A Changeling Life

by SleepyBear

First published

You think life is hard, try eating love and we’ll talk

A man wakes up with no idea what is going on, but one thing is sure, he is not a human anymore.

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New world, new me.

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It was very dark. Bob could sense something was wrong with him.

The young man’s eyes opened wide as he scanned the dense darkness that surrounded him, this place was unfamiliar, but a strange scent drew him onward, deeper into the shadows. His stomach growled with unyielding hunger, making Bob clutch in pain.

He noticed what was wrong with him and his body when he tried to hold his upset and hungry stomach with his hands; he opened his eyes in fear, trying to get a better look at his hands; instead, he found a pair of stumps, no...they were hooves! Black hooves, at the end of his arms, his arms were also entirely black with some holes on them.

He looked up and down at his body in a frenzy, his entire body was different and was all black, his feet had been replaced with hooves as well, in a rush Bob tried to stand up, only to stumble and fall flat on his face.

What is going on!

After a few minutes of repetitively trying to stand up just to end falling on the ground over and over again, Bob decided to calm down a bit and assess his situation, groaning, he repeated the process again this time a little slower, and with a bit of patience he was standing on all fours, anxiety got the best of him as he reached up and touched his face to see if that had changed too, and to add the cherry on the cake, his face had a small muzzle.

“This can’t be real...” he muttered.

He wanted to see his new bizarre body, so he looked around, trying to find some kind of reflective surface.

At a distance, he could hear the relaxing sound of a river crashing with some rocks, following the sound he slowly made his way over to the nearby river, being very careful not to trip over his new confusing body again, once he was before the river he looked into the water.

What he saw looking back was not what he was expecting; it was a changeling.

'A changeling!?'

His thoughts were abruptly stopped as a sweet and delicious smell caught his attention, he opened his mouth slightly, and without even noticing it, he was drooling. The smell was sweet, like the food his mom used to make for him back then before she died.

Whatever it was, it was close. Bob couldn’t really tell what it was, but—he could feel the pulsing of a heart deep within his new ear, he swallowed following the sound, stifling his rumbling stomach. Something inside of him shouted that soon his hunger would be satisfied, suddenly a noise rumbled nearby. Bob looked around, finding a part of the dark forest being illuminated, and as he did so, he saw a pony cutting some wood, his prey was there for the taking.

“Honey! I’m done!” The pony said with a deep voice, snapping Bob out of his trance.

‘I was about to... oh god...’ Angry with himself, Bob ran as fast as he could, once he was at a safe distance he spun around, his blue eyes glaring at the ground in shame.

He had no idea how but he had managed to run without falling to the ground, getting out of the forest after a few minutes, eventually finding himself inside a cold and desolated cave near a mountain, with a lot of hunger and fear on what was going on he curled in a corner with tears on his eyes, the moonlight filtered through, casting shadows on the uncomfortable, hard floor.

I almost... could I kill someone if I drained them of whatever changelings eat to survive?....maybe this is just a dream, and I’ll wake up soon...

Tired and hungry, he shifted his position around the cave trying to find a comfortable spot to crawl into, after a minute or two, he found the perfect place settling in for a much-deserved rest.

The next morning Bob woke up, he had been hoping everything was a dream, so with enthusiasm, he lifted his head with the hopes of being back home, but he was still on the cave, with a defeated sigh he rested his muzzle on a rock.

His stomach growled, reminding him of his hunger.

In his dream, he had felt full and complete without hunger, if only that feeling could be replicated without hurting others. Bob rolled onto his back, groaning, savoring the dream for a few more moments. He could still remember the pony and how sweet he smelled.

He was so full of love and happiness, and every time he thought of him. He unconsciously licked his lips. From the cave, he could smell that it was around eight in the morning, the thought of smelling time was confusing for him, but that was the least of his concerns.

The hunger once again started to cause a ruckus on his stomach, making Bob gasp in pain, and a wild thought occurred to Bob, what if he ate regular food, maybe the hunger would calm down a bit, galloping out of the cave he started to look around trying to find something edible, after a few minutes he found some berries in a nearby bush, overjoyed at the fact he had found one of his favorite fruits Bob started to eat with a wide and hopeful smile.

The berries felt dry and tasteless on his tongue, and they didn’t quench his hunger at all, Bob reluctantly swallowed one more mouthful with the hope it eventually would work, failing once again. Defeated, he turned away from the berries.

‘So I either starve to death or suck on some love,’

Outside, the sun was shining bright with a bit of rain, but mostly the weather was fine, with nothing to do Bob started to walk back into the forest in a numb like state following the path his hooves had left last night, he could feel the cold ground and the sharp stones beneath his hooves, eventually, he made his way back to where he had found the pony, and by that point, the rain had stopped.

‘So...much hunger...’

Coming back into his senses he discovered he was once again where he was last night, with no idea why he decided to go back to where he encountered the pony the previous night, he sat down on the ground close to a tree for back support, as he wondered why he was there, the movement of a shadow caught his attention, it was the same pony with an axe cutting some wood again in the same spot, he watched the pony talk with someone near him a mare, they were talking mostly about random stuff.

Instinct made him drop into a low crouch, and with one slow hoof after another, he drew his body forward through the trees with his ears pricked, his nostrils flaring and eyes unblinking, being very careful to not make a sound as he moved toward the pony, each step made it easier for him to see and smell the sweet aroma of love.

‘I... don’t have to kill him...I just need a bit of love... I can stop before I actually hurt him,’

Bob rocked his hooves from side to side, preparing to leap at the armed pony. He held his breath to avoid being caught, excitement coursed through him, making his heart pound and stomach growl softly. The smell was even better today; then, with the sudden noise of cracking twigs and crunching leaves, he leapt at his target.

The mare screamed in fright as she saw Bob descending into the stallion.

The stallion noticed Bob and proceeded to hit him like an explosion and Bob was thrown sideways into a tree hissing in pain, Bob tried to throw off the attacker that had glued itself to his back. The stallion was locking Bob him with his incredibly strong hooves around his neck, trying to choke him.

Bob could feel his consciousness slowly fading away as he gasped for him. He writhed and squirmed, but he couldn’t free himself. For a second, he felt helpless; then, he froze. Thinking fast about how changelings resembled bugs and snakes alike, he decided to bite the stallion; maybe his bite would paralyze him, but first, he had to get free, maybe if he shapeshifted into something smaller he could outmaneuver the pony. He instinctively knew how dangerous it was to shapeshift with an empty stomach, but it was his only chance to escape out of this alive.

He was lucky that the shapeshifting skill changelings had was almost instinctual, as the ploy seemed to work, he shapeshifted into a snake and switched back to normal bitting the pony on the neck.

He could see the pony struggling beneath him; the poison had worked, the stallion was thrashing fiercely on the ground, Bob, on the other hand, was gasping for air.

The mare that was accompanying the stallion was long gone, leaving Bob with his well-deserved meal.

Unfortunately for Bob, he had found an impasse on his endeavor; he had no idea how to eat or suck love, he tried everything that came up to his mind.

Licking the pony.

Sucking the air around the poor stallion.

In his desperation, he even tried to kiss the stallion multiple times.

But in the end, nothing achieved the result he was looking for.

There were other more bizarre options running through his head that involved eating the stallion’s heart, but he refused to kill him.

