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Suggest who you want to see next in the Heartwarming moment series in my Blog.


You are Anonymous the lone human in equestria. You accepted to foalsit Diamond Tiara for 60 bits, will you regret it? Or will it all turn out better than you thought?

My sixth story in the Heartwarming moment series.
Who's next?

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Huh, that wasn't as bad as I expected it to be:duck:. I like it.

how dare you expect it to be bad:applecry:
Glad you liked it anyway:pinkiesmile:

I think I'm one of the few people out there that think Diamond is really an adorable filly.

Another nice little Heartwarming story from NightShader, though it felt like DT's affections arose too quickly. I still liked it though, and I'm going to continue waiting on that TS story that's been in the works. Thanks for the read!

I expected Diamond Tiara to be really bratty.

This was such a cute story, Diamond is like a little kitten. Seriously the Cutie Mark Crusaders are not even 1/3 as adorable as Diamond Tiara. Now you need to do one with Silver Spoon, or maybe even both of them together, the cuteness would be overflowing.

it was so adorable , good job:twilightsmile:

While I waw hoping for this.to be with an aged up Diamond it was still a very cute read.
Looking forward to the next one.

At first that was my plan. But I figured that I want the fillies to stay fillies. Recently The CMC (each their own story) and Silverspoon were requested. They will probably stay fillies as well.

I keep screwing up derpy's story and twilight's story and Celstia's story, causing me to start all over again. Its beginning to frustrate me as they don't fit with any of my ideas. Other ponies will probably come first :facehoof:

I just hope Diamond Tiara isn't upset at being friendzoned. :eeyup:

Oh. Oh well. Maybe if there is ever a sequal it could be a real romance with an older her, and a different human.
In the meen time, can the one for the other fillies be cute little school romances with young humans around their age?

Sorry to hear that. The best thing to do is to just take a break from them then. Better to do that, than to force yourself to right while frustrated.

Sweet story. There were some spelling errors here and there but it was a nice story.:twilightsmile:

With another human? Are you suggesting me to make a story not written in second person?

Changing the age to young romance huh? As I has spoken earlier, I have a document of Romantic/sudden circumstances. These are filled with my own ideas, but also what other people recommend. When I find a pony that fits with it I make the story.

I have no young romance in my document atm so that will cause problems. I also like the concept of Anon ( you ) being Older, bigger and wiser as that causes attraction. I might try your idea of young romance with a story that doesn't have a human.

I agree with you on that I should take a temporary break from the stories that frustrate me. Thanks for the support :raritystarry:

If you find errors, please point them out as that helps me correct them.(not just saying cause i'm lazy)

Glad you liked it:pinkiehappy:

Sorry. That came out wronge because of the way i read second person stories. I never read them as myself in it, but as seperate characters in each one. I don't see the 'you' as myself or the same character.

So then chances are the ones for the other fillies might be the same as this one, and not really a real romance?
That is unfortunate. Especially since you won't age up the fillies.

Except it won't be a real romance, unless it becomes a story of pedophilia.
If the character won't be human then what is the point of it being 'you'.

Your welcome.


With the pony it would no longer be "you" it would be a third person story.

It still can turn out to be aged up versions of them. If I am able to think up an idea or someone pm's me what they want it to be.

You are one of the most supportive of my followers so I'll try my best to make it an aged up version. I have decided however to push the heartwarming moments with fillies a bit back on my list as they are the least requested.:twilightsheepish:

Really heart warming with a side of healthy heart failure.:pinkiesmile::heart:
Romance is dangerous when you have to deal with a bully but you still managed it. :scootangel:

I need to say there need to be more.
well done mate well done

Well I can only say 1 thing........ DAWWWWWW!!!

2940529 ur not the only 1 lol. If u get past the arrogance, she is adorable.

I love AiE's.
Good job Author-man, This was extremely adorable.

You're leaving me on the edge with that ''THE END?!?!?!''

