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How To Successfully Pass As An Evil Overlord is one of the best fan stories I have ever read! I hope that the next chapter is coming soon, I can hardly wait for more. The same goes for unfortunately i am the king of equestria. You do great work and I will be waiting for your next story eagerly.

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Oh, I agree with you that this is Bucking's alt, from provided evidence between the two accounts. I'm just stating that since Bucking has a trend of jumping from one story to the next and [mostly] forgetting about them, I imagine this account will quickly mirror Bucking's main account, given time. I liked some of his stories, even though they were quite outlandish, but it doesn't give me great hopes to see the human-as-Sombra in the Alt. Universe Equestria get anywhere quickly.


Actually I am certain this is just an alt for Bucking Nonsense to write alternate versions of some of his established stories and other experimental tales so he won't clutter his own story tabs with plenty of similar tales and get accused of being a one trick pony (which he isn't).

Mostly I think this due to one bit of information used in his "Unfortunately, I am the King of Equestria" that sealed the deal. While it seems like such a throw away thing at first glance, it WAS a piece of info that was originally in "I Will Save And/Or Destroy Equestria" before it had a rewrite because some folks got a rod up their rumps about him temporarily making them anthros.

  • Viewing 7 - 11 of 11
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