‘So much for surviving,’

“Ugg....” The stallion groaned, slowly waking up.


Groaning, I blinked away the lingering haze of sleep as I groggily sit up, stretching, the monster was gone, I was safe...SUNNY!? Where is she! I turn around, scanning the area looking for my marefriend Sunny finding her on the cold ground unconscious.

“That monster! I will kill it!” I was angry with myself; I let Sunny get hurt.

Double-checking the area, I make sure there’s no trace of the freak that attacked me, carefully lifting Sunny off the ground to a patch of soft grass nearby.

“Are you okay, honey?” I asked, gently kissing her forehead.

“Huh...I feel tired,” Sunny said in a low tone, “That thing used magic to knock me down,”

“It’s alright... I’ll take care of you,” I smiled at her, I had to be strong for her.

“Thanks, I love you.” Sunny smiled back, kissing me on the lips.

“I love you too, honey,” I whispered to her ear, kissing her back.


The pony was waking up, and Bob knew that another altercation he would end up getting the short end of the stick, with little to no time to think of a better plan he decided to shapeshift into the mare that had fleed in fear an hour ago, all he had to do was pretend to be her for a bit and escape.

“That monster, I will kill it!” The stallion was angry; Bob could feel his anger in the air, one of the many weird skills changelings had.

'Oh.. god I hope this works, I can barely move...’ Bob was panicking, if this didn’t work, he was dead.

A few seconds passed, and Bob felt the stallion carefully lifting him up and carrying him to a softer terrain, kissing him on the forehead before asking, “Are you okay, honey?”

'My plan worked...! this feels nice...’ Bob thought, feeling a bit better after the stallion kissed him on the forehead.

“Huh... I feel tired,” Bob said trying to sound as defeated as possible, “That thing used magic to knock me down,”

'My voice sounds so feminine’

“It’s alright I’ll take care of you,” The stallion smiled brightly at me, and again I felt a bit better, a bit stronger.

‘I feel better... way better... am I eating love?... I wonder if...’ Bob wondered what would happen if he kissed the stallion now, would he get more love? And if so, how much.

“Thanks, I love you.” Bob smiled, kissing him on the lips, this time the feeling of satisfaction was massive, he felt amazing.


“I love you too, honey,” The stallion whispered to my hear, kissing Bob back, this time with a bit of enthusiasm on his part because the stallion was now using his tongue.

'Great...so does this makes me gay... or?’ Bob was now full of love, and questions about his sexuality, ‘So my new diet includes being Bi...’

The hive.

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After making out with the pony for the sole purpose of survival, Bob decided to escape before things escalated from kisses to...fucking.

Unfortunately for Bob, things already had escalated, because the stallion that almost killed him, was trying to woo him into bed.

With that massive red flag that spelled, get the fuck out of there boy! Bob decided it was time to go, not before leaving the pony on a comatose state on the floor after seventeen poisonous bites.

But in the end the one that suffered the most was Bob because he would forever remember the stallion dancing seductively around him trying to...woo him to oblivion.

After that Bob ran for hours, not really sure why, but one thing was for sure, there was a limit on how gay he would go for food.

After Bob was sure he was far, far away from the horny stallion, he decided to take a break to think what to do now.

Could he move to a city and find a girlfriend and literally eat her love? Would he survive long enough to do that?

Bob had many doubts and questions on what to do, but a sound behind him caught his attention, something was approaching him, a rush of hoovesteps told Bob something was tracking him.

Maybe it was the horny stallion looking for revenge, so Bob decided he would rather turn and fight.

He stood up from the grass and spun around ready to face his pursuer.

Out of the bushes, a creature jumped, baring its fangs out, hissing menacingly.

It was another changeling, Bob doubted he could take on one of his kind with no experience whatsoever, but if death awaited him, he would go down fighting.

Bob smelled that his attacker was ready to fight.

But with a smile, his attacker simply sat up and began to laugh at him, all signs of aggression gone.

Bob was relieved he wouldn’t have to fight someone with more experience using whatever changelings can do, but also felt strangely disappointed. Every part of him was tense, ready for battle, why did he want to fight the changeling so bad even though even knew he was going to lose.

“Hi there, pal!” The changeling said cheerily. “You should’ve seen your face, hahaha!”

Bob remained on tiptoe for a second, but decided to take the chance, if someone could help him understand how to live being the favorite character of his niece favorite show it would be them, all he knew about this world was that Friendship was magic and that changelings invaded a wedding.

With that in mind, he dropped his guard down, loosened his muscles, and let a sigh out he didn’t know he was holding in.

“So, why were you following me?” Bob asked, sitting back on the grass.

“Oh well I was flying back to the hive, when all of a sudden, I smelled a hiveless changeling,” The changeling said with a serious expression, “So I was like, ‘Lorax it’s time to be a proactive member of the hive, go and recruit that changeling!’ And here I am.”

‘So... I smell like a hobo?’ Bob questioned inside his head.

“Alright... my name is Bob, a pleasure to meet you, Lorax,” Bob said, extending his hoof for a handshake? Hooveshake? Hoofshake?

“B..o..b a hahaha Bob The changeling haha haha hahaha,” Lorax started to laugh so hard that tears and snot were coming out of him simultaneously.

“Yes... that’s my name,” Bob glared at Lorax with animosity on his eyes, “We can still fight.”

“Sorry... it’s just... oh god...” Lorax said, gasping for air.

“Hm,” Bob simply continued to glare at him.

“So, do you wanna join!?” Lorax asked Bob with a wide smile on his face.

“Yeah, why not?” Bob sighed, smiling back at the changeling.

“Then! Follow me!” With that, Lorax took off, flying into the horizon.

“I don’t know how to fly...” Bob tried to communicate that fact, but it was already too late, “alright, I’ll just wait for him here for a while.”

It took Lorax around thirty minutes to figure out Bob wasn’t following, Bob had to explain he had no idea how to fly.

“Well... I guess we could walk back to the hive...” Lorax said, unsure if Bob was just pranking him back.

“Sounds great,” Bob said, “lead the way.”

On the way to the hive, Lorax talked about the hive, his friends, and what kind of love tasted better; it was pretty much a one-sided conversation.

Eventually, they arrived at a cave inside a tree; Bob was confused as to how things worked in this world but decided to leave such stupid thoughts for another time.

“Aha! Here it is!” Lorax said with excitement approaching a common bolder in the cave.

“... yeih?” Bob didn’t know what to say, were rocks the equivalent of catnip for a changeling, or was this particular changeling crazy.

“Don’t look at me like that, haha.” Lorax seemed to notice that Bob was giving him a look that said, what is wrong with you?

“Well... then explain why are we happy to find a bolder,” Bob asked, looking at the rock with narrow eyes.

“Oh yeah... I forgot you don’t have a hive...” Lorax said with an awkward smile, “This is one of the many teletransportation ports my hive, and now yours has around the continent, that way we can return to the hive without being followed, only changelings can activate them... if they are authorized of course,”

Bob was perplexed at what Lorax said, teleporting directly to the hive without having to walk for days sounded awesome, but was that device safe?.

“Is that thing safe?” Bob asked, eyeing the rock with precaution.

“Of course... I mean... Nah, it’s safe...I think.” Lorax smiled, whispering the last part, “I mean option B is two months on hoof.”

“Fine...” Bob sighed.

“Awesome!” Lorax said before he started to chant some kind of spell in Latin.

