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Gaydream Shimmer

Hi! If you're reading this, Dear Twilight Sparkle is on an indefinite hiatus until we finish school this year! Can't wait to get back to writing :)


Sunset Shimmer has always been influenced by both Daydream Shimmer and Demon Sunset ever since the Friendship Games. But because of a magic mishap, Sunset's brain gets jumbled leaving Daydream and Demon both in complete charge of Sunset, while the two have to make it seem like everything is normal!

...While also trying to find a way to get Sunset back.
This is going to be difficult.

Co-Written by and originated from GamerSunset
Also check out DTS: Anon-a-Miss! Takes place before DTS, set in the same universe.

Chapters (2)
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writing my au is being FUN and making more me cannot wait
m y a u :rainbowderp:

I actually enjoyed this. Favorited. Now I just need more :twilightsmile: 1 nitpick/critique/constructive criticism or something, there seems to be lots of points where the dialogue becomes top-heavy. By that, I mean there's a lot of chatter, but not as much action. For lack of a better word, the whole thing doesn't 'flow' as it should. Needs more description and transition sentences. It's only the first chapter, and I don't know what the next will look like, but you have my interest and attention. Continue on, please :pinkiehappy:

this is weird, but it's the good kind of weird I like :pinkiecrazy:
I'm really curious about what is going on and how it will proceed :twilightsmile:

maybe it's just my early morning brain messing things up, but you are making no sense to me right now... :rainbowhuh:

My brain says the same thing. Not sure what they are trying to get across :applejackconfused:

makes me at least feel better that I'm not the only one :rainbowlaugh:

Hey, two sane people in a crazy world? Sounds like a good idea for its own book! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm the last one to say that I'm "sane" but yeah XD

This has potential to level up to a shitpost. Rofl

Curious...….. tracking for now.

How come YOU always get to be called “Sunset” in the text?

Aaand the 4th wall is outta here! THANKS FOR COMING!

What can I say? They really open whole new worlds for me.

Oh i like her already, XD

Somehow, this give me vibes from TFS in a Nutshell

You know, Nail and Kami inside of Piccolo's head?

You have my attention

How come YOU always get to be called “Sunset” in the text?

No breaking the 4th wall in the halls.

This looks awesome!

Minus Piccolo. But yes, imagine those two actually sharing physical control on Piccolo's body while Piccolo himself isn't mentally with them right now

Demon Shimmer's fascination with the doors reminds me of a newly-regenerated Doctor.

Y'all we actually gotta write for this au it's wack
This chapter was wack itself to write
But the next shall be wackier... Be prepared for nothing really how wacky can the main storyline get in the next chapter lol

wonder when we can expect a new chapter

Bet right now I Gamer_Twilight contributes nothing to the next chapter

It really does. Oh my goodness.

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