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Asashi - Dark Fist Inari

-Equestria's Worst Mistake-


Officially Bored, Could Use A Virtual Hand. · 5:19am Jan 4th, 2016

If anyone can find the stories that you should know I like let me know in a PM, I'm officially tired of the same thing around here. Same lesbo/yaoi crap, same weak human in Equestria story and my favorite, the same forgiveness for ANY form of betrayal and/or screw job stories. Not too say they're badly written, cause their not, but I'm tired of it.

Metaphorically speaking.

I'm kind of looking for the opposite of that, Anthro preferably, a real spice job just to keep my interest really.

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    He's talking Saiyan and Asashi having an argument that led to Asashi discriminating SaiyanUltima wife.

    But I'd rather prefer she left the bastard. She's my sister, and I hate that he does this for fun when it's a girl's show. I mean, seriously, dude needs to grow up.

    2168666 What're you talking about? I'm curious.

    You're the douchebag hating on everyone? Wow, that Twitter comment from Saiyan proves that you're a legitimate A-Hole with life issues.

    I mean come on. Who disrespects a man's wife like that?

    That's just wrong.

    Hey, sorry for the long wait, and appreciate the feedback on my story. I am happy that you enjoy my story, and would like to contact you via Skype to discuss things that could help me with making the story release quicker.

    • Viewing 130 - 134 of 134
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