‘So that’s how Magic works here?...’ Bob thought carefully studying Lorax.

The rock started to shine bright, before encasing both changelings in a dome of light.

In the moment that takes someone to blink, Bob found himself in a different setting, this time Lorax and him weren’t the only changelings, there were thousands of them flying around the area, the hive was creepy yet comforting for Bob.

‘So here we are, this place is creepy as fuck, the walls are moving, this place needs an exorcism,’ Bob thought with a smile on his face, things were certainly better today, he had made a friend, he wasn’t hungry anymore and had possibly found a safe haven where ponies would not kill him, or fuck him.

“Oh FYI, if the Queen doesn’t like you... you’re pretty much dead,” Lorax said, smiling.

‘Like my grandpa used to say, run bitch run!’ Bob thought, entering on a panic mode.

Bob prepared to spring out the hive, but had problems deciding where to run, not knowing which way was safe to escape.

But regardless of what path he could choose, he was too late. A commanding voice said behind him, firm and menacing. “What’s going on here?”

‘I will kill Lorax before I die, I swear it!’ Bob knew that now was too late to run, but he was not going to hell alone, he was taking the son of a bitch that put him in this situation with him.

Bob turned to see his executioner, a large changeling flying majestically towards him. She was magnificent. Green hair, a small and delicate muzzle, and a beautiful crown on her head.

“My Queen!” Beside Bob, Lorax crouched down, kneeling to his Queen.

Another changeling approached, this one had scars and a mean look on his face that said I will kill you before breakfast.

“Commander Heart!” Lorax saluted, still kneeling.

“You shouldn’t be bringing strange changelings to the hive!” growled the commander angrily, narrowing his green eyes at Lorax.

Bob copied Lorax and crouched low, kneeling to the Queen, his ears twitching nervously.

The Queen had an air of strength he had never felt before, like she could crush him like a bug, ironically. Maybe that was the reason she was the Queen.

The commander also felt powerful and dangerous, but not as much as the Queen.

“Who is this?” The Queen asked with an unreadable tone.

Bob flinched as she turned her gaze on him. Her piercing green eyes made him feel even more vulnerable.

‘If I survive this... I’m killing Lorax...’ Bob thought.

“He’s no threat; he wants to join the hive, my Queen,” Lorax replied quickly.

“This is my Queen and possibly your new queen, Queen Chrysalis; she’s the leader of our hive!” Lorax whispered to Bob under his breath. “And that’s commander heart; He’s the general of the army and trainer of the royal guard, which means he’s the one that trains the majority of the soldiers in the hive.”

“Thank you for the introduction, Lorax,” Commander Heart said coolly.

Chrysalis was still staring at Bob. “A hiveless changeling, you must be pretty strong to survive without a hive,” she said, eyeing Bob as if she was measuring him.

“Thanks?” Bob wasn’t sure what to say in this situation.

“My Queen, this hiveless stupid changeling probably alerted the ponies in the sector A, he should not be hunting in our grounds!” Commander Heart said, glaring at Bob at the end of his sentence.

“It was just one pony...” Bob said, trying to defuse the situation.

Chrysalis had turned her head to acknowledge her commander’s words.

After that, her gaze snapped back to Bob. Her green eyes were blazing with anger. “One pony starts a riot, and then they move armies against us,” she spat in anger. “Every changeling knows this! Lorax might not see it, but you are a threat to the hive!”

Bob was confused by Chrysalis sudden rage, she was complimenting his strength a few seconds ago, and now she was about to kill him.

With a simple glance at the horrified look on Lorax's face was enough to tell him he had spoken too freely.

‘Well I always said I wanted a weird death, and this classified as such, a stallion tried to woo me into bed, and now an overpowered bug will crush me, my only regret is that I couldn’t kill Lorax.’ Bob thought as he watched the enraged Queen in front of him.

“So tell me... child... are you a threat to my hive?” Chrysalis asked.


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“Well, are you?” Chrysalis hissed, her face only a few centimeters away from his now.

Commander Heart remained silent as he glared at Bob.

Bob was scared, and unconsciously he flattened his ears and crouched even more under the Queen, and Commander stares, his body was shaking uncomfortably.

“I am no threat to the hive,” Bob said, looking down at his trembling hooves.

“You threaten the hive when you hunt like an idiot, alerting our food of our presence,” Chrysalis hissed. “You probably destroyed a food supply with your inexperience, the food is scarce as it is.”

The truth of the Queen’s words pierced Bob like a spear, and suddenly he understood her anger.

She was responsible for the hive and their food, she was deep down scared on what would happen if they lost their food income.

He stopped trembling, sat up straightened his ears, and raised his eyes to meet hers, they might have been villains in that kid's show he saw once with his niece, but the truth here could be something entirely different, she was just a ruler looking to provide for her people, thats more than many politicians on earth would do.

“I’m sorry I didn't think of the consequences of my actions,” Bob said solemnly. “I let my hunger get the best of me, and in the process, I probably hurt your hive, so to answer your question, yes my actions made me a threat to your hive.”

Chrysalis let out a small chuckle and signaled her commander to step back. “You are quite different from other hiveless I've seen,” she said.

Lorax's sigh of relief made Bob realize he was on the right track. At least this time, Chrysalis tone of voice was more approachable.

Happy with having avoided his certain doom Bob noticed as the Queen swapped a meaningful glance with her commander.

Bob was curious as to why they were exchanging glances, but decided just to ignore it.

Chrysalis looked again at her commander. The big scarred changeling stared back at her with devotion.

After a long minute of uncomfortable silence and shared looks, she returned her gaze to Bob and said, “Perhaps it is not a bad idea for you to join the hive, that way, you would ensure to fix your rookie mistakes with hard work.”

Bob was so surprised, he couldn’t speak, everything so far had been a roller coaster of emotions for him, he almost died then he was safe, and the process repeated itself over and over again in the span of forty-eight hours.

“Awesome!” Lorax blurted out happy that Bob was part of the hive.

The commander glared at Lorax, making him flinch.

”So, what do you say?” Chrysalis asked, staring into Bob's eyes.

”I’m in.” Bob didn't have to think much about his answer, he wanted to survive and learn how to adapt to his new reality, and this was the best path for it.

”Welcome to the hive,” Chrysalis said, approaching Bob, biting him on the neck.

Bob woke up the next morning, blinking in the bright sunlight that was streaming across the many holes the hive had.

The place he had been assigned to sleep was a bunker of sorts, hundreds of beds and changelings in the same room, but he couldn't really complain, at least he had a bed.

”Morning!” Lorax was part of the same complex, sleeping in the same bunker, meaning they were roommates.

”Morning,” Bob smiled at him, wondering what would he do now that he had a home, what would the Queen expect of him.

“Let’s go! we are going to be late!” Lorax grabbed Bob and dragged him across the hive to wherever they had to be; nobody told him where he had to go.

All he knew is that Chrysalis marked him as one of their own and that he would know what to do soon enough.

As they approached the spot where he had to go with Lorax, he sat down and started to sniff around, tasting the air.

He was amazed at how hive walls protected the hive from the sun, making it comfortably cool inside; it almost seemed as they had air conditioning.

Here and there a patch of sunlight shone through the holes in walls, maybe to keep the temperature in check.

After a few seconds, Bob noticed he could smell something or to be precise someone, and that someone was the scary changeling that was with the Queen last night.

