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Suggest who you want to see next in the Heartwarming moment series in my Blog.


WARNING Anon in Equestria [HiE] You X Rainbow Dash.
You are Anonymous the lone human in equestria. Rainbow Dash picks you up for a picnic with the main six, shenanigans ensue...

After several request, here it is. No Rainbro, simply Rainbow Dash.

Story number nine in the Heartwarming Moment Series.
Who's next?

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Comment posted by Herpidty Derp deleted Sep 28th, 2013

Well I just read ya blog about these recent changes and would like to say fluttershy gets to get the epilogue next please.:coolphoto:

so awesome!

I can only imagine what being wrapped in a pegasi's wings must feel like. Another great story. :pinkiehappy: A story with each of the crusaders would be interesting.

You do not stop amazing me. :raritystarry: Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:


I would like to see this continued but, sadly, we all know that won't happen. but in any case this gets the cublins stamp of approval™

EDIT: I had not read his latest blog post when I posted this comment. feel free to make fun of me. I deserve it because I am stupid.

Gosh darn, i love your writing! :raritystarry:
This was by-far my favorite one, but i do have a suggestion:
Make an alt ending, showing how rainbow would've reacted if Anon wasn't interested in her.

One question though: Did you create the character Anonymous, or did you "borrow" him?

You could see all of Ponyville, the Everfree Forest, the mountains, and in the distance you could see Canterlot floating in the sky.

I'm pretty sure that should be 'perched upon the mountain'
Or just change Canterlot to Cloudsdale.

This was very refreshing to read since Dash truly was just being herself. :rainbowkiss:
Well done. :twilightsmile::heart:

I think I can answer that (but bare in mind that this is only what I think)...
Anonymous, or 'Anon' for short, is a character originating from 4chan. On the board of /mlp/, he is the main character of many stories that involve a Human in Equestria. He is often depicted as a suited man with a green mask on. He is often used as many people who frequent 4chan do not have a username, and therefore, are listed as 'anonymous', providing a sense of inclusion into the story. He is also a very blank slate, with no set personality, so many writers use him to write a likable (or in some cases, unlikable) personality. Usually, the only trait Anon keeps amongst all stories is usually a sense of denseness/cluelessness.


Hope that helps. :twilightsmile:

“I already know, big guy

do i detect a hint of xeno in that :P hee.

And Ponyville and Everfree Forest would keep floating?


Truly astonishing, well done my dear fellow.
I was about to give an explanation but I wasn't sure how... (Damn my lazyness)

Anywho thanks alot (Imma use your comment the next time someone asks):twilightsmile:

hey sometime in the future, could you do a Heartwarming moment with a tsundere Roseluck? or maybe a larger projekt with Maredowell involving all five that possed as her? they could all get a one shot that eventually tie up in the end:pinkiehappy:
just a thought:twilightsmile:

Nice I like how you kept Dash in character.
Ah and I always enjoy how oblivious you make Anon to advances. :rainbowlaugh:

I like the way you wrote this one. By the way, maybe a Carrot Top one please.:pinkiesad2:

:rainbowkiss:OH MY GOSH, this was...

So full of yes


Nah, just kidding. this was very cute. :pinkiehappy:

Yeah cool story man :) :) *squee*


:rainbowlaugh: Honestly I love it when people take the time to comment on all my stories.

Glad you liked them:pinkiehappy:

I absolutely loved this story. A few typos here and there, but nothing major, great job!

Delightfully oblivious

I passed out from cuteness overload... not really but this story has so much DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. my heart almost could not take it.

Cute a romance i hope to have some day

A really good story. It sadly destroyed my cute meter, but heck, that don't matter. Nice job my friend!

"Corporal, what is the status of the Cute-O-Meter?"

*Gasps* "Captain... it's... it's over 9,000!"

"Good God"

This was really a delightful little story :twilightsmile:

Is there any chance you would make one with Coco? Don't know why, but I think it would make a pretty sweet story, 'specially with you writing it. :raritywink:

Awwwwwww :rainbowkiss:


Ending was... huh... :facehoof:

But... I enjoyed this... :pinkiehappy:


"Lieutenant, whats the situation?

"Sir, our cute meter is has overloaded and will be out of action for, at best, 3 months."

"Damn. Corporal, what's our status on feels?"

"Sir, you are currently going into a state of depression, wishing for a romantic relationship with codename: SKITTLES

"*sniffle* that's correct, corporal... that's correct..... *sobbing*

Awkward silence takes hold...

I am REALLY tired of people making him a ball-less pansy and an airhead. That shit needs to let up, getting sick of seeing it literally every frigging where.


Cmon, don't tell me you wouldn't be atleast a little bit frightened if you were being lifted up in the air by the hooves of a winged pony :rainbowlaugh:

Apart from that, if you want the human to have a different personality, read my Lyra story. He actually isn't an airhead in that one.

A dense human protagonist is a time tested formula though, the majority of the people here on fimfic don't really mind.

Hope you still enjoyed the story!

I ship it like fedx


"A-are you tired yet?" She asks after finishing the yawn. Tired? Its not even 10pm yet, there's something strange happening here.

"Are you?" You ask.

"W-well yeah, kinda. You know, with the picnic n stuff." Hmm; seems legit.

Hmm; seems legit...

Also my heart exploded... Twice.

Better get the 'Meter Of Awkwardness' and see how awkward this story had gotten.

METER OF AWKWARDNESS: SCANNING ALL SIGNS OF AWKWARD... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...



wow!! 101% awkward?! Is that even possible?!


5656365 Yes! Yes it does! :trollestia:

5656633 didn't you see the trollestia emotion? :trollestia: I was kidding. We don't have terrorists, only whores and rapists.

5656726 Didnt ya see the trollesta emoticon again?! TERRORISM FTW!!!!!!!! FUCK DA POOOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!

“Thank you...” [Rainbow] whispers softly. “C-could you hold me?”

*ded from feels*

No, seriously, the feels, sir. Rainbow is absolutely adorable when she drops her brave shell... :twilightsmile:

"What? I'd rather be cautious than dirty." she says with an unsure smile.

That's our Rarity. :raritywink:

Another good job well done. :rainbowdetermined2:

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