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Suggest who you want to see next in the Heartwarming moment series in my Blog.


You are Anonymous the lone human in equestria. You work on sweet apple acres and after a fun game with applebloom and applejack. something goes wrong. A misunderstanding makes awkward situations.

My fifth story in the Heartwarming moment series.
Who's next?

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Comments ( 52 )

Whelp, looks like you've got yourself a follower.

And another one

2907377 Glad you liked it, read the rest if you have time :trixieshiftright:

2907388 I only need to read :raritystarry: and :fluttershysad:

In one word, cute.

Scheming children, blackmail, PIE!!! What more could anyone ask for this has got to be my favorite of the bunch

Cute setup but the last line was a tad cheesy.:rainbowlaugh:

That was the fastest story I've ever read please make another or a sequal or something please

Err. Another AJ story you mean?

2956301 I mean to continue with possible stories that add on to these u can double your stories to fourteen from your current position

Yeah, I'm going on with this series as long as possible. This is getting very nice feedback from the people. I'm currently busy with twilight now as we speak. Finally got some inspiration. She'lll be posted today or tommorow:derpytongue2:

2957055 ok I can't wait to read it man :rarityhappy:

Not sure if this will be my favourite...but I'll add to my favourites :pinkiehappy:
Mostly because I LOOOOOOVEEE AJ :ajsmug:
I'mma keep reading these now :twilightsmile:

That's one side of Applejack I've never really seen. I like it. Instead of being a tough guy/tomboy she's a softy.
Damn tho, Apple Bloom you little schemer.
As soon as I read "you think about what the fuck just happened." and "Shit..." I laughed, that's exactly what pops in my mind at times. :rainbowlaugh:

I'll be honest, out of the mane six, applejack is probably my second to least favorite.

But it's fics like these that make me reconsider.

P.S. not that anyone cares, but here's favorite to least favorite.

:rainbowwild: :yay: :twilightblush: :raritywink: :ajsmug: :pinkiecrazy:


I really do care, thanks for the feedback.

It helps me to see what my followers like the most:pinkiehappy:

3010076 so who's next on your list for a heart warming storry hmm?:moustache::eeyup:


New rainbowdash (a normal one was requested)

Then octavia

Then spitfire

3021944 oh please are you serious a normal one the frst was great i cant wait untill the next one comes since itll be "regular" i mean the first was good then this one must be better and octavia i wonder how that one will go and same with spitfire

just wanted to say that I LOVE all these stories, keep up the great work

I'm still amazed with how you can fit such heartwarming stories in to single chapters without it feeling rushed. Well done, well done indeed :ajsmug:

This story seemed a little shorter then the others to me.
But it was a good story. Pretty cute how Applebloom forced a date out of anon. Glad it worked out

THIS STORY TOO SHORT!!!!! :applejackunsure:

please make sequels to all your heartwarming moments lo adore every single one of them! the humans are usually charismatic and naive i love it!

I really want to start writing the epilogues for every heartwarming moment, but I can't. School is leaving me with almost no free time at all; I have 3 exams next week! Even though everything is working against me, I promise that I will do it eventually :pinkiecrazy:


oh well sorry to hear bro, didn't know you were so busy. don't worry about making the stories for these then, focus on your life and i hope you ace those exams. i really enjoy all of your heartwarming stories just finished reading one as a matter of fact xD

anyways thank you for responding to my comment and like i said don't worry about making them im just so happy you made so many of them because they are really good. you manage to make a likeable human in all of them which is in my opinion a hard thing to do as most of them end up being so generic. love how naive and oblivious they sometimes are though just love it xD

Good man continue ;);););)

Applejack is best pony :heart::heart::heart:

This is Great but ya know i thin the site needs more applejack love stories

Anon is the oblivious idiot of the century

Could you do derpy?

Well I would like to see an applejack v.2, but since it seems like everyone wants you to do Derpy, I shall put my personal preferences aside and put my bid in for Derpy as well.

Derpy certainly is popular indeed. However, that doesn't mean you have to go with the flow and vote for derpy as well, though:rainbowlaugh:

i've read two of your stories and liked em one more and i'm your new follower

stay classy:moustache:

"Don't go on a date with ma sister I'll tell everyone you kiss her."

Applebloom Blackmail
Don't go with her sister she'll Blackmail you.
Brought to you by Applebloom from the Apple family.

Dude watching TV: .....ooooookk weird.

it would be hilarious if all of these stories happened in the exact same universe, and when everypony found out about Anon making out with almost everypony! :rainbowlaugh: Drama Bomb!!!

I think its probably cause of how I am, but I really enjoyed this one. :twilightsmile:

Christ, anon is as dense as a brick sometimes.

Do one with Luna or her sister

I guess Applebloom wanted to get a cutiemark in blackmailing, now that ain't happening. :ajsmug:

That was good! But abrupt. I WANT MOAR!!!!

6819018 Ditto, preferably with each of the Mane Six. There is also potential for follow-on stories here.



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