He lifted his head and sniffed uncertainly, trying to see if he could get the general direction where he was.

“What are you doing?” Lorax said, sniffing his bug armpits, “I don’t smell bad... do I?”

“Impressive, but you still have a lot to learn, it took you a while to track me,” The Commander said in a deep voice, Bob was surprised he couldn’t tell where he was, but he was sure the Commander was in the room. “Lorax, I expected more of you, you told us he couldn’t fly, and yet he has better tracking skills.”

“Sorry, sir!” Lorax said saluting in all directions, not really knowing where the commander was.

Bob started to concentrate on the unique smell the commander had, and how it felt, closing his eyes, he allowed his nose to guide him, slowly turning south he saw a pair of green eyes glinting in the shadows of a corner.

“Impressive, you are going beyond my expectations, now can you tell if I am alone?” The commander asked, stepping into the light; Lorax was staring in awe at Bob for being able to find the commander.

Hastily and eager to see how good his sense of smell was now, Bob sniffed again, focusing once again as he did with the commander, Bob ignored the other smells around him finding a new scent, from someone he hasn’t met yet, but the scent was evenly spread on the room, Bob couldn’t quite pinpoint the location.

“I can smell someone else... but I don’t know where it’s hiding,” Bob said, still trying to find the other changeling hiding in the room.

“Good, after all, she’s even better and camouflaging that me, and she should be, she's the captain of the espionage team” The Commander smiled at Bob for a second before saying, “Come out Lena,”

“Hi handsome,” Someone whispered close to Bob's ear, giving it a thorough lick.

Bob looked at the changeling that managed to get behind him with no effort and felt his spine tingle with cold fear.

How deadly these guys were, she could’ve killed him without giving him a chance of fighting back.

“Relax, before she gets a crush on you,” Another changeling said, entering the room, smiling brightly. “We are here only to tell you about the three paths in the hive.”

“Three paths?” Bob asked, tilting his head.

“Yes, there is the royal army, fighters that can fight multiple opponents with ease, and die with glory, led by the son of the commander, Moru,” The new changeling said, pointing at the commander.

“Hm,” The commander smiled, puffing his chest with pride.

“The undercover team, they deal with assassinations, espionage, and infiltrations, led by Lena” The changeling pointed at the creepy changeling girl.

“In short, I can rock your world down in seconds, baby,” Lena said, licking her lips.

’ I don’t swing that way bug... or any way in this weird-ass world,’ Bob thought as he avoided making eye contact with Lena.

“And last but not least, the medic department, we make sure these idiots don’t die too soon,” The changeling smiled, “led by dear old me, Orux.”

“So, do I have to choose now?” Bob asked.

“By the end of the day, after that, it will be up to the leader of your squad to prepare you for the future,” Orux answered.

“After you choose your squad, you’re given a new name, and that name represents your connection with the hive,” The Commander added.

”So I lose my old name?” Bob asked.

”Yeah! names in the hive represent your status, your first name is usually your nymph name,” Lorax was the one to answer, with a big smile, ”Mine name as a nymph was Liro,”

”By the way, it's your real name, Bob?” The commander asked with curiosity, ”Bob the nymph was a cruel joke.”

”Is sorta like a nickname,” Bob smiled, scratching the back of his head, ”Not that it matters anymore anyway.”

Orux approached Bob and, with a soft smile, asked, ”So what path do you choose young one.”

Each squad had its benefits, but he already knew what path he wanted to pursue.

“Alright, I’ll choose...the army.”

”Ha! I knew you would choose the best squad,” The commander smiled.

”Aww,” Lena said with a pout.

”Well, in that case, I'll see you soon,” Orux said as he started to make his way out of the room not before adding a last bit, ”I hope not that soon,”

”Awesome! We are in the same squad!” Lorax said, hugging Bob.

“Come, we can speak more about your duties and training once we are in the camp,” The commander ordered, and, without pausing, he and Lorax sprinted away deeper into the hive. Bob jumped after them and followed as quickly as he could.

The two changelings made no allowances for Bob as they sped through the hive, and before long, Bob was struggling to keep up with them.

’ These bastards... I need to catch a breath..’ Bob thought as he struggled, giving chase to the duo.

Their pace barely slowed as they led him over a cliff that they cleared in a single leap, Bob hesitated for a second, but he was determined not to show any signs of weakness, so with fear tingling on his spine, he leaped the cliff barely making it to the other side.

’ I just broke like forty Olympic records with that jump,’ Bob thought.

After thirty minutes of chasing behind the two changelings, at last, the Commander and Lorax paused.

’Fucking... Finally,’ Bob came to a halt behind them and stood panting while the two changelings stepped onto a rock that rested on the edge of a door.

“We are very close to our the training camp now, ” Commander heart said.

Bob strained to see any signs of life, but his eyes saw nothing except the walls constantly moving.

“Use your nose! Commander Heart said you have an awesome sense of smell,” Lorax said with a smile.

“I did not,” The Commander grunted.

Lorax was right, so with that in mind, Bob closed his eyes and sniffed.

He could smell the scents of many changelings close by, the air smelled stronger, like someone had been sweating a lot. He focused even harder, trying to locate them; the scent came from the east; it was stronger in that direction.

After a few seconds, Bob nodded thoughtfully and announced, “I can smell the sweat coming from that direction,” he pointed with his hoof to the east.

The commander and Lorax exchanged amused looks.

“That sounds about right,” The Commander chuckled, “soon you will be smelling like that too.”

I am a warrior!

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“Come on! is time for us to sweat!” Lorax said enthusiastically.

“Hm,” Bob smiled at the changeling antics.

“There will come a time, if you pass the warrior test where you will have to lead a team and protect them,” The commander said with a smile. “Follow me!”

The commander led the way once again, deeper into the hive, without wasting time he sprinted behind his new mentor, he took this time to smell and check see how the scent changed as the distance between him and the training camp started to gap closer.

Eventually, after a few more minutes running, the commander and Lorax stopped running altogether, Bob was confused, was this the training camp? He couldn’t see anyone yet.

Bob looked down and noticed that the floor beneath his hooves was covered with soft grass; he also noticed that the scent he caught earlier was super concentrated around the area.

So he concluded this must be the main entrance into the training camp.

The more he advanced, the more he noticed the ground under his hooves changing as if the floor was alive, with no time to admire that a hole in one of the hive walls opened up.

Both the commander and Lorax leaped through the hole, with Bob following them.

He looked around, his eyes wide. There were changelings everywhere, training alone or in groups, fighting each other.

The changelings noticed the commander and saluted, though the majority was staring at the foreign changeling Bob, for heads began to turn and stare curiously in his direction.

‘Great I’m popular... you know what the say... small towns have... Large gossip...’ Bob thought as he smiled awkwardly, waving his hoof at them.

“Attention!” The Commander shouted, making every changeling in the area to stand firm, “We have a new recruit! his name for now is...Bob... he choose the warrior path! For glory!”

“For glory!” The changelings shouted back.

‘What kind of cult I joined,’ Bob questioned inside his head.

“Back to training!” The commander ordered, and everyone went back to what they were doing, not before saying.

“Yes, sir!”

Bob wondered where the son of the commander was, perhaps this was his day off or was on a mission.

“Here comes our Queen,” The Commander said with a smile.

