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Sunset Shimmer has been keeping a secret from her friends for a long time: When she was turned back from a she-demon, not all of her power was extinguished. It laid dormant, waiting for a moment to re-emerge and take control once more. For months, Sunset Shimmer has remained strong, holding it at bay and keeping it locked deep within herself.

Yet, no cage or lock is unbreakable and some locks can't be so easily fixed once broken...

Cover Art

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I'll take a look when I have the time!

I had no idea how popular this photo was I have used it on my own Sunset Shimmer demon story that I am writing with Marai

good start want more

Good start! Who did that coverart?

I like this start! I want to see where it goes from here.

:rainbowderp:Attention has been captured. more please :pinkiehappy:

The cover art was done by WubcakeWA on DevantArt. Hope this helps! :twilightsmile:

Oh yay, I do enjoy stories about Sunset's demon half. Please, continue.

I can't wait to see what happens next!

Seems like a very plausible idea given the new scene Hasbro released for Legend of Everfree

I can't wait for more!

Dude this is just like the new Legends of evergreen trailer

Awesome!!!It's like the trailer of legend of everfree.

Hope thus gets an update soon.

Good so far... and now I want to read more due to WoW: Legion....
stupid demons.....

Um is anything in progress right now? Cause I'd like to see more.

Hello? Anything? Is there anything close too the continuing of this story?

Oh I love the way this is going. Can't wait to read the next part

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Sci-Twi's worst nightmare... and Sunset's the one forced to experience it instead.

I knew this story would be worth waiting for, been waiting for something like this for a while and it did not disappoint. Adding this to my favorites.

Holy hell!! This was so worth the wait. This was awesome!!

Hey that was good. Thanks for continuing this story. :twilightsmile: It's just so awesome when an old favorite updates.

Finally I thought this was dead

I need say nothing myself, just listen to this at a high volume...

Holy shit. That was worth waiting for.

Yay! Glad that this got an update!


I seriously started tearing up at the end of the second chapter. I want to see more.

Looks very interesting :) Have a like and set to tracking :o Hope to see more soon, and Princess Twi has some good ideas... and if nothing else maybe Princess Celestia can help her wayward student :3

DAM IT WHY!? THIS WAS AWESOME.:fluttercry::raritydespair:
I was really looking forward to more of this, I'm legitimately sad. I really wanted to see where this was going or at least find out what was happening to Sunset.
Really sad to see this get abandoned.


What happened?

Maybe this will looks like the same thing said here, but that's bad you cancelled it.

But, I'm respecting it of course (you story your rules right).
Even then, Because you got a really good start, and with only 2 but constructed chapters, they were convincing enough to add this into my favourite,

If you have time or if anything would change, I'll be glad to keep up with.

It’s always the ones that are absolutely awesome. Why?! Why must the great fail?!

This is really, really good!

I really wish you would continue this.

This premise is amazing. I'm wondering why it was canceled.

Why is it that the best stories, always turn out to be like two chapters long?

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