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Asashi - Dark Fist Inari

-Equestria's Worst Mistake-


Officially Bored, Could Use A Virtual Hand. · 5:19am Jan 4th, 2016

If anyone can find the stories that you should know I like let me know in a PM, I'm officially tired of the same thing around here. Same lesbo/yaoi crap, same weak human in Equestria story and my favorite, the same forgiveness for ANY form of betrayal and/or screw job stories. Not too say they're badly written, cause their not, but I'm tired of it.

Metaphorically speaking.

I'm kind of looking for the opposite of that, Anthro preferably, a real spice job just to keep my interest really.

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I don’t mean to jump into anyone’s personal or anything of the sort but I don’t think it’s logical to bash someone who writes fanfictions of tv shows whether it’s girly or not when you’re on a site specifically for said writing with an entire account. Also if it’s your sister that was insulted you sure seem to be siding said insulter.


He's talking Saiyan and Asashi having an argument that led to Asashi discriminating SaiyanUltima wife.

But I'd rather prefer she left the bastard. She's my sister, and I hate that he does this for fun when it's a girl's show. I mean, seriously, dude needs to grow up.

2168666 What're you talking about? I'm curious.

You're the douchebag hating on everyone? Wow, that Twitter comment from Saiyan proves that you're a legitimate A-Hole with life issues.

I mean come on. Who disrespects a man's wife like that?

That's just wrong.

Hey, sorry for the long wait, and appreciate the feedback on my story. I am happy that you enjoy my story, and would like to contact you via Skype to discuss things that could help me with making the story release quicker.

  • Viewing 126 - 130 of 130
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