Bob sniffed the area and was pleased that he was able to locate the Queen’s scent a moment before she appeared from another hole the walls conveniently open.

‘I’m getting good at this Bloodhound business,’ Bob thought with pride.

“The warrior clan, or the army path, yesterday I would’ve put my love that you were going to choose the espionage team,” Chrysalis said with a smile, slowly gliding towards her commander.

Chrysalis and the commander started to talk, leaving Bob to wander around the training camp alone, Lorax had disappeared the moment they arrived, so he was alone.

Bob felt a rush of relief as he recognized Lorax’s scent very close, turning around he found the goofy changeling having a conversation with another changeling.

‘God am I glad I’m part Bloodhound now,’ Bob thought, as he approached them.

As Bob walked through the changelings towards Lorax, he could hear them talk among themselves about him.

“Pathetic, even his name shows how stupid he is.”

“Why would the Queen accept a hiveless piece of shit”

“He smells like a weakling!”

Then one changeling, in particular, sounded out above the rest. “We don’t need that crap with us, the Queen might be merciful, but if he gets in our way, I’ll kill him!” The changeling that had spoken was twice as big a the commander. “Once a hiveless, always a hiveless. The Hive needs warriors, not more nymphs to take care of!.”

Bob was mildly scared; this changeling looked particularly more dangerous than anything he has seen in the hive, excluding the Queen, the commander, and the squad captains.

‘Great, now I have to sleep with an eye open, so Mr hulk doesn’t crush me,’ Bob thought watching the huge changeling slowly go away.

Lorax approached Bob flying down and whispered into his ear, “That big monster is Masrur. He doesn’t like anybody . Don’t take what he says to the heart. You must prove to him and that you’re are truly a warrior, and he’ll let you be.”

“Bitch excuse me, but I take death threats very personal,” Bob said, looking at Lorax.

“I suppose... just don’t fight him...” Lorax sighed, “I don’t wanna get my ass molded into a different shape because I tried to save you.”

“Hm, good to know you will have my back,” Bob chuckled, but something caught his attention, the big asshole that was trying to bully him was moving towards them, hiding within the crowd, Lorax was unaware, but Bob could smell him.

“In any other scenario, I would let you deal with it alone,” Lorax smiled, “But... is Masrur we are talking about...”

“Good yo know anyways,” Bob smiled, still following Masrur with his nose.

Masrur that had disappeared out sight appeared behind the two of them startling Lorax. “Like you, two could even scratch me, a noisy changeling and an untrained hiveless. At best you two will stain my hooves with your blood.”

Many changelings nodded in agreement as Masrur went on, well aware that he had the support of his audience, “But is fit, the weirdo of the hive and the hiveless together, maybe this hiveless will do us a favor and take that other piece of crap with him.”

Once again, Masrur started to leave, this time with a big smile on his face.

‘I’m scared, but there is a limit on how much shit I will take from a bully, I never allowed anyone to bully me when I was a human, and I’m sure as hell won’t allow an overgrown roach bully me in this world,’ Bob thought as he glared at Masrur.

Bob flattened his ears, narrowed his eyes at his target, and planted his hooves on the ground as he crouched, and then with a powerful kick to the floor, he leaped through the changeling crowd and planted his hooves on the back of the of his tormentor.

“Don’t interfere, Lorax!” Bob said, otherwise, the bullying would never stop.

Masrur was utterly unprepared for his attack. He staggered sideways, losing his footing.

Filled with rage, Masrur turned around and roared like a monster charging at Bob.

Bob was determined to kick his ass or at least show him he was not going to take any kind of bullying, so with that in mind; Bob shapeshifted into a tiger once Masrur was close and dug his claws deep into the changeling skin and sank in his teeth into his neck.

Masrur roared once again this time filled with pain, shapeshifting into a manticore, Masrur grabbed the tiger and threw it against a wall.

“Bring it on, bitch!” Bob shouted, still in tiger form, he was not going to back down now.

“I will end you!” Masrur shouted back, charging at him once more.

The two changelings were locked in a bloody battle, shapeshifting into different animals, Masrur had more experience, but he wasn’t aware he was fighting something that was beyond anything he had fought, an angry human.

Bob knew he was probably going to lose this, but he was going to make everyone understand his point, mess with me, and I’ll end you.

As Bob shifted into different forms scratching, biting and punching the big changeling, he noticed that the size of the changeling meant nothing when you could shapeshift your body, in this type of battle, imagination, was the key.

He also noticed that he felt no fear, only exhilaration coursing through his body, his hooves clashing against his enemy, the roars of pain and anger, and the blood staining the floor.

He was enjoying it, more that he would care to admit.

He also noticed that shapeshifting into biped creatures gave him the advantage that he could use the martial arts he used to practice, like he was doing on his gorilla form using his boxing skills.

He could also hear the changelings around them, murmuring with excitement.

Chrysalis that was talking a few minutes ago with the commander teleported between them and with a glare, silenced the noisy crowd.

Bob and Masrur remained on the spot, staring at each other, gasping for air, blood stained the area.

Bob could feel cuts and bites around his body, bleeding, but Masrur was not better. They kept staring at each other, their hostility not yet gone.

Chrysalis took a step forward and said, “You fought valiantly for your Honor, Bob, and for that fighting spirit is that I welcomed you to the hive, does anyone questions my decision now.”

“No...” Masrur smiled, his mouth and lips full of blood.

“Good, now go to the medics,” Chrysalis commanded, “After that, I will name you, so you can finally call yourself a warrior of our hive!”

“Follow me,” Masrur said, glaring at Bob, “I’m sure you don’t know where the medics are, so I’ll guide you this once.”

Bob reluctantly followed the changeling while wondering why he was friendly all of a sudden.

As he followed the changeling, he started to replay the fight on his head and how the only way he was able to fight him one on one was that primates could adapt to the use of martial arts so well.

Bob was well versed in the biped arts of self-defense, having learned, Karate, Boxing, and Aikido when he was a child.

Of course, he would have to adapt specific stuff for them to work correctly, but so far, they helped a lot.

The changeling medical ward was astonishing, but Bob didn’t have the time to admire it as he heard a changeling laugh.

“Two hours... this is a new record,” Orux said, laughing.

“Hm,” Masrur grunted.

“Boy, am I glad the job comes with health insurance,” Bob smiled at Orux.

“Only the best of the best for the hive,” Orux said, approaching the two bloodied changelings, “Oh, by the way, this is gonna hurt... a lot.”

Welcome to the hive!

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After the clash that Bob and Masrur had, both changelings found themselves at the hooves of the sadist doctor the hive had, with him even the bandaids were painful.

“When you said this was going to hurt, I thought you were joking,” Bob said with a dry chuckle.

“Oh no, I don’t approve idiots fighting each other,” Orux smiled giving Bob and Masrur a cold glare, “If I ever get you two back here... for something so stupid so ridiculous as a macho contest I will personally make you two females... without any sedatives.”

Bob gulped before nodding with a somewhat scared smile, feeling that every word coming out of the medic being nothing but the absolute truth.

Masrur while hiding his fear better than Bob opted to turn his back at the doctor, muttering something to himself, ‘Don’t make... me...c...you...’

“What was that, Masrur?” Orux asked, holding a knife on his hoof.

“Nothing, sir!” Masrur saluted with a wide and obviously fake smile.

