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From the state of Ohio. I am 25 and a certified S.C.U.B.A Diver. I enjoy writing poetry and have intentions only to give support to writers and hope they will support me

Favorite Rock Songs

These are just a few of my favorite rock songs so enjoy these awesome songs. Expect this list to grow.

A little bit about me.

Where to start... well my Name is Zak. I am 25 year old male and have been unable to make it to any Brony cons. I've always wondered if Rainbow Dash would like Journey (Steve Perry as lead vocals).

Indicator to my writing ability.

I was a freshman in High school in English 1.I had to write a story on the legend of Persus in Greek mythology. The catch was I had to tell the story from a different characters perspective. I chose Zues's perspective. One day we go down to the computer lab and I take a seat and sign in to my school account and begin typing. It took me about two weeks and it was due. I walked up to my teacher and asked if she wanted me to turn it in now or later when it was finished. She wanted me turn it in as it was and graded what I had.

I remember crawling into bed that night thinking to myself that there was no possible way I would get a good grade. Jump ahead about three weeks and the beginning of 4th block. as the teacher hands back our stories, I was shocked to find that she kept mine to read out loud to the class.

She said "it is the most creative piece of writing for this assignment. All of you could learn a thing or two from Zak." then every one turned to look at me... at the same time... it was creepy okay!

I am a certified N.A.U.I (National Association of Underwater Instructors) Advanced Scuba Diver, shocker seeing as how I live in Ohio, and have even helped my dive instructor train other divers.

I enjoy both console gaming and PC gaming.

I enjoy trying to get other Bronies to meet with me so we can discuss the show and other pony related topics... but they never show up. :(

But most of all I enjoy fimfictions stories

Authors I enjoy reading+ brief descriptions on their writing.

(Note: I have been following Jaydextheshadowknight's stories 2 years before I Registered for an account. So naturally I will have more to say about him.)

Jaydextheshadowknight's human x pony stories.
(Clop Level: soft.)
Seriously check this guy out when you can. His fics are mainly driven by... well the story and though his clop scenes lack in the description department it works with the gentle tone his fics give off. He does not need to tell you what the characters are feeling. why do that when he has the thoughts and emotions of the characters instead. But no matter how I try to describe his work, the literature speaks for itself. If you like 2nd person stories and stories that play your heartstrings, then stop by his profile and read some of his work.

NightShader's Heartwarming moment series.
(Clop Level: No clop.)
A good read from a surprisingly talented 15 year old. These short one-shots are perfect for those that enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling they get from romance stories. though they are anon in equestria, they deliver just the right amount of adorableness needed for the dawwww factor.

Zamairiac's human x royalty stories.
(Clop Level: Moderate.)
When it comes to giving a good story on a rainy day, Zamairiac delivers a story that can keep you tense when a fight is about to go down,and keep you in the action. But also relaxed as you follow the human and his royal mare through a journey of romance.

As my name suggests I am some what of a critic. Though I only aim to give constructive criticism. If the story is good, I might pick on you a little just to see if you will catch my sarcasm.

Writing preferences and blog use.
Mainly poetry which I will post in my blog seeing how sometimes they are not pony related. I will also give thoughts on some of the musical pieces in the show. I will also share stories from my dives. If you ever have any questions on S.C.U.B.A diving I will give an answer based on my knowledge and training. So ask away.

Music Preference
Classic rock (Mainly Journey, Genesis, Billy Joel, and Phil Collins)and Christian Rock.

Favorite video game series
If you could not tell by my profile picture, I am a huge fan of Dead Space. It is the game that introduced me to survival horror and I have never looked back on my decision to play through all the Dead Space games. I even know how to decode the marker script... without using a translation key... I am a bit of a Dead Space fanatic.

I hope this answers some questions as to who I am. But more fan fics await my criticism!

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Thank you for adding 'Ten More Minutes Would Be Fine' to your bookself:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the follow. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding "Taste the Rainbow" to faves! :twilightsmile:

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