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The Archmage of equestria.

Prologue (edited) (Completed)
Chapter one - Meeting the Arch-mage (Completed)
Chapter two - Tea with an Arch-mage - Writing (0/3000+)

Living Lava's Travel Journal

Entry 1, Ponyville - (844/2000+ Words)

Balance Breaker

Prologue ยท (Completed)
Awakening Writing (220/4000+ words)

The Equestrian Paladin

Arrival (Completed)
chapter 2 (unnamed) (Writing 742/4000+)

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What's planned in the future? · 3:23pm Aug 29th, 2019

Many things, but I do have a plan for once.
Not all of it of course but most of it is here

Hope that will tide you guys over knowing that I do work on writings in my spare time from uni.

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"Thanks for the favorite."


I find myself in a similar position, but I have given up on the game design, programming and implementation. I think I would be far more suited in a political position, manipulating the masses and such. I also don't spend a lot of time writing, but there are plenty of unfinished stories that I have not opened to the public. I am not a fantastic writer, but I felt I should contribute a little bit to this website after using it so much. I might eventually leave this website when I find nothing of value, and when I do I shall drop all my unfinished stories as inspiration for others.

Best of luck with the Game Design stuff, I tried it and it's not my thing.

Thanks for your thoughts, Unfortunately, I don't think I'm a natural writer nor do I think I put enough time into writing, I mean I love sharing stories and such, but I've never really considered writing as my focus creative outlet, that's more game design and programming.

My goal here I think is to put forth, what I consider an interesting idea or situation, and hope that a more talented writer will be inspired to write a similar story.

You have lots of decent and good ideas, If these we longer and more finished I could see these becoming great stories.

Normally I don't have a SHADOW OF DOUBT but now I do!:derpytongue2:

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