A Changeling Life

by SleepyBear

The hive.

After making out with the pony for the sole purpose of survival, Bob decided to escape before things escalated from kisses to...fucking.

Unfortunately for Bob, things already had escalated, because the stallion that almost killed him, was trying to woo him into bed.

With that massive red flag that spelled, get the fuck out of there boy! Bob decided it was time to go, not before leaving the pony on a comatose state on the floor after seventeen poisonous bites.

But in the end the one that suffered the most was Bob because he would forever remember the stallion dancing seductively around him trying to...woo him to oblivion.

After that Bob ran for hours, not really sure why, but one thing was for sure, there was a limit on how gay he would go for food.

After Bob was sure he was far, far away from the horny stallion, he decided to take a break to think what to do now.

Could he move to a city and find a girlfriend and literally eat her love? Would he survive long enough to do that?

Bob had many doubts and questions on what to do, but a sound behind him caught his attention, something was approaching him, a rush of hoovesteps told Bob something was tracking him.

Maybe it was the horny stallion looking for revenge, so Bob decided he would rather turn and fight.

He stood up from the grass and spun around ready to face his pursuer.

Out of the bushes, a creature jumped, baring its fangs out, hissing menacingly.

It was another changeling, Bob doubted he could take on one of his kind with no experience whatsoever, but if death awaited him, he would go down fighting.

Bob smelled that his attacker was ready to fight.

But with a smile, his attacker simply sat up and began to laugh at him, all signs of aggression gone.

Bob was relieved he wouldn’t have to fight someone with more experience using whatever changelings can do, but also felt strangely disappointed. Every part of him was tense, ready for battle, why did he want to fight the changeling so bad even though even knew he was going to lose.

“Hi there, pal!” The changeling said cheerily. “You should’ve seen your face, hahaha!”

Bob remained on tiptoe for a second, but decided to take the chance, if someone could help him understand how to live being the favorite character of his niece favorite show it would be them, all he knew about this world was that Friendship was magic and that changelings invaded a wedding.

With that in mind, he dropped his guard down, loosened his muscles, and let a sigh out he didn’t know he was holding in.

“So, why were you following me?” Bob asked, sitting back on the grass.

“Oh well I was flying back to the hive, when all of a sudden, I smelled a hiveless changeling,” The changeling said with a serious expression, “So I was like, ‘Lorax it’s time to be a proactive member of the hive, go and recruit that changeling!’ And here I am.”

‘So... I smell like a hobo?’ Bob questioned inside his head.

“Alright... my name is Bob, a pleasure to meet you, Lorax,” Bob said, extending his hoof for a handshake? Hooveshake? Hoofshake?

“B..o..b a hahaha Bob The changeling haha haha hahaha,” Lorax started to laugh so hard that tears and snot were coming out of him simultaneously.

“Yes... that’s my name,” Bob glared at Lorax with animosity on his eyes, “We can still fight.”

“Sorry... it’s just... oh god...” Lorax said, gasping for air.

“Hm,” Bob simply continued to glare at him.

“So, do you wanna join!?” Lorax asked Bob with a wide smile on his face.

“Yeah, why not?” Bob sighed, smiling back at the changeling.

“Then! Follow me!” With that, Lorax took off, flying into the horizon.

“I don’t know how to fly...” Bob tried to communicate that fact, but it was already too late, “alright, I’ll just wait for him here for a while.”

It took Lorax around thirty minutes to figure out Bob wasn’t following, Bob had to explain he had no idea how to fly.

“Well... I guess we could walk back to the hive...” Lorax said, unsure if Bob was just pranking him back.

“Sounds great,” Bob said, “lead the way.”

On the way to the hive, Lorax talked about the hive, his friends, and what kind of love tasted better; it was pretty much a one-sided conversation.

Eventually, they arrived at a cave inside a tree; Bob was confused as to how things worked in this world but decided to leave such stupid thoughts for another time.

“Aha! Here it is!” Lorax said with excitement approaching a common bolder in the cave.

“... yeih?” Bob didn’t know what to say, were rocks the equivalent of catnip for a changeling, or was this particular changeling crazy.

“Don’t look at me like that, haha.” Lorax seemed to notice that Bob was giving him a look that said, what is wrong with you?

“Well... then explain why are we happy to find a bolder,” Bob asked, looking at the rock with narrow eyes.

