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A man wakes up with no idea what is going on, but one thing is sure, he is not a human anymore.

Featured 03/25/2020, 03/26/2020, 03/27/2020, 03/28/2020, 03/29/2020, 03/30/2020, 05/24/2020


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Have to catch this later

'A changeling!?'

How did he knew he was a changeling? Is it going to be revealed in the next chapter?
Also, good beginning, It sparked me some interest.

yeah next episode will explain that

could be worse, he could be a rainbow moose

'Great...so does this makes me gay... or?’ ‘So my new diet includes being Bi...’


love the story dont doubt yourself to much bud. the story here is really good and I really enjoyed it keep up the good work.

nice I love it. Also ... 1ST!!!

Can't understand why someone downvoted your comment... Like ?

“So tell me... child... are you a threat to my hive?” Chrysalis asked.

Choose your next words extremely carefully.

There's a lot of Internet stigma against commenting "First!" or its variations thereof.

Fear the changeling of all changelings, you fools! The magnificent... Bob! Yeah, everyling will tremble in awe and respect, I can feel it.

Eh, changelings gotta what a changelings gotta do.
At least he's not force feeding, that'll help.

Oh he's a danger alright, just not as you know it...
Really, sector A? Why would it be so far from the hive, and in an inopportune locale? We believe the Queen will yet benefit if Bob proves in any way to be competent.
Keep going! ;)

It's something of a trope. Be the first comment and bathe in the flow of hatred borne of envy from those who did not arrive fast enough.

Well... this is awkward isn't it?

Anyway, it's got changelings so I'll check this out.

Discounting meta mlp knowledge, stroking the ego of a ruler should work. Kings and queens are usually so full of it, that appeasing them of their might while belittling yourself is often used in fictions.

And if you know Chrysalis...

Yeah, needs some editing/proofreading. A few run-on sentences, incorrect grammar and such. Good work for someone who doesn't have english as their first language.

Two things you shoukd work on are the dialouge and the protagonist. "Bob" is such a nondescript and generic name that it isn't really used much as a first name. Robert would probably be more appropriate, as Bob is often used as shorthand or a nickname for Robert. Whenever he's think to himself on his own mind hes fine, but speaking outload him and others seem stilted.

The dialogue is much better in this chapter than in the previous one. Though I have to question why he's at all willing to join Chrysalis' hive if he has knowledge of the show, since he would know she is cruel and evil. He isn't particularly desperate nor does he have any (apparent) reason to join them other than them also being changelings.

Saying "First comment, woohoo" is generally considered a breach of online etiquette and an annoying/dumb thing to do. Not really against any rules, just akin to standing up and trying to get attention while not being on topic or contributing.

All he knows if that she invaded a wedding and after what he did with the stallion he wants to learn how to be a changeling.

He doesn't know how to eat or adequately hunt, so he wants to join to learn what to do.

Like he knows so far, getting all lovey-dovey with someone feds him, but he wants to learn how to eat correctly.

He knows very very little about the show; he only watched with his niece the changeling invasion episodes, and knows the eat love and can shapeshift but that's as far as his meta knowledge gets.

Hahaha the same image.

I changed last time; I won't change my outfit this time sis

Alondro wakes up in Equestria as a cherngelerng, ermahgerd. "Aw crap." Sprays himself with DDT and dies.

It was the only way....


“So tell me... child... are you a threat to my hive?” Chrysalis asked.

I feel like the proper response here is, "Yeah kinda, you should probably kill me."

I mean he won't die because plot but still.....

First, Bob.........his name is Bob:facehoof:
I'm not surprised that Lorax was laughing
It's sooo simple name for a character that fits more a side/background character or NPC

Second, he has a knowledge of the show and his own knowledge from earth and logic, use it

Third, don't be a doormat and do something interesting. Like revolutionize changelings in many ways
They probably didn't focus on technology, evolution, upgrading and similar things and we're only focused on survival and infiltration.
Do something so food won't be a problem and they can focus on other things. Make new ways to feed, other sources, etc

He only knows about the changeling invasion, because he was babysitting his niece during that episode.