After a few more minutes of an overtop painful treatment, Masrur, and Bob left the medical ward walking together back to the training camp.

“Alright, I’m gonna go out and say it, that doctor is creepy and scary,” Bob said, trying to break the ice.

Masrur looked at Bob before he started to laugh, it took him a couple of seconds to regain himself, “Ok, I think we both can totally agree on that.”

“So, we good?” Bob asked.

“Sure, is a nice change of pace... to have someone who won't break or back down from a good fight,” Masrur said with a smile, “I still don’t like you, but you seem capable enough to not slow me down so, congrats.”

“Meh, I’ll take that,” Bob smiled.

“Pff weakling,” Masrur grunted happily.

“This weak hiveless almost kicked your butt,” Bob retorted.

“Wanna go again, small stuff!?” Masrur glared at Bob.

“Why not, ladybug?” Bob glared back at him.

The tension was building up again, both changelings were ready to charge at each other, but someone stopped them, with a loud cough.

*Fake Cough*

Masrur and Bob turned around to find Lorax standing upside down on a wall, with his usual smile, “Sorry to stop your wiener measurement contest, but the Queen wants you, B..ob hahaha, it never gets old.”

“Next time, small stuff,” Masrur said before taking his leave.

“Alright, lead the way, Lorax,” Bob said turning to Lorax.

Lorax and Bob arrived at the training camp in just a few minutes; the Queen was waiting for him with a warm smile.

“Today, we all gather, to accept this brave changeling into our hive, to be part of our family,” Chrysalis said in a soft tone.

Bob looked at the Queen with awe and admiration; he didn’t know why maybe his changeling body was biologically inclined to do so.

“Come forth, my child,” Chrysalis extended her hoof, inviting him to come closer.

He stood up and stepped forward into the sunlight that was pouring through a hole in the hive; the warmth felt good on his sore muscles.

“Are you ready to be part of the hive, to be our family?” Chrysalis asked.

Bob lifted his head proudly and looked at the changelings that were in front of him. This time no changeling made comments about his hiveless status or argued about how weak and useless he would or could be.

And how could they he had shown everyone that he was a dependable changeling and a worthy opponent in battle.

“Yes, I am,” Bob smiled, looking at the Queen.

Chrysalis approached Bob and said, “You have fought well, and you have proven that your heart is on the right place.” Then she turned to the Hive and announced, “From this day forward, he will be known as Ragnarok!.”

She stepped back with a smile as the changeling cheered and rushed to embrace their new family member.

“Hm,” Masrur could be heard grunting in the crowd in a somewhat happy way.

“Finally, the name Bob was super dumb,” Lorax said, probably speaking for all the trees.

“How does it feel?” Chrysalis asked with curiosity on her eyes, “It’s such a joy to name a changeling, but it’s my first time naming one like you.”

“It feels nice, and to be honest, the name is awesome, so thanks!” Ragnarok smiled.

“I’m glad you like it,” Chrysalis chuckled, “It’s good to know that I haven’t lost my touch, even after name twenty five thousand changelings.”

“And you still had Ragnarok available?” Ragnarok asked.

“I suppose your the first one to ever look like a Ragnarok,” Chrysalis chuckled, “After the initiation ends, please go to my quarters; you still have to meet your princess.”

“Princess?” Ragnarok asked he didn’t remember seeing a changeling princess in the show.

‘A princess? I don’t remember seeing one in that episode... but then again, this Chrysalis doesn’t look exactly like the one I saw in the show, so I guess same universe different stuff,’ Ragnarok thought.

“Yes, my daughter, princess Chrysalis the third,” Chrysalis answered.

“As you wish,” Ragnarok said as he saw the Queen leave.

“Hey, Ragnarok!”

Ragnarok heard Lorax’s friendly voice behind him. Ragnarok such a mighty sounding name! A thrill of pride surged through him at the sound of his new name as he turned around to see the changeling approaching him.

“Great fight, and great name!” Lorax said with a smile, “Who would’ve thought you had it in you!?”

“Thanks,” Ragnarok replied. “He put up quite a fight, though! and I’m sure he would’ve won but hey! I stand up to him”

“Hm!” Masrur appeared out of nowhere just to grunt.

“You even made a new friend awww,” Lorax said, crying.

“I will kill you!” Masrur glared at Lorax.

“What little ol me not good enough,” Ragnarok said with a smile.

“Hm!” Masrur grunted, glaring a the duo before taking his leave.

“Come on! there are hundreds of changelings that wanna say hi!” Lorax grabbed Ragnarok and once again dragged him across the hive.

Changelings of all paths welcomed Ragnarok into the hive with open hooves, with any hesitation or doubts they had about his presence in the hive gone for the most part, after the fight he had with Masrur.

He had proven he was a warrior, a dependable changeling.

‘Masrur is still being an asshole, but it looks like he doesn’t want to bully me anymore, he’s more interested in fighting me... Ragnarok... What a cool sounding name I got, I think I can get used to this.’ Ragnarok thought.

“So, how do you like the hive so far?” Lorax asked.

Ragnarok wasn’t sure how to answer that, he liked the hive because it made him feel safe and it would give him a better understanding on how to be a changeling, but he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to sexually harass ponies just to eat, “Awesome so far,” he answered putting his thoughts aside for the moment.

“Great!” Lorax squealed with delight.

“By the way, why do the Queen and the princess share the same name?” Ragnarok stopped on his tracks, remembering what the Queen told him, that she wanted him to meet the princess.

“Is a tradition,” Lorax answered, “All Queens and future Queens must be named Chrysalis.”

“Huh, so how is the princess?” Ragnarok was curious; the Queen seemed nice enough.

Lorax switched his mood from happy to uncomfortable like someone had turned his lights off, “Let’s just say she’s not that popular around the hive...”

Ragnarok sighed, “That bad, huh?”

“Worse, but we barely deal with her, the commanders, though... they have to see her daily!” Lorax shivered at the thought of having to deal with the princess on a daily basis.

‘Well this answers the question... they don’t have a hive mind... or their tolerance for talking bad about their rulers is quite high,’ Ragnarok thought.

“But I guess I have to be fair... she’s not that bad... she really wants the best for the hive...” Lorax concluded, scratching the back of his head uncomfortably.

“One more question, what can you tell me about the hive mind?” Ragnarok asked he wanted to make sure his mind was not being probed like a turkey in thanksgiving.

“Oh that old thing,” Lorax chuckled, “well, as far as I know, only those who form a link can do such thing, like the Queen and her commanders, or Meredy and Rok, is usually a thing between close friends, family or mates.”

“So is kinda like a special bond,” Ragnarok said.

“Yeah, for the most part,” Lorax said, “You connect to someone, and you’re never alone, is the most sacred bond we have in the hive, not many changelings make such deep connection, but those who do are definitely happier.”

“Sounds like marriage...” Ragnarok chuckled, “anyways can you guide me to the royal quarters, I have a princess to meet,”

Lorax stopped on his tracks once again, and with a low tone, said, “Nope, smell your way there.”

“Fine, Jesus... how bad can this princess be?” Ragnarok asked himself, leaving Lorax behind as he started to sniff the area getting the trail that would lead him to the Queen.

“Jesus?” Lorax tilted his head in confusion as he saw his friend leave the party, sniffing around like a dog.

