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It is what it is was what it was soon to be after all.


Dou·ble (/ˈdəb(ə)l/)
adjective: Consisting of two equal, identical, or similar parts or things.

noun: A person who looks exactly like another.

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This seems promising!! when's the new chap? Can't wait!

I look forward to seeing where this goes - always a fan of stories where people deal with losing their identity after a tf.

wait so

MC plays vr game
MC exits vr game and does stuff in his apartment
MC accidently cuts himself and it bleeds black
MC turns into chrisalis
MC sees his human self outside walking through the crowd like nothings wrong?

i like it but i am a bit confused but this is the first chap so that is expected

Guessing this’ll hit featured sometime in the afternoon, slightly more information in the description might help though I think but maybe the vague summery might entice some to find out what is going on in the story... who knows!
Edit: I guessed wrong! Still a great story!

Regardless, It’s an interesting read to be sure! Was a little confused at the beginning but the premise is much simpler than I thought it was and now that I’m here I’m excited to see where this goes! :twilightsmile:

So she was a Chrysalis (perhaps The Chrysalis) before the transformation. Sounds like she was going through a dry spell in the dating pool and appears to have ran out of love. How did she get here? :rainbowhuh:

As if he was enacting some grandiose plan he’d set the pieces for years ago.

Mmm... foreshadowing?

I have a feeling this Chris is the fake and she forgot.

Me gustó mucho el capítulo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Espero los siguientes episodios con ansias

I am quite interested in seeing where this goes

He was too winded to avoid altogether, as it plunged itself deep within his left forearm. Brain going white from the severe shock of pain. Recovering from a stumble, he immediately took his other arm to the horn. Twisting, tugging, screaming to pry it out.

I think you mean 'vision', right?

“Insolent worm! Your skull will serve well as my new fuck hole!”

That this is Rated T... Ah well, not like I'm going to complain about that type of language, considering what I usually write. xD

"Just me...and youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-"

And the game bugged out. Got dangerously close to Rated M, huh? :duck:

"Aww c'mon! Are you being serious right now? They just released a huge update for this thing a few days ago!" He groaned in frustration as he closed the window, removing the headset and putting it on his desk with a careless chuck. He stepped back and ran his hands down his face, exhaling loudly before swinging them lifelessly by his lanky sides.

They must have shoddy beta testers, then. Or no beta testers... or beta testers testing the actual live version, aka their customers. Now, what does that remind me of? :trollestia:

His own flesh was the enemy he was fighting, his own skin of silicone suffocating him dry! Yes, he needed to be rid of it, to cast it off, to banish this terrible traitor of low testosterone to its lowly demise! To change!

Weird conclusion to come to, out of nowhere, but I'll take it. Heck, people have come up with crazier transformation scenes than this. *shrug*

Edit: Upon examination with fresher, well rested eyes unfortunately I must say that the second half of this chapter is well...shit to put it lightly. Or at the very least not up to my personal standards. As such, there will be a revision of this segment (it’s coming soon, hopefully)

I wouldn't exactly say it like that. You obviously read a lot of books instead of... well... I don't want to make all fanfictions out to be bad, but... a majority of them aren't written professionally, so... yeah. This does give me the vibes of a professionally written piece of work, even though I had a bit of a hard time reading through the first half because holy fluffy bunnies, that was as confusing as something... appropriately confusing, I guess. Well, you get a like at least for the quality of this, dunno about the favorite just yet, I'll have to read more for that decision. :3

Eventually, his arms did contact a surface. Unfortunately, that surface just happened to be his fully open eyeballs.

I've never poked my eye deliberately, but... I think the reflex to shut them before you can is stronger than your willpower to keep them open (without actually forcing them open, I mean). I always find it kinda ridiculous when I read things like these. Maybe that's just me, though. *shrug*

“Alright then. I hope you’re ready, you sorry excuse for a double…” In another flash, he rose to his feet with a cocky grin. “…Because here comes a double double! MWHAHAHAHA!” He threw his head back in a spontaneous fit of wicked laughter. As if he was enacting some grandiose plan he laid the groundwork for years in the making. It really didn’t fit him.

I wonder who the actual impostor is here...

What am you doing? Stay on task here, don’t get…distracted.

Behold and see! Within the blink of an eye, this man transforms himself from a weird introvert loner to an even weirder quirky girl who’s trying way too hard!

To be honest, I don't even know why "Chris" wants to go back to that 'boring introvert loner' life. The ability of shapeshifting alone opens so many doors. :trixieshiftright:

Is this really what I look like to others? So alone, so awkward. I-I literally just scratched my dick, hand in my pants! Oh no, please don’t sniff, please don’t sniff-you did! Arrgh! How could you be that much of an uncivilized cretin? You low born worthless dribble shat from a whore mare’s wo-

I agree, Chryssie... I agree.

I have to say, usually, when people use color in their writing, it doesn't feel quite right. This, though? You, my dear, are using it perfectly. Well done. :3

“Good idea, why don’t you just come up to my room then? I’m saying in 3-16, it’s got one of those sweet window views. Just knock on the door and I should be there...most of the time.” He gave him a nice smile. “What’d you think, sound good?”

