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While hanging out with her friends, Sunset Shimmer learns that earth horses apparently can't vomit.

As a magical talking pony, this discovery utterly baffles her.

Proofread by the ever helpful RQK

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kul #1 · Apr 8th, 2016 · · 4 ·

Ah so thats the context of this story... I thought it was a fetish thingy

Generally I stay away from stories with the random tag. But the premise was enough that I just had to click on it and read it. I actually touched on this topic in my own story some months ago.

Huh. I don't drink, but I'm able to down a 0,5l of alcoholic beer in about 5 seconds. Then burp a few seconds and be alright.
Then again AJ just walked it off like nothing as well.
Guessing Dash just has a weak stomach or something :rainbowlaugh:

Well Sunset had a good idea which didn't include a live example... and Twi had indeed the perfect story to tell.
I'm sure Sunset's explanation to Twi for the reason of the question would be equally amusing.

All in all though, a nice little fun read!


Disappointed, my good Sir? :rainbowlaugh:


7106922 That wasn't alcohol they drunk, it was root beer. So yeah, Dash has an impossibly weak stomach.

Ever since I began writing a story based on my own experiences about a colt in the hospital (about three years ago—now finished), I had planned to write in sections about him vomiting. When I finally got to that part, my editor, who owns horses of his own, informed me of this horse fact. I had been trying to stay as realistic as possible. Learning this fact utterly 1) baffled me :rainbowderp: and 2) pissed me the f*** off. :twilightangry2: So much for realism (as far as realism in magical talking ponies can get). At least the Artistic License page on TvTropes is there to back us up. I fully approve of this rebuttal. THANK YOU! :raritystarry:
A couple of errors still found here and there, but they didn't take away from the story or the humor. Upvoted and faved. Nice work! :pinkiehappy:

7107011 Actually, as an immunosuppressed transplant patient not allowed to chug beer, I've found that chugging soda is amazingly MORE difficult because of the carbonation. Root beer is one of the biggest offenders, in my opinion. Friends of mine that have chugged beer back me up on that stance.

WAT :pinkiecrazy:

Have a like, good sir! :moustache:

RQK #9 · Apr 8th, 2016 · · ·

Good show. Knew this would probably hit the featured section just from that synopsis you gave me, and I wasn't wrong. :trollestia:

This was entertaining.

This was decent, but I feel like there was potential for a much more entertaining story. I also don't understand why they wouldn't take Sunset's word, but apparently horse-Twilight talking through a magic book is irrefutable proof.

Ah, TV Tropes...

“At the rate you’re clearing her out, not likely.” Glancing from across the table, Sunset suddenly asked, “You’re not… counting, are you?”
“What? No! I mean, I did read up on the science and mathematics of card counting, which is actually very fascinating, but that would be cheating. It wouldn’t be fair.”

You can't card count in poker, only blackjack. Card counting only works if the deck isn't shuffled between hands, but in poker the deck is re shuffled after every hand.

Huh, so a horse really can't vomit? Never knew that. You learn something new everyday. :rainbowderp:

I honestly love all these stories about the connections to the pony and human world that have been showing up lately. This was a good one. Have a like. :twilightsmile:

7107121 Yeah, sort of get the feeling this story exists to retell an episode (and all of it, including stuff Twi probably wouldn't know, rather than just the relevant part) from the show, so it can say it is canon. Seems more like something that belongs in an author's note rather than being the pivotal point in the story. Could potentially have been more interesting if the EG crew tried to get Sunset to toss her cookies, only for Sunset to have an iron stomach, making the task difficult. Which would result in Sunset getting more exasperated with each failed effort.

That said, otherwise well enough written.

Mudpony #18 · Apr 8th, 2016 · · 1 ·

7107173 Also worth noting that card counting isn't cheating. It's skill at playing the game. All the information used is shown publicly to everyone at the table, as part of the game. You just remember it to some degree and use that knowledge in how you play. Casinos don't like it because it shifts the odds against them, and that's why they'll refuse service to people they catch doing it. But there is nothing against the rules about applying skill to the game. No more so than knowing that you typically shouldn't hit when you've got 20 showing. Legitimate knowledge used to make the smart play.

Interesting tidbit as well: when card counting first became a thing, with books published on it, the popularity of Blackjack increased a lot, and so did Casino profits off of Blackjack. So even though card counting exists to shift the odds in the players' favor, most people sucked badly enough at it that the casinos made more money than ever.

