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Twenty Six. · 12:14pm Jul 28th, 2014

What if I told you that every story written in the English language that you ever read is just a simple make up of twenty six letters. Twenty six basic shapes all thrown together to make one grand whole. To some these shapes would look like nothing more than nonsense and be disregarded as such, to other these shapes could be gestures of love and affection, hate and spite, sadness and happiness. If I were to give you twenty six different shapes to work with and a blank canvas then told you to

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My Shipping Wall.

Here sits my shipping wall in all it's glory. Note that some of these have nothing to do with MLP. Constantly updated as I see fit.

Link X Zelda.
Toon Link X Tetra.
Link X Midna.
Twilight X Flash Sentry
Applejack X Rainbow Dash.
Octavia X Vinyl Scratch.
Luna X Artemis.
Discord X Fluttershy.
Pyrrha X John.
Dave X Terezi.
EvilHumour X The nameless someone.
John X Vriska.
Jade X Davesprite.
Blueblood X My Fist.
John X Vriska.
Pinkie Pie X Anonymous.
Trixie X Anonymous
Daring Doo X Anonymous.
Anonymous X Everything.
Church X Tex.
Red X Blue.
Bad_Seed_72 X TheAppleBloomer
Not really a ship but: Scoot-adoption.
The Doctor X Captain Jack Harkness.
The Doctor X Rose Tyler.
The Doctor X Martha Jones.
The Doctor X Clara Oswin Oswald.
The Doctor X Captain Jack, Rose, Martha and Clara >At the same time<
Time X Space.
Ron X Hermione.
Time X Procrastination.
Doctor Whooves X Ditzy Doo.
Me X Puns.
Me X Intensity.
Deus X Machina.
Hussie X Being an asshole.
The Kid X The Singer.
Regidar X FimFiction
Dust X The Blacksmith.
Red Knight X The Clown Princess.
Stanley X The Narrator.
Tori X Uke.
Dante X Kat.
Meat Boy X Bandage Girl.
You X This Wall.
Maya the Siren X Krieg the Psycho.
Dr. Vallen X The Commander.
Lyra X Bon Bon.
Death X Pinwheel.
FimFiction X Crowley.
Me X Intensity.
Sun X Moon,
Incest is Wincest especially when it's Princest.

More Soon.

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I know this is mega late ^^ But thank you so much for watching me, i'm glad you enjoy my stories and hope you continue to!-FE:heart:

*pokes with a stick* is it dead?

Thank you for the fave!

How about the sun and moon for your wall?

I thought, for your shipping wall, it you be you X the word intensifies

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