And Bob is short for Robert.

He wants to join the hive so he can learn what he can do with experts in the matter.

Every time I see a name Bob I instantly think of only one Bob
I literally can't remember other people with the name Bob

You won't have too anyways; the next chapters will help your vision. Just wait.

First Douchebug

"could I kill someone if I drained them of whatever changelings eat to survive?"
Like it matters.... Any living organism will do what they need to stay alive and that usually requires killing, like Bob did to the berries without thinking twice.
It's looks like it is more like he can't force feed, as he don't know how and everything else failed.

I’m surprised he went for the army. I figured he’d go for either of the other options

I was expecting he would want the basic training in each to learn how to use his abilities instead of focusing in one.

they learn everything but focus more on the offensive part-

nice loving it man keep up the good work!

I'm a little disappointed that he will limit himself and joined the army
I hope he will do more than be a soldier, by using knowledge from earth
Maybe be in every path, create his own path
Maybe a path of technology, evolution, innovation,or something similar


’ I don’t swing that way bug... or any way in this weird-ass world,’ Bob thought as he avoided making eye contact with Lena.

Does he mean he isn't into any gender at all or just other species?

"I don’t swing that way bug... or any way in this weird-ass world," Bob thought as he avoided making eye contact with Lena.

Huh? Sooo, did this come from the fact that he still considers himself a human at heart and going for changelings would be bestiality in his eyes?

Well, that could make things awkward in the future. :rainbowlaugh:

Is this even bestiality?
What counts as bestiality?
They aren't animals but another sentient species


Yeah, well, it seems Bob could be one of those humans who think that a human can only be together with another human, no matter if other beings, who are very "animal-like" in a human mindset, are sapient or not.

Interesting, he can smell good. What a curious trait...
Keep going! ;)

She was responsible for the hive and their food, she was deep down scared on what would happen if they lost their food income.


“Hi handsome,” Someone whispered close to Bob's ear, giving it a thorough lick.

Bob looked at the changeling that managed to get behind him with no effort and felt his spine tingle with cold fear.

How deadly these guys were, she could’ve killed him without giving him a chance of fighting back.

“Relax, before she gets a crush on you,” Another changeling said, entering the room, smiling brightly. “We are here only to tell you about the three paths in the hive.”

“Three paths?” Bob asked, tilting his head.

“Yes, there is the royal army, fighters that can fight multiple opponents with ease, and die with glory, led by the son of the commander, Moru,” The new changeling said, pointing at the commander.

“Hm,” The commander smiled, puffing his chest with pride.

“The undercover team, they deal with assassinations, espionage, and infiltrations, led by Lena” The changeling pointed at the creepy changeling girl.

“In short, I can rock your world down in seconds, baby,” Lena said, licking her lips.

’ I don’t swing that way bug... or any way in this weird-ass world,’ Bob thought as he avoided making eye contact with Lena.

“And last but not least, the medic department, we make sure these idiots don’t die too soon,” The changeling smiled, “led by dear old me, Orux.”

Really creative with the names, I have to say.

Hum, the writing is improving, keep it up

I'm incredibly surprised there wasn't a "My name is the Lorax, and I speak for the trees" comment yet

“Oh well I was flying back to the hive, when all of a sudden, I smelled a hiveless changeling,” The changeling said with a serious expression, “So I was like, ‘Lorax it’s time to be a proactive member of the hive, go and recruit that changeling!’ And here I am.”


His name is Lorax.


Yep I thought Lena myself because that would be the most useful skillset and the most potential freedom.

He can fight and has determination
But he should see that he needs a weapon, and shape-shifting grants him abbility to get it
He could also modify, edit changeling body so alterations and weapons would be better hidden and he would be deadlier
Adding spider legs like blades on his back(they would mostly fold on his back or appear when shape-shift, beceause they would be harder to hide)
Or retractable blade, scythe, mantis blades from hoofs (Juts imagine these coming from hooves)
One of these ways
Or transform into zergs altogether

Of course, all made from sharpened chitin or something changeling bodies armor is made from

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