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Demon Shimmer

I write stories with and am Best Friends with GamerTwilight :P

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'Sup? I'm Sunset. GamerTwilight is my best friend, and we write stories together! You can find most of them on their page (they keep winning the "who gets to upload this story" :derpytongue2:). We focus mainly on Equestria Girls! And comedy/crackfics. They usually derive from some silly idea I throw at Twi, and then we go back and forth adding bits.

We're currently working on Dear Twilight Sparkle (DTS), a very loosely Dear Evan Hansen based fic I shared with Twilight, focusing on "Demon Shimmer" and "Daydream Shimmer", who have to deal with the "main" "Sunset Shimmer's" mental disappearance. It'll... make more sense later.

We DO have personal lives and classes and stuff though, so updates on any front will be slow.:twilightsheepish: But we are still working on DTS, in the background. We didn't have an actual layout besides some specific scenes and overall basis of the story so Sparky'd like to get that done before we go further in chapters.

It's nice to meet you all! Thanks for checking out my profile, and have a great day! :raritywink:


Rainbooms · 9:32pm Apr 5th, 2020

Just so everyone is aware, the Rainbooms is MY band.

-Sunset, DTS

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Hewwo owO I haz come from dA DiScUrD SoRvOr
Yu moight know moi or maybe not but StIlL

Maybe the sentence "Trixie is best pone" will give you a hint.
Oh and the user might give it away too -w-

Hi. I just happen to notice your story and decided to say hi. If you ever need someone to chat with/to, I'm here. Love your bio pic btw:heart:

And that's your weather, in a Flash :raritywink:

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