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mr lovecolt

“Saints have no moderation, nor do poets, only exhuberance.” ~Anne Sexton


How do you show a friend how much you appreciate him when he prefers to keep to himself? Dreamy Ink, with Lovecolt's help, set out to do just that.

This is a little birthday story that I wrote my friend for his birthday. Brasta's character comes from his own story, Hard Chicagoat Nights

Cast of Characters:
Brasta Aura17 as Brasta
Dreamingnoctis as Dreamy Ink
M E Lovecolt as Lovecolt

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

Why do you write these stroys about gay ponys. Homosexuallity is against the law in Niggeria okay. You are breaking the law and you are going to be finned 37 thousand dollars then executed by having poop ranmmed odwn your throat until you die of choking to death okay. But you will love it because of you are a flaming homosex.


Could you stop? Thanks.

3991570 actually, Brastas character is a celibate priest who struggles with his sexuality. It makes him that much more complex. Edger, from my first stories, is a gelding, which is a rather unique gender identity. There are many instances in my stories where the character do not act on their feelings. You just need to look into it. And actually, if you read my Butterscotch story really closely, you'll find a secret message in it. If you find it, then I promise I won't write any more gay characters.

3991637 Who drawed you're avata r Iwant to commison them ok.

Soft piano music, poetic imagery, the simple pleasures of a garden, and not much conflict beyond figuring out how to show a friend he is appreciated...not my cup of tea, but I'd have to be brain-dead (or the fella with the username "undefined") to fail to realize when I'm reading something really beautiful.

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