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Ever since she was a filly, Nightmare Night has been Sunset Shimmer's favorite holiday. After all, who doesn't love dressing up and getting free candy?

When Twilight reveals that she's never gone trick-or-treating, Sunset decides that she needs to prove once and for all how absolutely amazing the holiday can be—even if it means she has to drag Twilight along kicking and screaming.

Requested by Not_A_Hat.
Thanks to Oroboro for helping me brainstorm.
Thanks to Oroboro, Frog Myre, Pegasus Mesa, Foehn, Not_A_Hat, and Titanium Dragon, and Pascoite for prereading various parts of this story.

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Poor Pinkie stripped down to nearly nothing and getting stopped from completing her hug of Dash. Better luck next time.

The image of Pinkie Pie joyfully sliding around in gore while half naked is now burned into my mind. . . thanks.

Help Yourself

This can’t possibly be safe,” Twilight muttered as she watched a car screech to a halt in front of a young werewolf. “No wonder they call it the Day of the Dead.”

Uhh... Wrong day, Twilight. And for that matter, wrong country as well...:derpyderp2:

That was good and sweet. Keep up the good work.

Haha, cute :twilightsmile:... also gross :pinkiesick:... but cute, :pinkiesmile:

Sunset really did go into Super Bitch Mode for a while there, tho, :twilightoops:

I was laughing the entire time good job! :pinkiehappy:

Great job! Sunset and Rainbow felt a bit harsher than normal, but overall it was still a pretty enjoyable and hilarious story.
I won't lie; I had to stop reading for a good minute after Twilight's first door while I laughed my lungs out. xD

Cute. Sunset was a tad OOC, but other than that, nice job.

(Like, seriously, the former villainous she-demon is scared of haunted houses?)

Though it doesn't seem out of character :pinkiecrazy:

if only there was a sunlight kiss to make the night better at the end
epilogue, maybe?

“That’s candy corn,” Sunset said. “There’s a good reason you’ve never seen them. They’re awful.”
“It looks fine to me,” Twilight said, clutching it in her palm. “And besides, since you’ve already taken so much, it’s only fair to everyone who visits after us that I take something small. There’s no need for us both to be greedy.”
“You’re not going to like it.”
“Says you.” Twilight smiled and popped the piece of candy corn into her mouth. She took a moment to chew—before her face twisted into a grimace. She closed her eyes as it went down, then shuddered. “Ooh.”
“Told you.”


...I love candy corn. I buy candy corn when it isn't even Halloween.

6653554 I know right? Candy corn is awesome! I prefer the pumpkin kind though, they're bigger and don't dry out as much so they're chewier.

6653501 This SunLight shines even in the deepest depths of the night! They went back to Twilight's place. We all know what happened there. :raritywink:


On the OOCness, I both agree and disagree.

With Sunset, I disagree. Based on what we saw in Friendship Games, yeah, Sunset is very caring and kind. However, looking at the scenes in the hallway and when she yells at Twilight, she also has a rather short temper. When Sunset gets annoyed or frustrated or—God forbid—angry, she lashes out. In Rainbow Rocks, she almost physically attacked Trixie. That being said, Sunset is also quick to recognize her mistakes, and since she's so scared to lose the friendship she's gained, goes to sometimes desperate measures to right her wrongs.

On Rainbow, I actually agree, but with a caveat. Something I've said before to friends is that I deliberately write EqG Rainbow a bit differently from pony Rainbow—to be more specific, I tend to make EqG Rainbow a bit more obnoxious and mean. The way I see it, pony Rainbow Dash spent her entire life living in a land where friendship is literally magic, and magic essentially runs the world. Even before she meets Twilight, we can see that RD's not malicious, and even has a few friends. EqG Rainbow, however, lives in a world that's more-or-less just like ours. I think that that would have the end result of making EqG Rainbow a bit more cynical, a bit edgier. Does that make sense?

Sorry if it threw you out of the story in any way, though. Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:


Well, they do both smell like bile. Maybe they should take showers... or a shower. :scootangel:

This might be her last Halloween.
Let my daughter’s last Halloween be her best.

Should be Nightmare Night.

Oh jeez, I don't know what's up with those "breed" errors. Those weren't in the original document, I can tell you that.

EDIT: I'm looking at the fic, and it appears those aren't actually there...? I think there might be a problem with your reader, unfortunately.


