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I am...Well was a normal twenty one year old trying to enjoy a convention...Kinda hard when your a white girl cosplaying as Garnet-
What do they want you to go around in blackface to look the part?!
Shush! Now after buying a wicked awesome visor from a weird merchant-
You should have foresaw this considering how much fanfiction you read.
Are you going to be quiet now?
*Sigh* Now I'm stuck in My Little Fricking Pony with all the power, ability's and looks of Garnet, including my own very annoying mental Ruby and Sapphire. I can't even tell if we're three people or just one, I just want to go home!

Chapters (2)
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Two things. One: Steven Universe :pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

Two: Yes another Character with personalities that annoy the displaced sometimes maybe :yay:

keeping an eye on it.

Hmm... Garnet Displaced, that gets my attention. But first before reading this- The title. The 'then' should be spelled 'than' and also be capitalized.

6832741 Noted and corrected, thanks for the heads up!
*Edit* and doubly corrected when I noticed I put a capital A in there for a minute, I'm a idiot.

I'm sorry, I feel obligated to give a thumbs-up before even reading.

This Garnet(cosplayer), after all.

6832773 Hopefully the story's good enough so far that you don't take that Thumb back XD

In the fic description, you mean to use 'quiet', not 'quite'. Common mistake online.^_^ Just thought I'd point that out for ya.;)

6832823 Fixed! You'd never think english was my first language with all the spelling mistakes I make, damn dysgraphia. XD

6832839 Hey, don't feel bad. In many cases your grammar is better than mine.:raritywink:

And now I just remembered what happens when Garnet gets. . . um, poofed is what I think it's called? Or at least that's what Steven called it. Any way what would become of our protagonist? We know that Garnet basically only exists because of Ruby and Sapphire fusing together. Would her consciousness just be split between the two or would she. . . cease to exist until the two came back together again?

you could probably shapeshift two more heads for Ruby and Sapphire to use....
also, does your Visor still change depending on who is in control?

6832991 Considering how the show is, cease to exist till fusion occurs again.

6832839 lol Glad I could help. Unfortunately, do not, yet, know enough about Steven Universe to get into this. Got a long list of shows I'm getting through in an alternating schedule. It's part of that, but I haven't even gotten to episode 10 yet in that schedule.

Bondage. Perfect to make a good first impression. Well done Zecora.^^b

6832991 I could tell you, but then I'd have to poof you X3

Don't you mean "Boop the Snout?"

6834598 I've seen it done both ways, I just thought Boop the Snoot was cuter.

I friggin love SU, and your use of Ruby/Saphire is beyond brilliant!! I can't wait to see more.

I love this story! XD

:moustache: "You're a living gem??? ...we are gonna have a meaningful friendship."

I like it so far, but it needs quite a bit of editing for spelling, punctuation, and such.

I would be glad to do said editing. (Hopefully you use Google Docs.) Have a look at my profile page to see other stories I've edited, if you're curious, and toss me a PM if you're interested.

I have this weird love-hate thing going on with Steven Universe. Though, your idea seems sound.

I like this so far. Does our hero's mind die when they are unfused?

I'd recommend, but I don't know how to get rid of my school Grammarly account and replace it with a free account. (I don't pay either way, but still.) It will help with small problems (bigger problems with PRO) and has a Chrome app.

I just binged the first season of Steven Universe and reread chapter 2. It's weird, but I think I like it.

Also, I just remembered that there is a Pearl Displaced you might want to meet.

6998513 Well, that comment was before my SU binge. ...but I'm still not totally sure I dislike it that much, but there's still something that carried over. At first I didn't like Steven, but he grew on me. Now the only thing that messes with me is the fact that Peridot, Jasper, and Ruby were never guys.

I don't have a problem with that, but it still messes with me that there is not one guy gem. Steven doesn't count because he's part human. ...also my brain is very picky. I don't listen to every song because I convince myself that they're not worth it, even though they probably are.

alright i have one thing to say before i read this..
if his mind was put into an already fused body wouldn't unfusing literally rip apart his mind?

7064832 This....E? Huh?
....For anyone woundering the storys not ended or abandoned, I'm just really busy with life and other writing projects, STY isn't one of my main focuses.

7065749 Oh!....Oh that's weird 0.o I rated it T originally, I honestly don't know how the rating changed, I'mma fix it.
...For future notice maybe saying 'Why is this rated E?' rather then just 'Why's this E?' Even after you replyed 'For Everyone' I was confused till I saw the rating was different then what I published it as.

7066120 I was tired when I wrote it. Sorry.

Are you going to update this at all?

Great Zecora rhyming, not many are able to create good dialogue for her.

7071309 ....If you actually read the comments you'd see not two days ago I commented that I'm busy with life and other writing projects that I personally feel are more important. This fic isn't abandoned I'm just busy, I've never claimed to have X amount of chapters out at X time, fanfiction is something I do for fun and currently there is other stuff I'm focused on. I'm glad you enjoy the story and want to read more don't get me wrong. But complaining about lack of updates has never encouraged a writer to write more, from personal experience it make you want to work on the story less as instead of fun it becomes a chore you become tired of.

7071434 I didn't read the comments and I know there's no deadline i'm just impatient.

I'm stuck in Equestria with two voice who are also me in my head.....Help?

This sound similar to one of Deadpool's many problems.

7049559 Whoa. :rainbowderp: That's a good point. Also kind of scary to think about.

Edit: Also, the main character is female.

So far, this story is pretty 'meh' to me, but I'll keep following it and see where it goes. I'd say a bit of editing is needed.

This is a good start and an interesting idea. I can't wait for more. I'm also wondering about when Ruby and Sapphire unfuse. I'd like to see how the ponies would react to that.

This is never being updated again is it?

7444441 It will when I have less shit going on in my life and I can get through my writers block, as it is the next chapter is stalled out about a fifth of the way in and in no condition to be posted annnnnnywhere

I, like this a lot. The one thing I would suggest is to have a check over your story once or twice every few hundred words but, other than that, I hope you continue this story!

When is the next update?

Hey, could be worse; could have taken a picture of your cosplay and recieved massive amount of hate and death-threats for being the wrong body-type/race.

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