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“Saints have no moderation, nor do poets, only exhuberance.” ~Anne Sexton


A star is born, in more ways than one, when Star Bright proves to Princess Luna that a new star type can exist. After being awarded the Gold Medal of the Canterlot Astronomical Society, the astrophysicist finds himself thrust into the national spotlight, pulling his husband in with him.

Silver Script, an aspiring author, wants to help him anyway he can, including writing his speech. As his efforts get turned down by the speechwriters of Canterlot Castle, however, he begins to fear that his husband's groundbreaking research may be breaking the ground between their relationship, as well.

(This is a complete story, but I will be updating each chapter every Saturday.)


Brasta Septim

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 44 )

Glad this is finally up. The interactions Star and Silver share are lovely all the way through ^^

Thanks. I'm just glad to be writing again.

It's finally up! I still think this is one of the best stories you have ever written...though I' obviously have some bias going on.

Thank you. I'm glad it's up, as well.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

This is pretty good stuff. I’m tempted to read the entire story.:twilightsmile:

Thanks. It will be worth the read. And it is finished, so no need to worry about lengthy waiting times.

Nice introduction to the characters, and who they are, and the base plot. I'd say you got something here. Tracking.

Love the interactions between Star and Silver, and Star Bright and the other ponies reactions to the lunacy that generally envelops Equestria on a weekly basis like the Changelings reformation, and Applejack's odd way of farming at times. Everything feels very natural.

Hey, someone finally made a story about these two!

Thank you. I like to think that the background ponies are normal, whereas the Mane 6 don't realize how abnormal they are.

I'm surprised nobody has done this as well. It just seemed obvious to me. It just takes me a while to form a story out of things like this.

I dunno, the drama queens that are the Flower Trio would probably count as Abnormal...

Star Bright and Silver Script make a cute couple with their interactions, and I love how you worked some of Triple Threat's events into the narrative with mentions of Thorax and Ember. It's definitely an enjoyable story, and I'm excited to find out where it goes from here. :twilightsmile:

Yay. Remember it is complete and I'm just posting chapters week by week.

That's true, but I can't help but feel like the people driving in action movies going, "Did this fight between these two supernatural beings just destroy the bridge for me to get to work at USAA insurance? This is bullshit!"

Comment posted by rainbow_swoop deleted Jan 14th, 2018

God, this is a good beginning. I really like SIlver Script, here. He already makes a cute couple with Star Bright. :D

Gyah, those two are so cute together. And I'm kinda like Star Bright when I get talking about something I'm passionate about, too.

D'awww... These two are such cuties.

I was tempted to post two chapters at a time, but a friend told me otherwise.

Derpy... get out. :p

8667403 my completely unbiased opinion as a prereader: you totally should. It’s fucking great and needs more attention.

The letters came the very next day: invites to events in Manehattan, Phillydelphia, and Baltimare, requests to be a guest speaker everywhere from Los Pegasus to the Crystal Empire. There was even one request from a company called ‘Raging Stallions’ that wanted him to perform in a movie called ‘Star’s Studs’, which Star Bright immediately vaporized with his magic before Silver Script could see it.

Gee, wonder what kind of movie that was...:rainbowlaugh:

And poor Silvy, guy's got some serious self esteem issues if you ask me. Might need a pick me up.

Every night you’d search for me.
I’m always here. I’ll wait here
And I’ll wonder where you’ll be.

I wonder what it is you see.
Do you fear I disappear
Every night you’d search for me?

I cannot move. I cannot flee.
You, however, do. I’ll fear
And I’ll wonder where you’ll be.

You’ve moved unexpectedly.
I long for when you’re near
Every night you’d search for me.

One day you’ll have your fill of me.
You’ll cross another hemisphere
And I’ll wonder where you’ll be.

You’ll find another light to see.
But I’ll always remember
Every night you’d search for me.
And I’ll wonder where you’ll be.

Absolutely wonderful poetry here.:twilightsmile: You do that yourself?

That was literally one of the top 3 innuendos I made.

Yes, I do enjoy writing a good villanelle. And yes, in future chapters, I have written every poem.

Nice! You ever think about going professional, cause from what I see here...

Ah, damn. Poor Silver Script. i wanna hug the guy right now. And smack Raven upside the head for the 'suggestion' of speechwriters.

That was a damned fine poem, Lovey.


Thank you both. I've always enjoyed poetry. I have won a few competitions but, in a situation one would consider ironic, I am afraid to submit my own chapbook of poetry to a publishing house.

Oh poor Star Bright.. Wants to give him a hug

Fortunately, Silver is going to make his next day better, right?

God, I wanna reach through the screen and give Silver Script a hug. :(

These two are so cute, but I still feel so sorry for Silver...

A grand, and very heartstring pulling tale. Well crafted, I felt every emotion as Silver and Star would have, an absolute masterwork to be sure. Very well done!

Thank you. I'm glad someone was able to enjoy it :)

And others will as well, I'm sure.

*Joins in hug at the end*

I have to go slap Trenderhoof upside the head, now. Excuse me.

Great story. Quite well-written. Those two crazy kids. :D

Giving Charlotte Bronte a run for her money :raritywink:

Damn good poetry! That's saying something because currently university is ruining poetry for me but that is solid!

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