Wonder how he reacts to his kitchen... *snickers to herself*

The term coined for this is doublethink. An example would be fake news stories from multiple networks or even the first impressions of a conversation with a complete stranger.

Ahh... good ol' Orwell. Love the 1984 reference. :heart:

Something had tried, and nearly succeed, to be rid of her. But instead, they just dumped her here on the planet. Confused and alone, wandering an unknown world full of species unfamiliar and presumably hostile. She was scared.

Thankfully, someone is thinking logically. And not too far off, actually, considering... well... volcano and all that. I assume you've read the comics, then? :twilightsmile:

“I want to help you, Chrissy. Seeing you this afraid and alone…it’s killing me.” He inhaled a shaky breath. “Whatever, or whoever, has done this to you…I’m sorry.” He eyed one of the larger holes in her leg, feeling a righteous spark begin to warm. “I want to set this right, however I can. But I can’t do that with you constantly trying to kill me over and over. It’s really inconvenient.”

Heartwarming and cute. I approve. Moreover, this earned you a favorite from me. I love this type of thing. I'm interested in where this goes! :heart:

I think this is your best chapter yet. Good job.

No need to thank, this story deserves way better than a meager (almost) sixty upvotes, dear. Like... a lot more. You're doing great and it kinda miffs me that you aren't getting the credit that you deserve. Keep up the good work! :3

This is fimfiction. That which deserves likes shall be overlooked. That which aught be forgotten shall be routinely featured and given plenty of likes.

I regularly touch my eyeballs as I rub them. The trick is to not touch the cornea.

Wait... as in, you rub them while open? o.O
I feel like there's a misunderstanding here somewhere. :trixieshiftright:

Nope, I meant what I said. My eyelashes gets into my eye constantly, and I got sort of used to directly touching my sclera when fishing them out.

i think i know whats going here, Chrysalis is having a serious case of 'becoming the mask' . The 'Chris' we been following is originally Chrysalis but shes' been Chris for too long that his memories, mannerism and habits become her. Just like how Venomo Snake shares the name Big BOss as he BECAME Big Boss in his own right

I feel really sorry for Chryssie, damn. :fluttershyouch::fluttercry:

“Then take it up with the department, I hear they have a few spots open for pedal patrol .”

“…Forget I said anything.”

What’s this, cops not clamoring for the envied bike patrol? Now I know this is fiction.

Me puso muy triste lo que le pasa a Chryssie 😭😭😭

More like she accidentally made too perfect copy of Chris and lost her own personality in the result. Turning her brain in exact copy of his probably wasn't the brightest idea.

" ...M-M-Mother, where are you? I need help, I'm having a terrible nightmare and I can't wake up! Help ! "

Johnny got his gun reference, eh?
I see what you did there.

May or may not have been listening to one song in particular when writing that segment. :derpytongue2:

Interesting, I'm enjoyed the opener so will keep reading. Also I suffer from the same problem, everything must go on paper first

What did I just read???

I dont fucking know. Clarification is definitely needed right now.

Good music taste. I think this is the first time I have seen the doors changeling referenced

Man I got so invested in the story but I want so much more of this that I cannot wait how you write this story is so good and yet and made me cry I love this story I want more and I know it's selfish but keep up the good work hopefully soon I will get you another one thank you•́ ‿ ,•̀

Things are getting interesting...

awesome chaptor can't wait for more.:twilightsmile:

Holy *fluffy bunnies*, this could come straight out of a horror movie. :twilightoops:

Great, Lina you just cause Cjrissy to starve and harm someone else. SERIOUSLY
What is with you alicorns and choosing bad punishments

So did she kill him? It seems that way to me...

Yo creo que no murió por que cuando los cambiantes absorben amor de sus víctimas solo los dejan debilitados o cansados

In this case, Luna made the very serious mistake of not actually investigating the situation and what her actions might cause. Poor Chris...hope that whole thing can somehow be magically fixed, or Luna will be responsible for a murder.

She should stop listening to her sister

Not actually defending her here, but who else could she listen to that she would have reason to trust the judgement of? She has difficulty socially so modern ponies would probably be hard for her, and her sister's been with her a long time. Discord is well...Discord, so he's out as well, and I don't know if she knows any dragons well enough.

That said, whether it was just Luna who decided to just toss Chrysalis away and bring her back only to mundanely beat the shit out of her and then drop her back on Earth (that's my understanding of what happened so far anyway, if I missed something please correct me), or her and Celestia and Discord, this was an abysmally stupid idea. This is the kind of punishment that essentially is just "Get rid of villain, and make them hurt while we're at it" and nothing else. No lesson to be learned, beyond fearful submission to Equestria's power so she doesn't try to take over again, and that's it. Even then, the amnesia thing ruined that, so this is basically just vindictive torture. I wouldn't be entirely against that if Chrysalis genuinely deserved it, and hurting her didn't just cause more problems for Earth and Chris in particular, personally, but that's probably just me. Either way, this is definitely not a good way to handle a dangerous criminal, as this is just asking for Chrysalis to either remember and use her position on Earth to retaliate, or use her status as a victim to turn Earth against Equestria, which wouldn't be unwarranted honestly.


The Chameleonian's disguise is so authentic, no one can distinguish it from the original. Not even the Chameleonian.

ohh shit:facehoof:
well he sure is in for a surprise

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