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In order to save Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's sex life, Sunset Shimmer teaches Cadance how to be a bad girl.

Written as a Jinglemas 2018 present for Jqnexx.

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Equestria hasn’t seen a shooting star in over a thousand years. Derpy Hooves thinks it’s time to give her daughters a Hearth’s Warming gift they’ll never forget.

Written for the 2017 Obselescence Memorial Jinglemas Twinglemas Secret Santa Sendoff, as a present for the fantastic FanOfMostEverything. Thanks to Posh for editing help, and for being the most lovable hugmuffin around.
Cover art by myself and Novel Idea, with a little bit of help from the Scientific Notebook Company.

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Everyone knows that Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash are the bravest girls at CHS. But when the duo travels into Sunset’s mind to fight her literal inner demon—a shapeshifter that will take the form of their worst fears—they'll have to face a threat they never expected: each other.

Originally written for the Writeoff Association's September contest, "True Colors," where it won 4th place.
Thanks to Light Striker, Quill Scratch, Maskedferret, Not_A_Hat, and Chudo for pre-reading, as well as the whole Writeoff Association for their critique on the first draft.

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Twilight calls for help. Unfortunately, it comes.

Note that this story deals heavily with depression and suicide. There's no shame in deciding not to read.
Thanks to Quill Scratch for prereading.

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It’s summer vacation, which means it’s time for Sunset to get her first summertime job. But the walls of the Super Sushi cart hold a secret. Someone is poisoning the city's fish supply, and now it's up to Sunset and Twilight to stop them.

A comedy of the pescatarian variety.

Thanks to Posh and Not_A_Hat for brainstorming help. Thanks to Masked Ferret, Fenton, and Quill Scratch for prereading.
Rated T for some suggestive jokes.
Art by rvceric.

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Twilight is assassinated. Repeatedly. If only anypony knew what the word "immortal" meant...

Now with a reading by Skijarama!
Now available in Spanish!

Originally written for the Writeoff Association's February contest, "The Twilight Zone."
Thanks to Not_A_Hat, Masked Ferret, Floydien, Chryssi, and ChappedPenguinLips for prereading.

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Spending the holidays with your girlfriend's parents is never easy.

Especially when they think you’re a magical gangster hell-bent on corrupting their daughter.

A Valentine's Day fic... sorta. :raritywink:

Pre-read by Themaskedferret. Thanks to FloydienSlip for help with the title.
Cover art by little-tweenframes.

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The night after defeating Gaia Everfree, Twilight and Sunset have a heart-to-heart about their new powers. Platonic cuddling ensues.

Art by mlp-hearts!
Preread by Oroboro

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Worthless, weak, ugly—as far as Twilight is concerned, that's all she'll ever be. Even three months into their relationship, Twilight still refuses to believe that an absolute goddess like Sunset could ever love a loser like her. And it doesn't help that Twilight spends every night being tormented by nightmares of Midnight Sparkle, the one being who hates Twilight more than she hates herself.

Twilight can only remember a single moment in her life when she felt strong: the five minutes that she spent as Midnight Sparkle. The five minutes she spent with magic.

Now, tortured by fear, anxiety, and never-ending nightmares, Twilight knows the only way to win Sunset's love is to make herself stronger—even if that means resurrecting the demon inside of her.

Originally written for the January 2016 Writeoff, "Look, I Can Explain...", where it made finals.
Thanks to Horizon, Bookplayer, and FanOfMostEverything for offering advice on the original. Thanks to Quill Scratch, Oroboro, Monokeras, Lise Eclaire, Monarch Dodora, Majin Syeekoh, PegasusMesa, Reneigh Haycart, and Hazeyhooves for helping me brainstorm certain parts. Preread by Pascoite.
Art by Ta-Na!

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It’s been twenty long years since the Dazzlings were banished to Earth, snatched away from their homes, their powers, and their real bodies. Every waking moment is plagued by hunger and weakness. In short: Aria Blaze hates her life.

But on the night of the Fall Formal, Aria finds herself overtaken by a strange, burning sensation that jolts through her limbs and lives in her knuckles. A strange, alien voice keeps talking to her. And soon after, she becomes obsessed with punching things—humans, ponies, even sirens—in the throat. To her, anything with a throat is now a target.

She is Aria Blaze: Throat Puncher.

A retelling of Rainbow Rocks in which Aria Blaze is a throat-punching psychopath.

Inspired by a conversation with Cerulean Voice and Majin Syeekoh.
Thanks to Pascoite, Cerulean Voice, AugieDog, FDA_Approved, Craine, Imaginary Valued, Light Striker, and Syntavant for editing. You guys rock so friggin' hard.
Coverart by Zorbitas!

Updated every Monday.

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