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After spending a few months on Bridleway, Troy was ecstatic to finally come home to his husband. But on the way, he meets another Griffon who has a keen interest in his love life.

Written for the Troy/Canvas 2018 Story Contest.

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Bravo, barvo! That was a fun story to read.

He'd read about Twilight's library being destroyed in the paper after Tirek's attack, as well as letters from Canvas telling him that everything was alright (he would have flown straight to Ponyville himself if he weren't about to go on stage)

:rainbowhuh: You'd think a rampaging magic stealing centaur would've caused a massive delay for a show.

I loved this!

Gallus huffed and reached into his schoolbag, a dull brown thing hanging on his side. He pulled out a small square card and showed it to Troy. Grabbing it, Troy flipped it over and examined the picture. There was a colt on the other side, with a greenish-blue mane and tail and sand-colored fur.

Sandbar's coat is green.

The show must go on.


No exceptions

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