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Thank you kindly.:twilightsmile:

Honestly, I was think about parents like that of that from the movie Matilda. They are basic trash that will do anything for a quick buck, but yeah there are many ways to play a character/situation like that. Sadly however, with the three fics I am working on/school/work I don't have the time. That being said, if you should ever want to make a sequel fic to Battle Foals then you are free to use him. Now I am not trying to pressure you into making a sequel or anything I am just saying. Anyways it has been nice talking to you my friend and if you ever get a wild hair to chat again then feel free to message me.

Interesting idea. You could write an entire plot centered around his magic causing a historical paradox that either he or another character has to fix, or perhaps learning of a grim future Equestria is doomed to that they have to prevent all a Chrono Trigger.
A central focus would be around Time Crunch not being afraid of his powers and owning them, rather than letting it be his parents’ tool, whom you could even write as them using this as an act of financial desperation seeing as they could an impoverished family.
There’s lots more you could do, but I’m just giving ideas. It’s a good start to something bigger.

The basic idea behind the character is that that of a unicorn whos cutie mark/magic affinity is chronal magic. This mean that with enough concentration he can alter the flow of time around him, creating little rifts in time or restoring/accelerating targets time. However, such feats take a lot of magic and concentration. Because of this restriction if he were to use his magic without being prepared he would cause things to either age rapidly until it crumbles away like sand in the hour glass. Now because of this potential threat he would be kept at hooves length by most common ponies, while his parents would want to use him as a way to make money by restoring garbage so they can resell it. The Character's name would be Time Crunch. Well that's more or less all I have at the moment, what do you think?

I’d be intrigued in this new character. Also, thanks for following me!

  • Viewing 35 - 39 of 39
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