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My first blog post in almost a year · 3:04pm May 29th

Hey folk, long time no see... l haven't been making many updates, cause not a lot of exciting things happen in my life.... but l would like to share with you all, some pictures of Aalborg Carnival in Denmark, which was held for the first time after all this Covid crap... https://imgur.com/gallery/zJcHb5y just click the link and enjoy..... And to those who will ask....YES, that is a REAL suit of armor l am wearing, YES it was heavy as fuck, and YES l was freaking tired when l came home and got

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Any time, it is a great story.

Thanks for adding “Scarfaced Stallion” as favorite. :pinkiehappy:

You are very welcome, l enjoy your stories and I look forward to more of it, and of The New Guard story as well

Thanks for having added my more.. Hmm, let's say mature romance story, The Return of Anon, to your favorites. I'll hope you you keep enjoying it. :heart::rainbowkiss:

You are welcome, it is a great story so far, and l look forward to more of it

  • Viewing 111 - 115 of 115
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