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This fic is a work/ project together with , Burden of love, Curse of hatred., the characters live in the same universe.

Special thanks to Knight of Crows

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My name is Mac, is a short for Mackenzie, I'm an atheist, or at least I was, I had a BS, MS, MBA, and PhD, I died in a car accident, a student crashed full speed against me. the blow killed me instantly.

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My name is Lux, I have two younger sisters. It's been quite while since I saw them.

The reason why I was not with them is simple, the darkness in my heart was growing without signs of stopping, so I decided to seal myself. While, also leaving my sisters in capable hooves

For some reason, my seal broke was broken, This should not be possible.

New name for the fic thanks to my friend Knight of Crows

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A man with a normal life is reborn as Sombra.

Chapters (4)

Killua dies in the dark continent....or at least that is what he thought

New world

New rules

New body

Looking for an editor for this Fic. hehe

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