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After the Storm King's invasion of Canterlot, Twilight realizes just how scarce Discord seems to become during any kind of crisis. He would have been a huge help in repelling Tempest and her armada, after all! Seeking answers, Twilight decided it was about time Discord explained himself.

This is Discord, so she should have known it wasn't going to be that simple.

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Draconequi hibernate. Got it.

At least he wasn't indisposed by pon farr.

Paloma #3 · Apr 16th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Discord in bed sheets hmm... That is very cute. Fluttershy has a secret entrance 0.0 interesting thought. Good fiction.

Well, thankfully Spongelight Sparklepants doesn't have to see what a feral Discord woken up mid-hibernation looks like.

If I were Twilight, my response to this would start out like this:
I think you know where it goes from there.

-llllyyy for you Discord! Glad to see you're alright, have nice snooze, I'll see you next month for our sunday brunch together! :twilightsmile:

My answer: Discord shrugged, "The Puppetmasters pulled my strings and awaaaaayyyyy I went!" He grumped, "I liked it better when Faust was doing the tugging."

Pinkie just nods, "Oh yeah, those were the days."

The other ponies just flit their eyes nervously at each other and slowly back away from the mad creatures.

This makes oddly sense.
A simple and clever answer.

After checking to make sure she wasn’t being watched, Fluttershy tiptoed over to the bookcase at the back of the room and pulled on one of the books.

Ponies are always on their tiptoes. It's why they're so loud, dontcha know.

You gotta love Discord's explanations.

That's her secret knitting dungeon. It was covered in the comics.

zzzzzz #14 · Apr 16th, 2018 · · 1 ·

“If you’re also wondering why I don’t fly in on my magic carpet and save your pony butts everytime something happens, the answer to that is quite simple: Cause otherwise you wouldn’t learn anything!

He is right.
Good story.

Alright, first and foremost, my views on Discord. One, he is my favorite character of the show, second only to Pinkie Pie. Having him voice acted by The Q himself was a stroke of brilliance.

Second, I am of two minds when it comes to fan-written Discord. It either has me gasping for breathe as I hold my aching ribs from laughing so hard, or so cringe-worthy it's painful to read the story. Once in a while we'll get a happy medium between them. Unfortunately, the second dominates the site by far, so I was understandably hesitant to read this.

I was happy to note this story belongs in the third category, Discord wasn't just blowing smoke for the sake of tormenting the ponies in small ways, he was legitimately unable to help. And he made it funny in his own little way as well.

Well done.

I don't know what to say. This story definitely deserves a like.:raritywink: Despite Twilight's feelings on the matter.:twilightoops:

honestly this comes across less humorous and more making fluttershy look like a rather horrible person. she;'s supposed to be discords leash as much as his friend and thus make clear limits to what he can and can't get away with as well as knowing that if he asks something suspicious she probably shouldn't give it too him.

also his explanation regarding why he wasn't there seems BS enough to deserve some brand of punishment.

Did you forget what Discord once said? If he interferes, then Twilight would not learn any friendship lessons, even if it's life threatening. Thus, if Discord did interfere, the movie would end up rather short lived. :p

More applicably, the Fourth wall is more of a door for our good lord of Chaos. He probably has an in with the script gods.

I'm suddenly picturing discord in the real world talking to the script writers. XD

Aye. He just trades places with John De Lancie every now and then. Or Q, depending on the day.

Now that would be a funky fanfic to read.

I think the various fandoms have just accepted that all of John De Lancies' Characters are in active conspiracy to confuse the multiverse. It doesn't help that he has a habit of playing the powerful and morally ambiguous trolls. Q, Discord, Alarak in Legacy of the Void, Ghast in Xcom 2...

I do say, good bean, that this little story is making go positively bananas.

Is he gonna dream he's a cowboy... and go after Pin Head and Dirty Dan

“Perfect!” With a pop of her magic, a film screen appeared on the far wall and unfurled itself

Missing a period there.

Besides that, a decent done-in-one. :twilightsmile:

This is cute as heck. I'm dying. I'm dead from this overwhelming show of friendship and trust. Rip

They allude to why discord doesn't help in the movie in the official mlp pen and paper rpg.

He is terrified of any kind of magic that turns beings into stone.

Fun tale. Discord actually makes sense for once. Now I just need to get my inner naturalist to shut up about the toxicity of azaleas to horses.

Makes Sense, I mean, if I was turned to stone for a thousand years, despite my power, i would be terrified of turning to stone again.
wUss, I coUld take that any day of the week.

They can't eat cake either. I highly recommend you accept these aren't like our horses.

It doesn't matter, she doesn't learn anything anyway.

Not quite favorite material, but still a fun little read.

True dat, but it's moreso the fact that azaleas, rhododendrons, etc. are poisonous to mammals in general. It's not just a horse thing; it's a feature of the plant.

That being said, I'd reconsider your absolute stance on cake. If you can eat it, they probably can too. I've seen horses eat some weird stuff. Paint is at the top of the list along with fence post bark.

I know you got a Twilight hate-boner but you're basically denying that the sky is blue at this point

Horses can actually eat cake, apparently. In moderation. However, they cannot eat tomatoes or chocolate. So...

I don't, actually; I just don't like the way she's been written after Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep - that outside a few episodes, her character, which at its core I find immensely appealing, has been done near-continuous disservice. And I resent it.

And if Discord stopped the invasion, there'd be no movie.

Well it's good that he didn't help otherwise that would've been the shortest movie ever.

Also this story was just one big Spongebob reference and I love it!

Well that'd be no great loss.

It would be to some fans of the movie.

Yes, but those people's opinions can be safely ignored.

I didn't mean opinions, I meant that those who enjoyed it, won't be able to do it since it didn't exist because of a plothole aka discord.

And once again, good riddance. The Movie, for all that it was enjoyable and I enjoyed it, wasn't very good.

But it still got alot of popularity despite that one small fact. And of course, it spawned quite alot of fanfic for Tempest Shadow (aka Fizzlepop Berrytwist)

"Spawning a lot of fanfics" is hardly a badge of pride.

I didn't say it was, half or quarter of them is forced romance with Twilight Sparkle. All I'm saying is regardless of the hate it got, more people like it than hate it, even if you didn't like it, call it garbage, etc. Be glad it wasn't like the Emoji movie.

No. That's how standards get dragged down.

Accept it that it exists, then just move on with your life, that is all.


I love a good discussion as much as anyone, but can you two take this somewhere else, please?

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