A group for people who are similar to Displaced, yet are so Ovepowered it’s not funny. (Yet it normally does actually end up being funny.) This group was started by me, Sanguine Dream
so people could have a place to post their obscenely Overpowered OCs or Self Inserts.

This group probably will contain stories like My Life as an Eldritch Horror. (Shameful self-promotion :unsuresweetie:) Aforementioned stories will, more often than not, be Comedies. Though this group will be open to any genre so long as your protagonist is more Overpowered than any being has a right to be. (I.E. Can warp reality with a thought, One-shot a monster the size of a mountain range, or regularly visit other protagonist’s universes.)

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Does it count if the hero has a collar holding him back from using his OP power?

Can someone make a Steven universe displace where the guy buy a cluster ball (the cluster from the show) and when he wake up there a lot shards all over his arms that canonet at the back, powers could be all the ability of all gems like lapis water control or bismuth building ability so on

Happy New Year!!!

is there any one going to continue there stories like Ancient Protector and Don't Underestimate Me or there only?!!!!!!

If your OCs are Displaced, feel free to add their stories to my Displaced group!

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th

I can think of a character like that but I've never written one... not yet that is. :pinkiecrazy:

Has anyone here ever made a character so unfairly overpowered that it would be near impossible to write a normal story with them.

I'm wondering If Game Over... would fit In here?

Yes, very much so.

The right outfit will help too.

I have a quite a few, I may have to respec using the Dragon Balls to step it up though. No the issue is the Majin's slow stamina regeneration. That is my real problem right now. I need a certain super soul but I don't know which one.

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