Oh no, I totally agree with you about Sunset's temperament! I think it felt unusually harsh in this case because the build-up to her outburst was over 3 consecutive scenes, making it feel like she boiled over really suddenly. Of course, this could just be me, haha.

And I'd say that makes sense for your interpretation of Rainbow.

Comment posted by AltesEgo deleted Nov 22nd, 2015

I wouldn't mind an epilogue where they go to back to school and Twilight recognizes the voices of the boys who stole her Candy...and Sunset unleashes her inner rage upon them (along with Pinkie: NEVER STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S CANDY!!!)

Wonderful story; I thoroughly enjoyed this.

And Rainbow Dash is so in-character! :rainbowwild:

I guess courage is relative.

This was too perfect!

I don't even know what element to mention first: Sunset's effortless lies about her "daughter's" "rare genetic condition" (and her borderline-petty-theft style of trick-or-treating), Twilight's carefully-tended collection of infirmities (and D&D costume), Rarity's sexy ketchup bottle, Applejack's only appearance being a wooden severed head, Pinkie Pie's idiosyncratic romantic overtures, Rainbow Dash being Rainbow Dash...

It's a good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I was reading this...

My only quibble: I can't quite see Sunset flailing her arms as she fled; I have an easier time imagining her bolting, almost like a panicked horse...

Please, write more!

Why are the humans calling it Nightmare Night instead of Halloween? Without an explanation as to why this peculiarity has become too distracting for me to continue reading past the first few paragraphs.

Why is the school called Canterlot High? It's just a parallel dimension, my man.

It still bothers me too much. That explanation gives me no insight as to why you decided to make it Nightmare Night instead of Halloween; it's not like it's possible for them to share holiday origin stories.

I can see no reason why they would need to call it Nightmare Night.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Just because none of the kids wear crucifixes or whatever doesn't mean Christianity is not a part of the world (it's not like Jewish people wear yarmulkes or Stars of Davids all the time) . You know what I think the absence of overt Christian imagery in the movies means? I think it means that the people involved in their creation wanted to make the series secular in order to have a bigger profit.

To be honest when you mentioned your dislike of Christianity to me it sort of comes off like your rejection of it possibly being in the EqG world if fueled by your dislike of it.

Especially since I personally feel like Halloween is one of the most inclusive holidays around & several sects of Christianity sees it as a demonic celebration.

Also your reason for Halloween not existing due to the absence of its origin would make it make NO sense for the people of the EqG world to have a holiday called Nightmare Night because the EqG world logically lacks any sort of Nightmare Moon who is the source of Nightmare Night! You can't refer to Nightmare Night without Nightmare Moon & there's no Nightmare Moon in EqG!

(Also, "thanks" for making things awkward & about religion. That's "really" what I needed as someone who prefers to not have discussions about religious things in a public forum. Not because I hate any religion or anything, it's just that a lot of people tend to be absolute butts about religion whenever it's brought up.)



But I am especially cross with you because I thought I already told you that you were making me uncomfortable in that PM conversation you instigated. & I wasn't trying to say that rational discussions on religion don't exist! I said that a lot of people NOT EVERY PERSON a lot of people are absolute butts about the subject.


Really I just felt that the reasoning you presented for lack of Christianity was poor!


you are such a butt

6682757 uh i live in a veryr christian town and verry few people here whear signs of there faith

and i have no idea where you got your numbers

people who spout numbers like that tend to be extream right wing i dont know your poltical stance but if you are a right winger this will likely piss you off im a lesbian and i belive in god

your post is full of garbage


God Dang it, guy. If I say in literally every response that it bothers me, STOP bringing it up.

I never said it was unimaginable for there to be a Nightmare Night instead of a Halloween, YOU! I just didn't find the author's explanation of "It's a parallel universe" & nothing more about the difference elaborated upon to make humans calling Nightmare Night not distracting.

I saw no reason for why they would need to call it Nightmare Night because the author never gave an actual reason for them to call it Nightmare Night. Heck, I was only barely unsatisfied with their "It's a parallel universe" explanation. I probably would've accepted it more if they had just said that they viewed the EqG universe as more like a humanized Equestria than a mirror of our own reality or something even.

I NEVER said that it was unimaginable for them to have Nightmare Night instead of Halloween! Just that the reason I was given didn't help me imagine it.