“Oh yeah... I forgot you don’t have a hive...” Lorax said with an awkward smile, “This is one of the many teletransportation ports my hive, and now yours has around the continent, that way we can return to the hive without being followed, only changelings can activate them... if they are authorized of course,”

Bob was perplexed at what Lorax said, teleporting directly to the hive without having to walk for days sounded awesome, but was that device safe?.

“Is that thing safe?” Bob asked, eyeing the rock with precaution.

“Of course... I mean... Nah, it’s safe...I think.” Lorax smiled, whispering the last part, “I mean option B is two months on hoof.”

“Fine...” Bob sighed.

“Awesome!” Lorax said before he started to chant some kind of spell in Latin.

‘So that’s how Magic works here?...’ Bob thought carefully studying Lorax.

The rock started to shine bright, before encasing both changelings in a dome of light.

In the moment that takes someone to blink, Bob found himself in a different setting, this time Lorax and him weren’t the only changelings, there were thousands of them flying around the area, the hive was creepy yet comforting for Bob.

‘So here we are, this place is creepy as fuck, the walls are moving, this place needs an exorcism,’ Bob thought with a smile on his face, things were certainly better today, he had made a friend, he wasn’t hungry anymore and had possibly found a safe haven where ponies would not kill him, or fuck him.

“Oh FYI, if the Queen doesn’t like you... you’re pretty much dead,” Lorax said, smiling.

‘Like my grandpa used to say, run bitch run!’ Bob thought, entering on a panic mode.

Bob prepared to spring out the hive, but had problems deciding where to run, not knowing which way was safe to escape.

But regardless of what path he could choose, he was too late. A commanding voice said behind him, firm and menacing. “What’s going on here?”

‘I will kill Lorax before I die, I swear it!’ Bob knew that now was too late to run, but he was not going to hell alone, he was taking the son of a bitch that put him in this situation with him.

Bob turned to see his executioner, a large changeling flying majestically towards him. She was magnificent. Green hair, a small and delicate muzzle, and a beautiful crown on her head.

“My Queen!” Beside Bob, Lorax crouched down, kneeling to his Queen.

Another changeling approached, this one had scars and a mean look on his face that said I will kill you before breakfast.

“Commander Heart!” Lorax saluted, still kneeling.

“You shouldn’t be bringing strange changelings to the hive!” growled the commander angrily, narrowing his green eyes at Lorax.

Bob copied Lorax and crouched low, kneeling to the Queen, his ears twitching nervously.

The Queen had an air of strength he had never felt before, like she could crush him like a bug, ironically. Maybe that was the reason she was the Queen.

The commander also felt powerful and dangerous, but not as much as the Queen.

“Who is this?” The Queen asked with an unreadable tone.

Bob flinched as she turned her gaze on him. Her piercing green eyes made him feel even more vulnerable.

‘If I survive this... I’m killing Lorax...’ Bob thought.

“He’s no threat; he wants to join the hive, my Queen,” Lorax replied quickly.

“This is my Queen and possibly your new queen, Queen Chrysalis; she’s the leader of our hive!” Lorax whispered to Bob under his breath. “And that’s commander heart; He’s the general of the army and trainer of the royal guard, which means he’s the one that trains the majority of the soldiers in the hive.”

“Thank you for the introduction, Lorax,” Commander Heart said coolly.

Chrysalis was still staring at Bob. “A hiveless changeling, you must be pretty strong to survive without a hive,” she said, eyeing Bob as if she was measuring him.

“Thanks?” Bob wasn’t sure what to say in this situation.

“My Queen, this hiveless stupid changeling probably alerted the ponies in the sector A, he should not be hunting in our grounds!” Commander Heart said, glaring at Bob at the end of his sentence.

“It was just one pony...” Bob said, trying to defuse the situation.

Chrysalis had turned her head to acknowledge her commander’s words.

After that, her gaze snapped back to Bob. Her green eyes were blazing with anger. “One pony starts a riot, and then they move armies against us,” she spat in anger. “Every changeling knows this! Lorax might not see it, but you are a threat to the hive!”

Bob was confused by Chrysalis sudden rage, she was complimenting his strength a few seconds ago, and now she was about to kill him.

With a simple glance at the horrified look on Lorax's face was enough to tell him he had spoken too freely.

‘Well I always said I wanted a weird death, and this classified as such, a stallion tried to woo me into bed, and now an overpowered bug will crush me, my only regret is that I couldn’t kill Lorax.’ Bob thought as he watched the enraged Queen in front of him.

“So tell me... child... are you a threat to my hive?” Chrysalis asked.