7107121 They probably felt that Sunset might be trying to trick them into the bet but with Twilight telling them yes or no with no context on whether or not ponies can vomit is more believable.


I was just about to say the same thing, in almost exactly the same words...!

Wow.... I really need more of these kinds of stories. There are not enough. :fluttercry:

this needs to be an episode

7107011 Which makes it even easier to handle.

7107368 Yes... an entire equestria girls movie about vomit.

I am okay with this.

Way to not pay attention in zoology class, Sunset!

No wonder Celestia kicked you out! :trollestia:

It would have kind of derailed the whole fic, but horses also can't burp for the same reasons they can't vomit. I imagine Sunset could have proved her non-equine gag reflex much easier that way than self-inducing vomiting.

For something so relatively mundane this was definitely a neat fic, thanks very much!

A couple suggestions for small fixes: you used "ensuring" a few times, the word you were looking for when you did was "ensuing". Just take out the r's and you're good!

Ponies also have shown they can belch too., the Cake Twins and Applebloom come to mind. But yea like the point of this fic pretty much states, the biological capacities of Alien Equines do NOT necessarily reflect those of their Terran counterparts.. I think it's pretty reasonable that since Equestians have much boarded dietary options than Horses that their digestive systems are significantly different enough that retching and belching are things they can do.

Nice funny one shot.

Good for warming you up back into writing.

I'm waiting patiently your next chapter of Sunset' little Twilight.

Clearly in Equestria ponies can vomit. But Sunset seems way off on her analogy of humans compared to monkies and apes. Humans are primates, like monkies and apes, but they are actually the only living members of a 3rd branch, hominids. In contrast, all ponies are miniature horses. The definition of pony is just a small horse shorter than 58 inches at the withers, and can even be applied to a midget horse born to two regular horses. Heck, you could argue that Celestia is a horse, not a pony at all, depending on how tall you think she is.

7107228 In that case, it probably would be better for Twilight to say "Card Counting would be unfair to everyone else." rather than saying "Card Counting would be cheating."

Btw Twilight didn't puke during return of harmony pt.1 she spat an apple

Ponies are also stouter in terms of physical strength for their size compared to horses. They also have denser bones, better resistance to the cold, and greater intelligence.


7106952 More like relief, since Im afraid that this were actually a subtle fic regarding said fetish, and its starting to get weird, at least until the last memo destroys the awkwardness

7106886 The topic of Ponies puking?

Normally I'm not a big fan of these "based entirely on a single random thing" stories, but I like how you tied it into the canon. Especially since Applejack was the one who needed convincing.

Where is Rarity at this moment?

I feel there's more for this story. I mean, horses and ponies aren't the same?

I'm confused.

7107011 I don't know ... how big was the glass supposed to be? I'll look back, but it could have been a whole mug. Pounding that much carbonation has got to be uncomfortable.
EDIT: It was a whole mug. I checked.

Yeah. The story's been going on long enough, and covering enough topics, that it being brought up was warranted under the circumstances.

7107799 Other than the greater intelligence, most of that is just logical effect of breeding something smaller. Smaller animals virtually always are stronger by body weight than larger animals, something to do with tensile strength squaring vs weight cubing or something. Same with cold resistance, stubby limbs means less bodily protrusions that lose heat. Denser bones are almost always there when you breed an animal smaller.

The intelligence thing is probably because ponies have been more recently and intensely bred than horses, and since they are more likely chosen as companions/pets, there is less of a focus on physical capability and more on attitude/behavior, which is going to correlate with high intelligence. Keep in mind, this is referring to pony breeds, ponies that just happen to be dwarf horses are probably not going to have the intelligence boost.

7107852 My understanding is this: they're very similar in our world, however, horses/ponies on Earth and ponies in Equestria are not the same, and therefore do not necessarily share the same biology. This story, as a rebuttal to TVTropes' statement, first explains that Earth horses can't vomit, then explains that comparing ponies to Earth horses is in many ways ridiculous, before finishing with canon evidence that Equestrian ponies can in fact throw up.

The difference between real-life horses and ponies is that ponies are shorter (14 hands or less at the withers, I believe).

Not to mention how Spike could much on them without any trouble and liked the taste. :-)

That makes a lot of sense. When I meant that there's should be more is because the story directly says that ponies can vomit, but without mentioning the dimensional diffenrences between the two.

Now begs the question...who won? :pinkiegasp:

Well, that's several minutes of my life I'm never getting back.

So these videos are fake?

So, can Equestrian rabbits puke too? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

Champion rebuttal.

Unless of course that's *their* fetish.

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