I NEVER meant that the story shouldn't be read because of something that personally bothered me. I couldn't read the story because the distraction kept distracting me so much that I couldn't get into the story!

& just because I can imagine a reason on my own, that does not mean that not being given a reason feels satisfying. I can imagine what that reason is, sure, but that doesn't mean I can force myself to believe that the reason I came up with on my own is the reason the author intended me to believe.

I stated that I couldn't continue reading the story because of things that bothered me, Everything about not being able to read the story I tried to present more as my own fault than a fault of the story.

I NEVER freakin' NEVER insisted that this story didn't deserve to be read because it lacked information I could've come up with on my own & I'm VERY insulted that you're saying I did. It feels as though you are trying to put words into my mouth.

Yes I can see how that sounds like I couldn't imagine a reason, but that was also a statement that I used with the hope that the author would elaborate more on their answer. I didn't need the authors help to imagine a reason, I needed the author's help to know what the author imagined! With something I came up with I'd still be asking myself questions, but with something directly from the author I'd have the actual answer.

I stopped reading because I was so distracted that I could not pay attention to anything that was happening in the story. It was not because of anything actually wrong with the story, I stopped reading because I was having trouble actually reading it, not because of the story's quality. The question was nagging at my head so much that I had to ask why it was like how it is.

I didn't stop reading because of what I thought of the story's quality, I stopped reading because I literally could not read it!

“Sexy fire hydrant,” Sunset read from the catalog in front of her. She turned the page and cringed. “Sexy shotgun, sexy bubonic plague—who the heck buys this stuff?”

In my experience, unsexy people.

“Rarity,” Pinkie and Rainbow said in unison, looking up from the blueprints spread out across the table. Pinkie grinned and added, “She’s going as a sexy ketchup bottle this year!”

Ketchupity can go on my hot dog any day. :moustache:

“I think I’ll pass on the sexy costumes,” Sunset said.

Sunset makes the costume sexy, not the other way around.

Sorry I’m late. Ever since Spike started talking he’s been obsessed with stand-up comedy, and now all he wants to do is practice his act on me.

She needs to stick his nose in it until he stops that.

“Calm down, Pinks. You’re gonna give her an asthma attack.” As Twilight blushed and stowed away her inhaler

:facehoof: Asthma as a nerd stereotype? Seriously? That's kind of insulting and unnecessary. And really, that stereotype died like, 20 years ago.

The man didn’t move. “Aren’t you a bit old to be trick-or-treating?”

Twilight jolted up straight. “Uh…”

“She’s got a disease!” Sunset said, stepping next to Twilight. She puffed out her lip and put on her best puppy dog eyes. “My daughter suffers from a horrible, horrible disease. It makes her look seventeen when really, she’s only six years old!”

:facehoof: Sunset, you watch too many movies...

With a hand, she sifted through its contents—but there only seemed to be one kind of candy: a small, golden-wrapped rectangle that read ‘Peanut Crisp’ along the side.

Ugh. Peanut houses are the WORST. It's been a few decades since I've been trick-or-treating, but I always hated it when I ran into a house where they only had Reese's cups, because peanut allergies. Of course, that was back when regular people didn't think about allergies very much, and kids with allergies were teased for it. Nowadays, everybody has allergies, so you'd think people wouldn't give out nothing but peanut candies since peanut allergies are the most common food allergy.

“That’s candy corn,” Sunset said. “There’s a good reason you’ve never seen them. They’re awful.”

Don't say such hateful things, Sunset! :pinkiesad2: Candy corn is awesome!

“Hey!” Twilight shouted behind her. “Come back!”

Sunset raised a brow and turned around—only to see two masked teenaged boys on bikes riding away, Twilight’s candy bucket in tow.

Oh, that is LOW. :twilightangry2:

And they asked to see how much candy I had—”

Sunset grabbed Twilight’s shoulders. “Please tell me that you didn’t just give them your candy.”



“You can’t go home!” Sunset said, trying to block her path. “You haven’t had any fun yet!”

“I know,” Twilight said.

There aren't enough crying emotes for how sad this is. ;_;

“You’re sure this is a good idea?”

“A good idea?” Sunset asked with a shaky laugh. “This is the best idea.”

Famous last words.

It looked like someone had spilled a bucket of cherry-flavored ice across the ground—but it smelled like some mix of iron and fecal matter.

