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Yoshikage Kira

Crossovers and Sci-Fi are my bread and butter.

The Full Hand


If you're reading this, you've a taste for crossovers. Well I can guarantee that you'll find something worth reading here, and if not, feel free to pitch an idea or two, we'll see where it goes.

Commissioning Information

I'll be accepting up to five full commissions at a time, likely per a week or two, depending on my IRL work schedule. If you're interested, I only take payments on Paypal, and would be glad to discuss any commissions in a PM. Rates are as follows:

$5 - 3k word one-shot.
$10 - 10k word short story, 5 chapters 2k each.
Beyond that, we can negotiate the price depending on the contents of said commission.

What can I write?
-Most things you'd like, be they Slice of Life or smut stuff
-Character tales, a little something for your OC
-Action stuff, or fluff for fluff's sake

Deniable requests:
-Hardcore fetishes (i.e. Rape, snuff, vore, scat, extreme violence during sexual acts, underage content).
-Politics or anything to do with IRL events/groups. I come here to enjoy fantasy, let's keep it that way.
-Hate-focused stories (i.e. character bashing, fix-fics, accusation-fics, etc.)

If you would rather trade commissions for artwork, I'd be glad to exchange.

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Thank you for the watch. I hope to keep bringing you quality content.

My name is Yoshikage Kira and I am 33 years old...

Would you to know why I feel happy that the Crystal Ponies have sided with Humanity even though you told me that they understood what the humans were suffering from?

Yay, I'm happy to hear that.

HELL YEAH! Im still attempting to post a story I started writing a year ago... but school and work is a bitch

Thanks, I plan on hopefully returning to that next month.

  • Viewing 631 - 640 of 640
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