Even DT has a little soft side in her. I daw'd:heart: Another well written fic!

umm... i know it a silly question but... do anypony make storys like you do?
(I MEAN THAT YOUR CONTENT IS AWESOME! and i ask if anyone makes stories like you do...)


Hmm, I'm struggling with what you mean by that. Do you mean if I know anyone who is making Second person stories (youXanypony) ?:rainbowhuh:

or just romance stories with ponies in general?
Pyro1011 is doing the same as me but he makes the stories longer and only has Fluttershy and Rainbowdash done atm, his stories also have sad parts in it, but you might like it if you liked mine. :twilightsheepish:

Oh. Okay then.

So you will take request like that if you like them then? If that iz so can I please tell you of an idea for Bon-Bon?

I am?
Don't worry about it. Do what you want, and what comes easier.
Okay then. That is understandable.

Good luck with all of your endeavors.


Yes I take requests like that.

You are person number 5 that requests bon-bon. I'll probably have to do her then :twilightsheepish:

Cool. So will it be okay if I send you that idea for Bon-Bon?

2950930 yes, if i like the idea I'll use it and put you in the description as the maker of the idea. You'll also be in my credits,description and biography.

I will send a note.


Hehe, Show some love. Like,Fave maybe even follow...:pinkiesad2:
Post who you want to see next in my blog post.

That was...


KAWAII :flutterrage:

that was a cute story :heart:

I want Diamond Tiara as a pet -kero.

Also, I could not help but listen to Barbie Girl as soon as hair combing was mentioned.
Do not proceed to judge me for the man that I am -kero. :unsuresweetie:

That was cute. Wouldn't mind a sequel, maybe when she's older?

Raven: ............ I'm not even reading it, and this is my response to it.


Haha don't worry, unlike the other heartwarming moments this is only based on cuddling.

No actual romance, simply cuddling.:trollestia:


Raven: Likely story.

There were punctuation errors, capitalization errors, multiple to/too errors, and other things of that nature. Have you ever thought of working with an editor?

Indeed, this story is not written perfectly. Well done Sherlock. You do reailize that your comment is wortheless right? Simply stating "This has grammar flaws." Is simply stupid.

As a matter of fact, I already have an editor, yet I refuse to remove errors from any of my older stories.
This all for a simple reason : I want to see my progress and I want to see if I'm getting better or worse. Ofcourse I can read through all my old stories with my editor and remove every single flaw, but why would I? This is fanfiction, all for the purpose to hone my skills and enjoy myself, ofcourse grammar needs to be "good" but that's not all to a story.

So, do you have an opinion on the story itself? Or am I wasting my time by responding to a comment with no kind of depth at all?

I've gently made that suggestion to a number of writers who do not, in fact, realize just how lacking their skills are. I was, in fact, trying to be helpful. Depending on your response, I might have even offered to work with you myself. But I can see that some people have no interest in someone trying to help them.

My opinion on the story? It's an unreadable piece of shit. And you, sir, are an asshole.


Oh boy, somebody is mad xD.
Anyways, your opinion still is incomplete because you failed to add correct arguments to enforce your statement.

I really, really dislike it when people simply say "the grammar is bad" because that is of completely no use to me at all. If it was your intention to maybe work with me, you could have just said so and maybe you could have made your comment a little bit more formal to make a good first impression.

Sadly, I do have to apologize for snapping at you because indeed, I was being an asshole and stooped in to the unforgiving mistake of misreading your comment and immediatly assuming you to be a random hater even though you had good intentions.

Seems that your comment still taught me something.

My sincere apologies, señor Elric.

:rainbowhuh:what the hell?
:trixieshiftright:did you just make me like a filly i used to find anoying?

You have. My complete attention sir he he he he he :) :) :) :) :) :)

Would you mind adding more chapters? I like this...more cuddling?:fluttershysad:

3350881 its annoying
and yeah

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