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I write Characters, not Caricatures.

Me most days.

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Hello, I'm Sanguine Dream. Been a brony since 2010. Ironically it started when my older sister was reading an offensive and terrible "Christian" article about how Ponies, and MLP in general, are evil. Out of spite and a piqued interest I watched the first two episodes. I ended up binging the first two seasons. Now I'm up to date (I watch the show every saturday).
MLP is something that I love. The show is absolutely brilliant. It's a light when things aren't going so well. It serves as a springboard for my ideas and concepts. Just as it does for so many others. And, as much as I love the show, I may love the Fandom more. There are so many stories I love full of not only light, fun, and romance, but they're also filled with pain and sorrow. Filled with things that are very real. I know that more than once a fic has honestly made me cry. Oh God... Project Horizons...
I hope that here I can share my stories, my ideas, and perhaps even entertain a few people. I know one thing for sure. It's going to be a lot of fun.


-Insert clever title here- · 6:07am 7 hours ago

Clock in 3:01 PM.

Clock out 11:36 PM.

I started getting trashed a little after 7. Th e30-top upstairs, the 14 on the patio, and the 8 in the family room didn't help. Had to take anti-anxiety meds twice.

Thankfully tomorrow won't be as busy. The Greeley Stampede starts tomorrow, and that's when we get a lull period.

Meh. Gonna veg now.

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I honestly don't know, I'm sorry.

When do you think you are publishing i am become death?...
Or Beyond The Cycle?

In short Beyond The Cycle was taken down because it didn't have enough ponies in it, and I am going to be rewriting I Am Become Death.... at some point...

  • Viewing 152 - 156 of 156
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