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When it turns out you were born with a dual nature that made you a monster in the eyes of some, in need of strict control by others, and miserable to yourself, what do you do when you finally are free to be you again, and all your friends turn on you?

Find someone to vent to who understands your pain.

This came into my head today. I had to put it into text. No, I'm not actually that badly depressed today. Just kinda sick and cold medicine hit me hard. Might end up expanding on the universe in another story.

Thad was the editor for this.

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I want more of this idea

Damn this is so good. More please!

Im interested in who would be the friend(s) Sunset finds if the story is expanded. Sunset is versatile enough that she would pair well with almost anyone. Would you go the route of an alternate set of friends with each one showing Sunset the true value of each element of harmony, or would you just pick characters you like and feel Sunset would get along well with? Would you pick characters who have established personalities or more background characters who you would have more room to play around with? Will Sunset learn about Meg's true nature? Will Demon-ness play a larger role? Who is the mystery Janitor? So many questions that will rattle in my head until a sequel or expanded story is presented and honestly, I can't wait. 😃

Okay, this was interesting. I like this.

I did enjoy reading this story. I like the new take on the Sunset origins story.

If there were a sequel, I don't want to see the Mane Five obsess over getting Sunset's friendship back like I've seen in other Anon-a-Miss stories. The Rainbooms will offer a shallow apology when the truth comes out of course. But Sunset should not be okay with a return to the status quo, and clearly communicate that. The Mane Five should be disappointed by that naturally. But their feelings of superiority and disdain towards the Equestrian that made it so easy to reject her should also cushion the blow from losing her as a friend. They'd only freak out if it looked like Sunset was becoming a magical danger again.

This is really a hidden gem. Hope you do some more stories based on this reality.

Hold up a second, this Meg's the Megaera from the Hades video game, isn't she?

Also, I agree with the others; more please! :)

Hey, somebody got it!

Might work on more with Thad and Dragon.

A very good story, I really liked your take on Sunset's origin story as it's a fresh new take and makes sense of how Sunset transformed into a she-demon. :twilightsmile:

I had a silly thought about this story's possible future today. A student calls Sunset a she-demon in school. Sunset takes off her jacket, and shouts, "Fine! If you want me to be the she-demon, I'll BE THE SHE-DEMON!" Sunset transforms, and continues with her day as usual. What happens next? I can only imagine. :trollestia:

I like to see this continue with say the aftermath, Sunset having broken things off with the Rainbooms or not bothering to renew the friendship calling them out on what they are. Hypocritics

I wish we had more information on sunset’s past.

If that happens, it would be funny if Sunset doesn't wreak havoc or hurt anyone, and school activities go on mostly as usual. Funny in a good way, like maybe Sunset can start to encounter some acceptance finally, and some kindness.

I think you've come up with some interesting stuff: your backstory for Sunset, what was really happening behind the scenes when she was taking over Canterlot High, and at the Fall Formal. I like it.

I'm not sure if I quite fully buy the explanation for what I think of as so much personal attention from Celestia. Maybe? I don't know for sure.

I thought the end of your chapter one was hilarious in a good way.

Well I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Okay, so this took me really by surprise in a good way.

Great sentence structure, punchy dialogue, and emotion. You nailed down a really pathos-fueled version of Sunset Shimmer that is both dynamic and relatable, and that's really hard to do. The storyline picks up the Anon-A-Miss flag in an excellent way. Instead of rehashing the same storyline so many other Anon-A-Miss fics do, this uses it to explore Sunset's past and present. It acts as a lens to look into her brain and figure out what's making her tic, and it takes some real talent as a writer to make that happen.

Good job, and cheers.

Well thanks for the impromptu review. :twilightsmile:

You’re welcome. I hope it didn’t come off as condescending. I don’t comment often, but I really enjoyed this one.

Not at all, I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

77 likes and no dislikes, what an accomplishment! (i hope i dont jinx it by saying this)

... Is your profile picture from Homestuck?


Perhaps eventually in the sequel.

my lawyer advises i don't disclose that information



.. of excitement and hype

Now this is something interesting. wonder how many other stories have something like this where Sunset's transformatoin is due to well her being half demonic or fire elemental that could be a cool story too. hmmm now theres an idea.

Ah. I see this is an Anon-a-miss story.

Paper Thin is an amazing song...

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Nice intro! It's always irked me what dopes the 'friends' (especially the pink one) are with their remarks that end in the phrase "no offense." It's like, sheesh, if they are going to forgive her they should just forgive her already and be a little more careful what they say.

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