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Hello, everybody! As many of you may know, I started writing fanfiction back in the summer of 2013 with my Magnum Opus series Brushed Away. And over the years since, I managed to write over six hundred fifty-thousand words worth of content involving them in my main series (and that's not even counting Private Moments, or other stories including my characters). So much has happened in my life since I began this series, with significant changes occuring in how I lived and who I had within it. But throughout all of that, the love and admiration I carried for Brushed Away remained. And even after 5 and a half years of dilligent writing, it's nothing short of amazing that my series managed to capture and inspire so many readers even to this day.

So to celebrate this achievement, I decided to try something I never considered before. Since so many people are such big fans of my series, I wanted to see what you guys would write involving my characters.

I am very pleased to officially announce that from September 25, and to October 25th my birthday, I will be accepting and reviewing submissions for my first ever Troy/Canvas Story Contest!

That's right, guys! Have you even considered writing your own story set within the Brushed Away universe? Has there ever been a scenario or situation you wanted to see involving my OCs that I haven't done yet? Are you growing impatient at how erratic my Private Moments schedule has gotten? (if so, I'm really sorry - Patreon is a curse)
Or are you just an aspiring writer who wants to practice their skills, and possibly win some money or a free commission for it?

If you agree with any of those questions, then this is the contest for you! Over the upcoming month, I will accept any and all story prompts as entries into my contest. The stories will be critiqued by myself, as well as my boyfriend Storm Butt. After October 25th, we'll make our decision as to which stories are the best, and announce three winners.

-First place can either choose a cash prize of $50 (sent via Paypal), or receive a free Eight Thousand word commission by me (which would be worth about $72 dollars).
-Second place can either choose a $25 cash price, or a free Five Thousand word story commission (rated at around $45).
-Third place can choose between $10, or a chapter sumbission for my series The Many Short Stories of Equestria (approximately between three and four thousand words).

The Rules:
-Any and all stories must be sent between 9/25/18 and 10/25/2018. Any early or late submissions will not count.
-All submissions must be set within the Brushed Away universe, and involve at least one of the original characters from the series. Whether that be Troy & Canvas, a member of the Clawston family, or even a minor character like Copper Fields or Glimmer Heart, is entirely up to you.
-All stories must have a maximum word limit of Ten Thousand or under. If you go over that limit a little (like, by a couple hundred words or so), that's perfectly fine. Just please try to keep it around 6K or lower.
-Only one story per writer may be accepted for this contest. If you want to write multiple stories, I won't stop you; just know that only one entry can be approved for this contest. I'm not giving all of my prizes to one person.
-Any genre or rating is acceptable for this contest. However, you must place an Alternate Universe tag to indicate this is outside the Official Brushed Away canon.
-Any and all stories must be submitted into this group, and into the 2018 Contest Folder. Your story must also contain a disclaimer in the description that it's an entry for this contest.

Other than that, I won't try to limit your guys' imaginations at all! Troy and Canvas may be significant to me, but I'm keeping an open mind to see what you guys do with them. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens, and hope to god this turns out to be a sound decision on my end. So either get to writing, or spread the word to other writers about this contest! Let's make this upcoming month something to remember! ;)

Group Admin

[NOTE: I changed one of the rules so now the maximum word limit is Ten Thousand words.]

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