for people like that and if they do that to me THEY FUCKING DIVE INTO THE MOST DARKEST PART OF MY FUCKING HEAD. Now if I had COMPLETED control over myself in this story this is what would happen. First when Rainbow Dash comes up to my window and says that where dating this is my reaction. "What the fuck did you say Dash did you say that me and Twilight are DATING YOU KNOW DASH YOU HAVE A FUCKING SICK MIND!!" Then when Applejack says have you kissed yet I'll be like. " Applejack Step away before I FUCKING LOSE IT AND JUST SO YOU KNOW I HAVE BAAAAD MEMORIES WHEN IT COMES TO SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!! AND YOU HAVE ENTERED A PART OF MY MIND THAT IS SOOOO DARK THAT YOU WILL FUCKING DIE FROM HORROR AND PAIN I WISH TO INFLUENCE UPON YOU!!! SO GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. OF.HERE NOW!!!!!!!!! My reaction to Rarity when she asks the same question as Applejack. I have had.. ENOUGH *BITCH SLAPS RARITY*
Rarity falls to the ground from the power of the slap. YOU BITCH STOP SAYING FUCKING STUPID THINGS THAT AREN'T TRUE ALONG WITH YOUR FRIENDS. ME AND TWILIGHT ARE NOT!! DATING GOT IT NO HEAR MY WORDS OPEN YOUR FUCKING EARS. WE. ARE. NOT. DATING!!!! NEXT PERSON TO ASK ME THAT QUESTION I WILL TARE OUT THERE SPINE FUCKING CHOKE THEM TO DEATH WITH IT AND THEN STAB THEM 34 TIMES AND WATCH AS THERE BLOOD SPILLS OUT AND THEY CHOKE ON IT WHILE I LAUGH AT THERE SUFFERING!!!! SO GO WARN THE TOWN SO THEY DON'T KILL THEMSELVES AND ASK FOR A DEATH WISH!!! I then storm out the door super duper fucking pissed and while a aura of rage, murder, violence, and death swarms around me like mosquitoes. I told you this was the darkest place in my head and now you how much HATRED I HOLD FOR PEOPLE LIKE THESE. oh yeah and good job on the story I really enjoyed it:twilightsmile: ( If you take this as offensive then I'm sorry I just really hate people like that and they need to DIE!) PS: Sorry if this is disturbing :twilightsheepish:

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