Ewww, it's bloody diarrhea! :pinkiesick:

Pinkie Pie’s dead body fell from the ceiling and onto the floor in front of them. Her soft, very much not-wooden flesh hit the ground with a smack. Most of her clothes were gone, leaving her to lay in nothing but her underwear. Her skin was an ashen white, and blood gushed from the meat cleaver stuck into her head.

She's an extra in a slasher flick! :pinkiecrazy:

That was a fun, sweet, sad, and silly story. Loved it.

As someone from a country that doesn't celebrate Halloween, the more I see or read about it the more obnoxious it seems. I would absolutely never go trick or treating or open my door to trick or treaters or do any of that stuff. And I would absolutely detest, from the depths of my heart, anyone who would try to force me to participate in this stuff.

...I don't like Sunset in this story :flutterrage:

A nice little Halloween (or, in this case, Nightmare Night) story with Human Twilight and Sunset at the helm, and we have a fucking religious debate in the comments. *Slow Clap* Humanity, everybody! Most Intelligent species on the planet! :ajbemused:

Now that I got that out of my system, Unto ze story! Even though I've never been a big horror fan, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Never really been able to enjoy that much up until recently, since my parents never let us celebrate it (I think you can guess why). I'm there with Sunset, that it's a pretty fun holiday, plus it's one of the few opportunities where you can eat all the candy you want and no one will give you a funny look. There's definitely a pretty good lesson to be learned from this story, though: not everybody likes the same things and trying to make someone enjoy what you enjoy isn't going to end well. It's a lesson all of us need to learn sooner or later, and, honestly, it feels pretty natural for Sunset to learn it. Let's not forget she's been a loner for most of her life and is still kind of learning the ins and outs of friendship, and sometimes you need a particularly hard smack of reality in the face to get that lesson through your thick skull. Sometimes it is kind of hard to like Sunset in this story; even if Sunset is still learning about friendship, watching her go ballistic on Twilight like that was kind of hard to read. But, then again, it did feel like that's what you were going for, so... I'll let it slide. All in all, I liked this one, and the ending made me smile. :twilightsmile:

Good work sir, have a fishy stick:

I was skeptical, but this was great. Cute and sweet with an important lesson learned. Good job m8.

6815003 You, good sir, could not have said it better. :moustache:

My wife has worked in the food industry, and what Rainbow and Pinkie did to that kitchen would probably give her a heart attack :twilightoops:

This was fun and cute. I think all of the characters were well portrayed, with the possible exception of Rarity. The "sexy ____" costume trope seems like the type of overdone thing she'd rail against with every fiber of her fashion-forward being. Besides, wouldn't she want to make her own costume?

Still, this was a fun read :twilightsmile:

Wow, this is Scaremaster done right. Great story.


That's the genius of it! It's so tacky, so cheesy, so (dare I say it) sleazy, so unfashionable that anyone in their right mind would be HORRIFIED at such a fashion disaster run rampant on the streets! Especially on such a graceful beauty as Rarity!

Wow, most of Rainbows dialogue was straight out of the new episode, but like a year before it came out!

I get the feeling this wasn't the Sunlight story you had in mind, but I did still greatly enjoy it. I'm such a sucker for this pairing. :twilightsmile:

Hee hee, you're right, but thanks for reading this one anyway! I suppose it is October... :derpytongue2:

A really nice moralistic story about the fine line between fun scary and taking-it-too-far scary, and of course about friendship.

“I can take her,” Sunset said. “I was just gonna spend the night giving out candy to the kids in my apartment building anyway. Might as well score some sweets for myself, right? It’ll be like old times. I’ll just leave out one of those bowls—y’know, the ones that say ‘take one piece of candy’ but everyone takes like twenty anyway?

Rainbow and Pinkie nodded, wide grins stretched across their faces.

Yeah, Rainbow and Pinkie have totally been those kids that took way too much candy. :ajbemused:

Wow! This was the perfect Nightmare Night story, and I enjoyed seeing Twi and Sunset break their usual sophistication and be wankers for a night. Rainbow did admittedly feel a bit harsh, but I liked the setup, story, details, and flow a lot!

Let it be known here and now:

If any, and I repeat, any, of my friends, family, or acquaintances ever drag me into a haunted house....

It will not be only fake blood that will be spilled.

And THAT is a promise...

My cast and I did a reading of your story as a Halloween special this year!


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