It took him a couple of minutes to catch the scent that would guide him to where he had to go, but that was just the first part of the equation, the second was being able to figure out how to move within the hive.

Nothing stayed the same in the hive; the building seemed to be alive to an extend.

He already knew where to go; now it was a matter of if the hive would let him go, after a few minutes and a lot of shouting he managed to arrived at the Queen's quarters.

Knocking on the door twice, he waited to be invited in.

“Come in, Ragnarok!” Chrysalis voice could be heard behind the door, inviting him to come inside.

Ragnarok slowly pushed the door open, with his left hoof, taking a few glances around the room as he did.

“Ragnarok meet my daughter, Chrysalis, the third,” The Queen pointed with her right hoof to a chair across the room, where the princess was sitting.

“The honor is yours,” The princess said, clearly looking down at him.

’Fuck me sideways!’

Who am I?

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Rag found the princess to be obnoxious and annoying, she was a spoiled brat with power to back up her attitude, and one day she would rule him and everyone, and he wasn’t sure he would like that, perhaps he was too hasty to join the Hive.

The very next day after meeting the princess Rag walked with Lorax through the Hive, he still needed a guide sometimes it could be hard to travel even with his sense of smell, today they were expecting a report from one of the squads in the espionage team, Lorax was excited, but Rag’s mind was somewhere else, and he quite embarrassed he didn’t notice it earlier.

Why was he being so accepting of everything, his new body, his new job, why?.

Did he still had the desire to be human again, or was that desire pushed down or erased by something entirely new, was he still Bob or Ragnarok devour his old self.

‘Who am I?’ The confused changeling thought.

As Rag was lost in thought, a smell snapped him out of his mind, blood, a changeling staggered slightly entering the Hive something was wrong; Rag could smell it, the changeling smelled like blood and fear and not only that he was alone, where was his squad? And why was he so badly injured?

The changeling right foreleg glistened, wet with green blood that flowed from the deep gash on his shoulder; he also had a knife plunged on his back. “We m-met with some Minotaurs warriors beside the Krok land, not far from the Meridan,” he went on shakily. “Patri was among them.”

“Commander Patri??!” Lorax gasped beside Rag. “He is known as one of the most influential warchiefs in the Minotaur lands. He’s also one of the greatest warriors in there, why was he so close to the border?”

Rag didn’t understand much what was going on, but it seemed serious, Lorax continued talking, but Rag zoned him out, he smelled something in the air, someone was approaching, with a bit more of effort he caught the scent of the Commander approaching them.

And like a clock, the Commander appeared startling Lorax, “Commander! I-”

Lorax was silenced by a fierce glance from the Commander, that told him to be quiet or else.

Ragnarok inwardly chuckled and turned his attention to the Commander, who started to speak for everyone in the vicinity to hear.

“The Minotaurs have been invading our territory lately, Captain Moru warned us this would happen,” The Commander said with a stern tone, and with a move of his hoof, he ordered the injured changeling to continue with his story.

“Our squad captain would not back down. He said the Hive had to be fed, and that no overgrown cow would stop that.” The channeling paused a bit to breathe. His wounds were still bleeding heavily, and he stood awkwardly to keep the weight off his shoulder were the most significant injury was.

“That’s when the Minotaurs attacked. It was hard to see what was happening; they ambushed us... we didn’t see them or smell them; it was as if they knew where we were and how to hide from us. The fighting was bloody and vicious. I saw our squad captain fight with honor, he was fighting Patri and....” Suddenly the changeling’s eyes rolled in his head as he collapsed on the ground like a limp rag doll, he couldn’t hold himself any longer.

“Medics!” The Commander called the medic team, to save the injured changeling.

A random female changeling jumped towards the unconscious changeling and crouched at his side. She was crying and kept giving him love and calling out, “Urty... Ur...wake up, honey!”

The Commander separated the crying female from her lover to allow the medics to take the changeling to the emergency ward.

Rag couldn’t understand why he didn’t receive medical attention first, but something in the smell of the injured changeling told him he was going to survive, he didn’t smell like death.

‘Wait... how does death smell like?’ Rag thought.

“It’s all right, Mar, his wounds aren’t fatal. But he needs medical attention and all the love he can get to heal his injuries.” The Commander said in a strangely soothing tone.

“I have some love saved up in my room!” Mar sprinted back to her quarters, “I’ll take it to the medics!”

Something didn’t click on Rag, how did the Minotaurs manage to successfully hide and sneak on a team that was trained to do exactly that.

“What do you think, Rag?” The Commander inquired it seems he had noticed Rag’s expression.

“Something is off about this... I might not know much about the Minotaurs, but I’m sure they are not the sneaky type,” Rag answered, “Do you think..that perhaps another hive helped them?”

The Commander was silent for a second before answering; his expression told Rag what he needed to know; he also thought the same thing, a rouge changeling or a hive was helping them.

“You are coming to the captain meeting tonight,” The Commander said, with a tone that implied it was an order, “Your insight might help us more than I originally thought.”

Rag simply nodded at the unspoken order as the Commander took his leave.

“You have less than one week here, and you are already in the big bug table!” Lorax said with a chuckle as soon as the Commander was out of sight, “You are working fast, don’t forget us the little bugs, man.”

Rag found himself in the lion’s den, a room filled with powerful and lethal individuals, he was at the same level as the captains at least when it came to the seating floor.

The Commander was on a floor slightly above everyone, and lastly, the Queen was above all of them, on her throne.

“How did this happen, Heart?” demanded the Queen from her position on the throne.

“Ragnarok and I share a theory,” Commander’s heart said with respect, “We think a changeling be it a rouge or another hive is helping the Minotaurs.”

Moru the son of the Commander sighed it was the first time Rag saw him, he was about average size with a lot of scars over his body, he looked particularly dangerous like he could snap Rag in half, but then again everyone in that room seemed like they could do such thing, “It wouldn’t be the first time other hives try such thing, but is the first time they killed an entire platoon of our changelings.” Moru’s voice was strong and deep.

“If I may...” Rag raised his hoof.

“You may,” The Queen conceded.

“I don’t know much about hives... but if this is the strongest hive or one of the most prominent and like captain Moru said, this is not the first time they do such thing...” Rag took a deep breath, he wasn’t entirely sure of this, but he saw enough history to know there was a chance, “What if... we are not dealing with only one hive...?”

“You suggest they would make an alliance to take us down?” Lena eyed Rag with curiosity.

“If they hate us more than they hate themselves... I don’t see why not,” Rag answered.

“That sounds plausible... you know the enemy of my enemy is my temporary ally?” The sadist doctor added.

“If that’s the case, we might have a war coming up,” Moru sighed.

“We need to investigate... but it’s not impossible that other hives are planning to take us down,” The Queen said with a frown.

Rag couldn’t help but wonder what did the future had stored for him.

The reunion continued for hours but eventually ended with each changeling going to their respective quarters.

Rag decided to take this free time and go to the changeling royal library to understand more about his new self.

Book 1 —- Changeling Anatomy—-

Transformations —- This is a tricky subject for our species when we transform we use an image in our heads to create a body into life.

The body is not always anatomically correct; what does this mean?

Your new skin could have the wrong sexual bits or smell if you don’t have at least a basic understanding of how the body you are using works.

The outside of the transformation is easy to master, and most changelings learn only this, with just a simple image in your mind of what you want, you can change into anything.

