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Going to a convention was one of the things I had on my possible things-to-do list, but I never went to one because going alone seemed stupid to me, a friend invited me to a convention nearby my city and I agreed to go with him, I didn't have any cosplay nor intended to wear one, I wonder what kind of stuff I could buy, maybe some Dragon Ball items, who knows.

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"♪'P' is for 'priceless', the look upon your faces♪
♪'E' is for 'extinction', all your puny races♪
♪'R' for 'revolution', which will be televised♪
♪'F' is for how ‘fucked’ you are, now allow me to repriiise♪
♪'E' is for 'eccentric', just listen to my song♪
♪'C' is for 'completion', that I waited for so long♪
♪'T' is for the 'terror', upon you I’ll bestow ♪
♪My name is Perfect Cell, and I'd like to say...hello.♪"

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you realy should continue this story

Can't wait for the next chapter

This is just pure PERFECTION.

So am I the only one who burst out laughing after hearing Perfect Cell was voiced by Takahata/ Alucard?

“Go ahead and tell your princess that the king is here, is not like she will do anything, why move or do anything when you have a Twilight on speed dial,” I said laughing.


The return of the why boner with a vengeance.

Comment posted by NaiadSagaIotaOar deleted Dec 3rd, 2019

hehehehehe I wonder who has bigger ego cell or blueblood or trxie.

Comment posted by SleepyBear deleted Dec 3rd, 2019

XD Speaking as a guy that did this exact same thing with Abridged Alucard, I applaud ypur desire to just bullshit and cut loose a bit. I'm curious to see how you go through with it, cuz as long as you have fun with it I know I will.

Comment posted by SleepyBear deleted Dec 3rd, 2019

As far as grammar goes, the only issue is run on sentences, but it's easy enough to ignore. I'm just glad that the Displacer asked for a reasonable price for his items. For some reason, some displacers charge like a thousand dollars for their items. That always rubbed me the wrong way, glad to see that the price for the action figure was reasonable.

liked just because it's abridged perfect cell....enough said

So you acknowledge that it’s poorly written and lousy with spelling mistakes but refuse to do anything about it?


Yeah I said in the description this is just for my own amusement, if I wanted to have better grammar it would take me a long time to write it, so yer entitled to downvote ( not that I care this fic is just when I feel like doing something and have nothing to do )

Thanks for the feedback and enjoy yer day.

Update, people like this so I got an editor... yeih!

Love yer riven fic btw.

It’s not that I making in it purposely bad just not focusing on the grammar as I would in other fics.

dis is going to be good :pinkiehappy:

maybe it's because
Doesn't he want to practice zoophilia?

Well, I would criticize, but as you said, you're doing this for your own amusement. I can't help but be bothered by the whole 'main character becomes more Cell and less like himself' bit.

Can't wait for the next chapter

You should really change the T to M cause of the F word.:ajbemused:

Your explanation violates the rule banning non-mlp song lyrics.

I might actually focus on this if enough people like it, right now is me sharing with everyone how I spend my time after the clinic heheh

When you go to submit stories the rules pop up. One such rule is "No song lyrics (this excludes songs from mlp)." By including the "Perfect Cell song" in your explanation on the front page you violated that rule.

Only songs with copyright, this is a fan fiction song, made by fans.

Also is hardly a song when at it last is 100 words.

Team For Star owns the copyright to it. That is the nature of posting on Youtube, it automatically copyrights original content. Also, claiming it's brevity makes it less of a song holds no legal merit.

Edit: Yes, keep downvoting my comment. That will make you more right.

I see your point, but u realize there are hundreds of fics that do that and way more popular than this one if the admins tell me something ill put it down, jeez.

Ok bois and girls this shit got featured! so that means I have to actually care about it, the first chapter under editing.... DANG IT

Use as many gifs as you want, it doesn't change that I'm right.

Actually in all of my time on this website (3 years with a profile, 4 years without before that) this is the only rule violation I've ever seen. But that may be because of how picky I am with what I read.

That’s a new form of the merchant... I like it! ~Stay tuned. Hahaha.~

"Never perfect. Perfection goal that changes. Never stops moving. Can chase. Cannot catch."
- Abathur

Funny thing was I thought recently that their was a distinct lack of DBZ Cell crossover. This already proves entertaining, please continue.
Side note, I love the fact you made you merchant The Radio Demon.:pinkiehappy:

Hey, on the Anthro Scale, where do the characters in this world land?

Like humans with fur and hooves instead of feet,

Comment posted by SleepyBear deleted Dec 3rd, 2019
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