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you need to either continue your story 'stronger than you' or cancel it and let people know, I've been paying attentions since day one. it irks me to no end you just leave it up, 'uncompleted' left on the bottom, rather than 'canceled' , no updates in over 3 years, cancel it, or continue it, pick one.

2096243 more of stronger than you plz

Comment posted by mrkillwolf666 deleted Mar 29th, 2016

You rock my friend! =D

2096232 It's alright, I happily accept I did something wrong and I don't mind the writing equivilant of a head slap and 'Your being a idiot' talking to when I've done something wrong, my only problem was that they didn't link the idea thread so that I'd know where to go in order to fix my mistake. as I said the Displaced group is the first group I've actually joined so I'm learning this stuff from scratch you know? XD

  • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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