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Leo, without consent, is sent into another world full of magic, monsters, and ponies. Uncovering the mysteries of the world, journey with our hot-blooded hero as he overcomes hardship and obstacles with his new friends, slowly accumulating power along the process. Seeking the truths of the world, Leo might just find who put him here. Will he be able to handle the price for finding the answers? Or will he crumble under the pressure?

This story has somewhat of a serious tone, with a comedic undertone. If you like characters growing from weak to strong, fantasy world building, and heart-pumping and intense action, this story might be just for you!

-Heavily inspired by Wuxia and Xianxia novels such as "Martial World" and "True Martial World," focusing on "Taoism" fantasy. Also heavily inspired by "Gurren Lagann".
-Any constructive feedback is HIGHLY appreciated, being my first written piece (no proofreader as well).
-This is going to be going along the main FiM story timeline but with twists so most changes to the canon are intentional.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any media linked or used. It is only used as an optional way to boost the reading experience. I also do not promote the use of drugs.

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"I would've said today, but since the earlier incident , I'll have to ask you to stay until tomorrow, then you'll be discharged." She says, articulating 'incident' to emphasize, making Leo slightly frown.

Why are they treating him harshly for his actions when they are completely understandable. Not to mention all he gave Fluttershy was a small push. It's not that big of a deal. If he's good to go then he should be free to leave. What's the point of keeping him another day. He shouldn't be punished for that.

Are there not military wars?

I'm assuming this is about the title? I might write in a military war, but as of now there's no plan. The term martial warrior is meant to pay homage to the ancient eastern folklore and stories of martial arts, medicine, and immortals that I'm taking inspiration from for the writing.

Ahh you're right about the part of her being harsh to Leo. I'll have to reword it, but she wasn't punishing him by having him stay. He lost a lot of blood so I wrote it for him to stay for another day before being discharged. I'll make sure to specify. Thanks! :twilightblush:

I can't wait for you to read it hehehe :trixieshiftright:

Got it, thanks for the explanation.

OK. Thanks for the explanation.

The immediate spark of love with an animal that just tackled him seems rather odd.

It was a very surface level thought that Leo had, and of course it's odd, that's why he was surprised and somewhat at odds with himself. Personally I think it'll make it a bit interesting although maybe it was a bit rushed. 👌

This is a wild start. I love it.

Testing out what he can do. Very nice.

Glad to see you're enjoying :) :yay:

Leo fighting a Manticore. Easy wins

I'll keep reading on and you broke a personal trope in the MLP Fanfic community that I am glad you broke.

ohh? I honestly have no clue, pray tell :moustache:

Making Rainbow Dash a Xenophobic asshole. I don't like that trope in mlp fanfics. Here it is justified. Leo knocked over her friend and he caused some chaos at the hospital and she got upset. But she doesn't hate him based on how he looks. Just his actions. But she mended that bridge and they are on neutral terms

Now that you mention it, I do see that from time to time. :rainbowlaugh:

I mean it fits her somewhat.. but I just don't like seeing it.. This is weird for me cuz.. she's my least fave out of the mane 6 lol

Most of the time a love interest or a relationship in a work of fiction feels forced or a bit to heavy handed. It's rather difficult to balance the romance and action to make it juuuust right.

(Not telling you to remove it or anything I'm just giving advice)

Well that was a wild start, can't say I've seen something similar, I probably have but don't remember, but this was so detailed that I felt like I could see it in front of me. That part with, what I can only assume was the Outer Gods, really sold it for me.

Pretty realistic reaction if you ask me, I would have probably reacted similar to Leo. Keep up the good work and stay awesome.

Glad to see you're enjoying the story as much as I do, and aye aye captain! :twilightsmile:

i love through the fire and the flames from dragonforce its got this chosen one against a army of darkness feel to it. i really dont know why people say its underrated its kinda like a rock opera like meatloaf had done back in the day

Yea lmao, a lot of Dragonforce songs have that vibe to it, love em. :rainbowkiss:

Edited chapters 1-4 to fix the grammar issues and misspelling! 😁👍

Me gustó mucho el capítulo espero con ansias el siguiente capítulo
Pd: el protagonista empujo a Fluttershy, el prota merece morir :fluttercry:

Por favor perdónalo, Leo es un poco estúpido. :rainbowlaugh:

Hahahah Leo messing with Rainbow. Love it. This was pretty good and yeah. Hospital food is bad.. as least when your patient there. Most hospitals have a cafeteria or food shops that sell better food then the normal hospital food.

:rainbowlaugh: writing that part was a blast! Glad you like it!

Leo messing with Rainbow was adorable!

sure is refreshing to read this and when ever he trains reminds me off marstial art or naruto how he go about thing. but i do wonder how he is going to deal with nightmare moon

That's exactly what I'm going for with this story (the martial arts that is). Right now I'm just making the ground work for it in the story but I have huge plans for the future chapters! :pinkiehappy:

Added some much needed detail within the space travel scene in chapter 1, hope y'all enjoy! :heart:

ahem "Who might you be? Your manners are somewhat lacking darling." She says in a very elegant manner.

What has he done that's rude? Stare at her flank? Yeah, I don't see how that could be consider rude, since they walk around naked. If it bothers them they should cover it. You can't exactly blame someone for staring at something out in public, if you have it exposed to the world.

I was trying to show that Rarity is a more "couth" pony to readers. I think it's reasonable for her to point him out considering it's the first time they met. :twilightsheepish:

Ok, I gotta ask how strong was that punch, if he drank only 4 cups and got that drunk. He must be a super lightweight. I like these kinda stories where the main guy isn't a doormat or a complete coward. But 4 cups damn. Btw keep it up man.

Well in all honesty, I wanted it to be a possibility that he drank more than 4 to the reader, since Leo could only assume he drank 4. But yea, he's a super lightweight 😂 I'm glad you're enjoying! :twilightsmile:

I still find it weird that ponies that walk around naked would find it rude or offensive when others stare at their flanks. It's like if you don't want others seeing it cover it up. You didn't really do a good job with Rarity since you didn't make it clear what she found rude and the reason just doesn't make sense to me. It gives a small feeling Rarity is the actually the rude one for judging someone who didn't actually appear to do anything that could have been considered rude.

You're right, I'll try and make it more clear to the reader next time. Thx for the feed back :heart:

Rainbow looks at him like he's stupid, "because there are MONSTERS you egghead! It's so dangerous, I wouldn't even go to some places, and danger's my middle name!"

A fair point, Earth doesn't have huge mythical monsters to inhibit our expansion. However, considering the comparatively smaller extremely dangerous critters that actually exist in various places on our planet, and just the outright life-threatening climates we explore, I don't think Humans would be held back for long.

Our natural curiosity and urge to explore the unknown is both a blessing an a curse.


Hmm. I wonder if he circulates his energy, will it purge his body of the toxins making him drunk?
I think it would be a great way to quickly get rid of a hangover.

Yea, the main idea behind that little tid-bit was to show both what you said, as well as leave room for world-building. Something to look forward to :ajsmug:

As for circulating the energy to get sober. It does make sense in the context that it would do that, but right now, since Leo has little to no understanding as well as being as weak with it as he is, it's not possible yet. He can do it right now, but it'll only make a verrrry slight difference in how long the hangover is. :twilightsmile:

I figured as much, just thinking out loud as it were.

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