The inside of the transformation is the hard part, where you change your muscles and cells to be identical to the creature you are turning.

If you transform into a dragon and you don’t know how their inside works you will have the size and the strength of one, but you won’t move like one, your transformation will expand and create the muscles you are most comfortable with to adapt to your new shape, but you won’t have access to their full potential.

A perfect transformation can change the genetic code of the changeling to the point where said changeling could impregnate or get impregnated of any species, and their offspring would be the species they were during the deed.

This so-called perfect transformation is, of course, extremely rare, so far, there have been only five changelings capable of it, and all of them have been queens.

Changing your genetic makeup to one of a dragon or an alicorn would give the changeling technically an ageless body, with immense powers—- this doesn’t mean the changeling will be the most powerful individual of the species they transform, they will win the benefits of the species they turn into, but that’s the end of the line, not all alicorns are mighty, and not all dragons are strong.

Is also good to note total or absolute transformation can’t copy other creatures, you have to create your own persona

‘So basically I have to understand something perfectly in the biological standpoint of view to actually turn into it,’ Ragnarok thought as he picked another book.

—-Book 2 ——Changeling instincts—

“Now this is what I want to see,” Rag said with determination, he might be a bug now, but they couldn’t change one thing humans share, their insatiable curiosity.


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“Hey, Rag, wake up!” Lorax’s voice broke into Rag’s dream. He was reading books on his dream about changeling high cuisine. “Training begins in two hours. Masrur is already up, and captain Moru is waiting!” Lorax added urgently.

Rag stretched sleepily, then remembered, today was his first day of training, where he would finally learn how to use the weird body destiny gave him. He leaped to his hooves, and his drowsiness evaporated as excitement surged through his veins, he read a lot yesterday about his new body and how it worked, so he was ready for anything.

Lorax was jumping excitedly as Rag got ready, Rag wasn’t sure as to why he was so happy, but then again he was always happy, “So why are you so happy?” Rag asked as he added something with narrowed eyes. “I really hope there is no initiation...”

“Well... you got into my Squad; I never had anyone... be in my squad... is nice, you know?” Lorax smiled brightly.

“Huh, neat.” Rag smiled back.

Lorax led Rag quickly through the hive, excited and ready to train. As they climbed and jumped through the holes, a cool breeze ruffled their body; Rag was still impressed with the cooling system inside the hive it was like having AC.

Rag felt fierce joy well up inside him as he followed Lorax down, while the situation that brought him to this wasn’t the best, he was excited to experience something so new and bizarre, something no other human would have the pleasure to experience, it was a unique experience that he would enjoy, if life gives you lemons, you shove those lemons up life ass and find a way to be happy!

Masrur and Captain Mory were indeed waiting for them sitting over a cliff, sitting a few meters apart from each other.
“In the future, I expect you both to be punctual,” growled Moru, staring at us, but more specifically at Lorax.

“Huh, it seems the weak bugs need a clock,” Masrur added teasingly.

“If they get here late again, I will punish you too,” Moru added with a cold glare, “After all they are part of your squad,”

“Say what now?” Lorax and Rag asked simultaneously.

“I’ll punish... you..” Masrur murmured just barely high enough for Rag to hear who couldn’t help but chuckle.

“You three will be together in a squad, as for now, I will be your, leader,” Moru answered.

Rag decided to ignore the fact that muscle brain was on his team and nodded enthusiastically, Lorax on the other hand, unable to disguise his fear at the big changeling was sweating.

“Come,” Moru said impatiently. “Today, we are going to start with the basics, you can thank Ragnarok.”

'Well excuse yoouuuuu asshole, I’ve been a bug for about a week or so,’ Rag thought.

Without another word, Moru flew up over the cliff and landed on the ground several meters away from everyone, “First lesson, flying...”

Lorax and Masrur started to whisper to each other, and deep down, Rag knew something was wrong.

Rag turned around and saw Masrur and Lorax sharing a look. Why? They didn’t like each other, and Rad pondered why were they nodding as if agreeing to something, The smile of the captain’s face told Rag what he needed to know, but it was already too late, and without warning, the traitors rushed towards Rag and with a mighty push, threw him into the cliff.

“I will kill youuuuuuuu bothhhhh!” Rag shouted as he felt his body fall, his mind went into overdrive.

As humans, it is inevitable to believe that we are born into this world with an instinct, an unknown conscious, which is the means to our development. Without this instinct, many of the activities we take for granted would be a prioritized thought (i.e., breathing, sleeping, and walking). If humans were not born into this world with an instinct, everyday life would be a struggle because our minds would have to think each reflex through for every movement.

For birds is the idea of reinforcement is the key that wakes up their instincts, The main source of motivation for baby birds to learn how to fly is food, but Rag wasn’t motivated by food, no, he was motivated by something more way powerful, anger and the desire of revenge, Rag knew that if he crashed into the ground, he would die, and dead he couldn’t enact his mighty revenge on upon those two.

“Do you think he survived?” Masrur asked with a yawn.

“The ground is not solid; he will be okay...I think...” Lorax answered as he approached the cliff to see if Rag was actually okay, but something inside him told him to run, something was coming for him, and it would be painful.


“What in the heck is that?” Masrur asked, looking at the cliff.

“I don’t know...but I don’t like it,” Lorax chuckle taking a few steps backs.

“That is the sound of pain waiting to be delivered,” Captain Moru chuckled, “I’ll be outside the hive, in the forest, let me know when Ragnarok is done kicking your flanks,”

“Wait; what?” Masrur was confused, but soon his questions would be answered.

“ARGHHHHHHHHH!” Rag emerged from the cliff flying at an incredible speed, his eyes full of anger and adrenaline course through his veins or the equivalent in insects, he glided towards the duo and said, “Very efficient the teaching method you both agreed on, but it has some side effects, all this unyielding RAGE!

“That’s how birds learn!” Lorax shouted with a hint of fear on his eyes.


The beating that Masrur and Lorax received was legendary, a human full of adrenaline and powered by anger with access to hundreds of fictitious creatures of his past world that have been fed to him thanks to the media, made Rag at that moment an unstoppable force, a calamity, Masrur was the one that fought till the end, sadly Lorax was knocked out at the first blow.

Masrur, on the other hand, fought Rag for a couple of hours, without stopping, in the end, he lost the battle, but he was happy, as he demonstrated as he fell into the ground with a smile.

After the battle they found themselves in the forest, the trees were thick and full of life, Masrur was limping and so was Rag, Lorax had a swollen eye, they could’ve have gone to the medic, both the agreed on not doing such thing, for fear of what the doctor could do to them. Rag paused a second to try and catch the scent of the captain. The other changelings stopped beside him.

“The captain is hiding,” Rag murmured. “Use your noses and try to be useful,” both changelings nodded and started to sniff around there was the faint scent of the captain, around the forest.

“I can’t smell anything... besides my blood,” Masrur grunted.

“I can only smell you two, cause you know the blood,” Lorax chuckled.

“Remind me to kick his ass when my ass recovers,” Masrur smiled at Rag.

“Noted,” Rag smiled back.

“I thought we were friends!” Lorax cried out, “Besides, you have already punished me enough!”

“You took one blow, and you were out,” Rag sighed as Masrur chuckled on the back, “At least with Masrur I had enough time get over my thirst for blood,”

“Now, let’s find that captain!”