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Goes to a con as a OP AF character and get sent to a magical world, nothing can go wrong right?

A God of Hyperdeath, self proclaimed Dream Demon and the strongest Xelor crash landed in a desert. seeking a purpose to life and avoid from getting imprisoned in stone while trying to not change the future by a mile away while also adventuring all around the world for a way back home to Earth.

(Displaced Fic)
(a crossover between MLP, Gravity Fall, Wakfu, Undertale, and other)
(Expect some changes in the future)

Something I made when I'm bored, this is my first time making a fanfic
Disclaimer : English isn't my first language so I apologize for the horrible grammar and misspell. Help me improvising by telling me what to do or what to correct.
Teen tag for cursing and sexual stuff. No clop (probably)

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Comment posted by Estee deleted Feb 17th, 2018

I like it keep it up this is like the only displaced fic with Asriel and it's good

Am I the only one who would have just poured a bucket of water over the bushes they're hiding in just to see what would happen?

Attack: infinite (8 per hit)
HP: infinite (9999)
Defense: infinite (9999)
Speed: incalculable, he goes faster than both light and time itself to the point to when he moves he is creating and destroying timelines simultaneously.


Note: All attacks, assuming no armor andLV 1, deal 8 damage.

  • Fire Magic: Copied straight from Toriel, Asriel uses this attack exclusively during the first phase, before "the true final battle" begins. Asriel most likely uses this as a means of taunting the protagonist by testing how easily they can be killed. This phase can be skipped by simply waiting it out: it is time-based, and ends when the boss music's introduction does.
  • Star Blazing: Large, star-shaped projectiles rain down from the top-right corner of the screen in rapid succession, each one detonating into expanding rings of smaller projectiles just above the Bullet Board followed by one final, a larger star that detonates directly above with a much denser ring. The upgraded version, "Galacta Blazing", is virtually the same except the small stars spin counterclockwise.
  • Shocker Breaker: Asriel strikes the battlefield with bolts of lightning seven times, which are forewarned by [!] boxes. The base attack simply strikes in an alternating striped pattern, first small (four times), then large (three times). The upgraded version, "Shocker Breaker II", adds a series of targeted strikes after three small lightning bolts, and finishes by sweeping the battlefield left to right with big lightning bolts.
  • Chaos Saber: Asriel hovers directly above the protagonist and swipes the bullet board five times with summoned blades, finishing by swiping both sides, leaving slow-moving residual sparks picking up velocity and flying across the board. The upgraded version, "Chaos Slicer", is considerably more dangerous as he picks up more speed and swipes the board six times.


  • Chaos Buster: Asriel summons a blaster and fires nine waves of bullets telegraphed by flashing lines, and finishes with a charged beam. The attack shoots in a pattern, which starts at three lines to four lines, vice versa. Dodge by moving when he fires three lines or the beam and remain still when he shoots four lines. The upgraded version, "Chaos Blaster", removes any patterns and fires randomly, and the charged laser creates a massive starburst that covers thebullet board.
  • Hyper Goner: Asriel's final attack before he begins fighting at full power. The Bullet Board covers the entire screen before a large creature resembling a combination of theDT Extraction Machineand Sans's signature "Gaster Blaster" attack is summoned. It then proceeds to laugh evilly and then creates a powerful vortex that attempts to draw the protagonist's SOUL into the creature's mouth along with a series of diamond-shaped objects that deal damage on contact. If the protagonist is hit during this attack, their HP drops to 1 regardless of their equipped items, and all succeeding attacks do no damage. The attack can be avoided, though it is difficult to do so. After this, Asriel starts using his full power, initiating the final phase of the fight.
  • Angel of Death:

He can use all of his previous attacks to a MUCH greater extent. He gains a new attack that is basically rainbow comets coming out of his fingers.

this is very good!
But I think Bill should keep the gryfon. like a pet. make a deal then make her anthro than just have her as a sitter for crissy.

When I reached the end of this chap I yelled noooo I caught up, I want more sooooo please update soon

When I reached the end of this chap I yelled noooo I caught up, I want more sooooo please update soon

Ohhh that is fucking funny!!!!!!!:rainbowlaugh: With the end of this chapter.:rainbowlaugh: *ahem* So, when is the next chapter?

Just read this entire story today... and I will admit, it is well done.

This story will probably become more popular than a my Displaced stories.

Keep writing, have fun, accept good advice, and don't let any haters get you down. :pinkiehappy:

This story is so amazing that I hope that you'll write the next chapters pretty soon so pls MOOOOOOORRRRRREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

The journal said that it required Light/ Holy Magic to cast it, but since I have Chaos Magic I can cast it easily cuz you know my magic breaks all the rules. The other person, or rather pony, who can cast that spell is probably Celestia. Emphasis on the word ‘probably’ because the spell is required a lot of power. Yes I’m aware that she is an Alicorn but she is still young, heck she barely reaches my shoulder.

What shoulder?

Well, turns out your other story was in my 'read later' shelf, so its not too surprising that i like this one as well.

Cant wait for more!

No, I use Microsoft office to fix the grammars problem, well mostly...

I don't use Microsoft office so I don't know how they compare.

“We’re far away from any other Displaced Universe, so the chance we came across other Displaced tokens is pretty small, but we still can make token to summon each other” I said, unlocking my phone, just like The Merchant’s words we actually have internet connection if the full wifi symbol indicate anything, the battery has a infinity symbol on it.


“FORMER Prince of Monster because I don’t know where the underground Monster Kingdom is” Asriel said “I don’t even know if the kingdom is in this world”

How about connect the dimentions and make a mush ?

I just chuckled, ’kind of remind me of the purple egghead’ I was about to grab my bag that have my laptop only to realize ‘WHERE THE FRICK IS MY BAG?!?!’ I calmed myself down before thinking where the hell did that thing go. After a few minutes or so I face palmed hard, remembered that I have chaos magic.

Twi should sneeze

' Well there goes my plan to cheat on CoD, ' I though sadly ' I guess multiplayer games are out, at least I still have something that I can kill time with. '

Hey part of me is Chaos So some TRILL AND CHAOS . FOR FUN

That doesn’t help Chrysalis state, she looks like in the edge on tears seeing how watery her eyes are. I gave Asriel a look that basically say ' u don fuk up and send a mental command to comfort her which he accepted, walking toward the sad changeling and comforting her. I smiled at the heart melting sight, another picture taken.

oH FLUTTERSHY CRY Chrysalis is going to cry :fluttercry:

He was about to protest but a sudden movement of the bushes cause us to snap on our guard. Asriel summoned Chaos Saber on each hands and a couple of fireballs above him, ready to strike at any his command. I snapped my fingers and conjured a shit tons of guns, from pistols to all sort of riffles, all point toward the bushes with red laser. Meanwhile Chrysalis jump over the log where Nox was sleeping and hide behind it, avoiding getting caught in the crossfire.

I WOULD DO USUALLY THE SAME , SUMMON SHIT TON GUNS AND SWORDS !:applejackunsure::ajbemused::rainbowhuh::twilightblush::twilightsheepish::facehoof::unsuresweetie::ajsmug::rainbowlaugh:

Asriel laughing his ass off and rolling on the ground and if not the griffin riding my back I would be following him laughing, instead I just let out a chuckle. Nox in the other doesn't seem amused a bit, you could say that he was disappointed, and Chrysalis has a shocked expression on her face.

Rainbow Dash - (laughing)


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