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Suggest who you want to see next in the Heartwarming moment series in my Blog.


You are Anonymous The Lone human in equestria. However you always have a bro by yourside...
A rainbow colored one.
You are so focused on her being your bro you don't even realize she is hinting towards wanting to be more than bro's.
And one night after drinking a little to much.
Truth Shall Be TOLD.

Yet another Rainbro Story.
The start of a Heartwarming Moment series.
My first story. so hit me hard and tell me how bad it is...
I have no idea what to lable it so I just did the obvious.

Who's next?

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Comments ( 50 )

So much bro, bro. Why all the bro? I mean, bro! Come on, bro!

Cmon Bro. You foolin with me?

By the way you liked it?


Nah, bro, good shit.

Thanks Really means alot to me

I'm pretty sure this same idea has been done multiple times already.

In my descripton there is written.
"Yet another Rainbro story"
So yes this idea has been done multiple times.

Needs more detail, other than that good story :moustache:

Lol,this idea has been used alot,but other that that good ss=tory :twilightblush:

:trixieshiftright: I see you likes it.

not bad, i never get tired of Dash falling for me. Err...- anon.

this is awesome for a first attempt:rainbowkiss: il'l fav this along with your other story:heart::heart::heart::yay:

I was almost expecting a skittles joke but this works just fine.:rainbowkiss:

2865835 pleas make more stories I want to keep reading!!!

2908647 Gah... scary... every story I read I've seen you comment. :rainbowderp:

That's the eighth time this month I've gotten that comment


My Primary language is Dutch. I grew up speaking dutch, spanish and english at home. So I can speak them all fluently.
Read my biography :pinkiecrazy:

Nawww, Dashie :rainbowkiss:
Too much "Bro" though :ajbemused:

aww come on, thats the fun part bro:rainbowlaugh:

Interesting, out of all the ones I've read, Rainbow seems to be the one giving off the most hints of affection (before confessing). Oh well good story. I would like to see one for Trixie, that would be an interesting story! :twilightsmile:

I'm not too fond of "Rainbro"
It would've been better if you just made it Rainbow, and her confess her feeling while SOBER (even though Rainbow is most likely to drink out of the mane six)
Also, i see some grammer errors, but otherwise, it's nice :)


Multiple people have requested me to do an original heartwarming moment with :rainbowkiss:

I guess I'll just have to do it.:twilightsmile:


Yes! DO it! DO IT! :pinkiecrazy:

I felt bad for Rainbow a little in that story. thinking she was stuck in the friend zone. but glad she got her man.

So there's the main 6 and other characters and there's anon where's Vince Stuhlinger huh?:flutterrage:

Lol just kidding Vince Stuhlinger is me.
But at least consider it Lol

Yeah cool story man :) :) :)

Girl was in Friendzone... Lol:rainbowlaugh:

Anon- You grab a random bottle of… Well you had no idea what they called this stuff but it had alcohol in it so it was fine with you.

Me- you idiot

2908647 I was expecting something scary but then the non-picture showed up and I laughed.

aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd fixed

i liked it 20% cooler indeed

stay classy:moustache:

loving this series so far

English is not my main language.

It just so happens my main language is English... I would be more then happy too help as a proofreader.

ONLY 20% ?????

I know you did a version 2 and it awesome like the rest of your stories but since Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony,...
Version 3!
Version 3!
Version 3!

But anyway man it good stuff keep it up.

Poor Rainbro constantly gets bro-zoned.

SO FRIGGIN DENSE!!!!!!!!!!! :twilightangry2:

Grammar could be better, but come on it's a second person Rainbow Dash x Anon story! What's not to like?

It'll her catchphrase, and the guy was busy paying tribute to her even in his thoughts. That's what's wrong with him. Somehow he's in love with Rainbow Dash.

This story is cute, but lacks substance. The grammar is vaguely passable and the characters are uninteresting, for the most part. This story needs more meat, more fat, and a hell of a lot of BBQ sauce.

You just made me hungry.....damn it!

It’s nice to know that despite how oblivious anon was it still turned out good.

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