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Sunset sits alone in a coffee shop, nervously awaiting her friends' arrival. Despite everything they've been through in the last few months, she can't help but feel like she was making a huge mistake. For what she was about to tell them could make or break their friendship.

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This was a wonderful little one shot. Thank you for writing it.

Beautiful story!

And Sunset looks so cute on that cover art! :twilightsmile:

That was beautiful ...

This was amazing!

Ooh this was a really nice story. Very well done! :twilightsmile:

Anon-A-Miss...I actually forgot about that. This however, reminded me of every scene from it and managed to capitalize with a flash drive of all things. This was an interesting story! Though I'm still trying to wrap my head around what kind of blackmail Sunset could have ever gotten on the principal and vice-principal...

Dang, now you got me stuck on that. :ajbemused:

Great shot showing the growth of Sunset Shimmer in-between movies. You captured the characters and their responses excellently. Well done! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


Great work!

Superb! I haven't even seen read the Anon-a-Miss stories but looks like now I'll have to. Even without knowing the backstory this rang clear and true. Well done!

i'll admit it -- i almost cried.


This is the first fic I've come across that actually addresses the reason why the Rainbooms turned against Sunset way back then, and I couldn't have written it better myself.

One word to describe this story: Perfection. Great job! :pinkiehappy:

It gave me a mix of emotions you described everything so well i could feel what Sunset felt such a perfect story!

You know, every time a fic brings up or anyone else does that Sunset tried to murder the 5 of them and Twilight, I only have one thing to ever really say about it. Sunsets attack was aimed directly at Twilight. Unless it would have cause a fairly large explosion, the others would not have been killed by it from where they were originally standing. The only reason it would have is because they tried using themselves as a human shield around her.

This story was adorable and sweet, and I enjoyed it immensely. :heart:

One question, though, that might seem a bit obvious to some people: What exactly is Anon-a-Miss?

i think just having a ***CLICK*** at the end would have been better.

Good story and good choice at the timeline. While it makes sense to use rainbow at the mouth piece, what made you go with her instead of the element of honesty or rarity?

7954562 It's based off the non-canon comic by Hasbro. You can read it if you want here:

Damn. Every student in CHS?! That's a huge-ass flash drive! :pinkiegasp:

Nice story, though. Definitely feature-worthy.


Depends on how much data there is on each student.

Good story, main criticism is the lack of a scene or dialogue explaining what Sunset has on her friends. Aside from good job, a pleasant read

7954855 Enough to blackmail them! :unsuresweetie:

This was nice. :twilightsmile:

Very nice story!! :) I really liked it.

One question though: what happend to Anon-A-Miss excatly? We only know that the Main 5 turned their backs on him/her shortly before christmas. But why? :rainbowhuh:


It's from a Holiday 2015 comic by IDW.

Sunset has been spending time with the HuMane 5 at sleepovers and the like. But then a person calling herself Anon-A-Miss started posting their secrets on social media, and they instantly started blaming Sunset, and thinking she was pretending all that time about being friends.

It was actually the Crusaders, since Apple Bloom was jealous that Applejack was spending more time with her friends than her family.

Nicely executed and shows each of the Mane Six well. Good Job!


Why is it always the CMC? :twilightoops:

Am I the only one that thinks that these 3 are spreading more choas than Discord himself? :rainbowlaugh:

If anything, this story gives us a key insight into Sunset's mindset, pre-Fall Formal and afterwards too. We are already knew about Sunset's pride and ambition; what we previously didn't know anything about was her fear. That's just another negative trait that she needed to be exposed to the Magic of Friendship to conquer. :pinkiehappy:

7955136 There is a reason why in the comics Discord loves hanging out with the CMC. If they got hurt or threatened I think he'd take it badly nearly as much as when it's Fluttershy, though don't mess with the lord of Chaos' wafui

I picked Rainbow cause, since she's the most loyal of the group, turning her back on Sunset like that would have affected her more than anyone else.

Bellisima brava! Very well done. I really liked this, it was great.

Though I did half expect AJ to reach out and just snap the thing in two at one point. :ajsmug:

*Incredibly loud claping* BRAVO!

If I was in the place of any of the Mane5, I would have just dropped the flash drive in my hot chocolate. Done and done. :ajsmug:


Sacrificing a perfectly good hot chocolate?! Are you crazy? :pinkiecrazy:

Now, imagine the horrors that would have been unleashed if Sweetie Belle had found that flash drive when she cloned Sunset's phone?


Good story, drawing on the (was it?) on a feature in a special IDW comic annual. Well written, bringing in all the senses, the emotions, and dialog attributable to each character. The latter is to say, if you did not say Pinkie or Rainbow Dash said this or that, we'd still know. You have all the aspects of Sunset's crushed confidence down pat. Overall, a good story that I am unable to nitpick at all.

In any case, you had me a gesundheit. (I'm renowned for saying that in exactly that type of situations.) You get a like, a favorite, and a figurative gold star. It's third in the Feature Box at 12:20 PST 2/18 and it's well deserved.

Well done - you perfectly showed the near primal fear of being abandoned and cast aside, a fear Sunset was grippy with for some time. That you had Dashie be the one to explain was fitting to me, and her explanation was on point! Two thumbs up!

7957289 I thought about that, and as much as it pains me, some sacrifices must be made to . . . I should have just chucked it into Sunset's coffee! :facehoof: My hot chocolate, Nnnoooooo! What have I done!? :raritydespair: Oh, wait. This is all just hypothetical. :twilightblush:

To answer your question, yes. :pinkiecrazy:

stop horsing around

Low-hanging fruit, but let's allow it. :twilightsmile:

That was awesome!

Beautiful! Loved how it turned out.

*internally screams*

For what she was about tell them

Error in the synopsis. The worst crime ever. :raritydespair:

7962530 Well that would make another last regret story.

A wonderful, heart-warming story!

7962530 Flash drives don't have enough storage to handle both what's in the visible directory and a recycle bin directory. So if you delete the contents of a USB drive, it's just gone.


Oh, man, yeah. Especially if someone else got access to the bin.

7953742 what was the anon-a-Miss thing? One of the comics?

8099586 It was a holiday comic that had the CMC framing Sunset out of jealousy.

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