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"Prince Blueblood would not consider calling it a good morning. It had all the trappings of being a good morning: he was with his boyfriend, it was a beautiful day, and he had gotten all his weekend work done last night. There was one teensy problem, though.

His boyfriend wanted to take him to some strange thing called ‘church.’"

Humanised M/M fic, in which Blueblood is actually a competent administrator with a fondness for the finer things in life, Fancy Pants is a charming man with impeccable powers of persuasion, and the two of them possibly discover something else they both enjoy, though for entirely different reasons.

Inspired by Christian Values by bookplayer.

Warning: Gayness and copious amount of Latin.

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copious amount of Latin

Grātiās vōbīs agō!

*after reading*

. . . where are all the macrons? Latin differentiates between long and short vowels; what happened here? For instance:

Locus iste a Deo factus est,
Inaestimabile sacramentum,
Irreprehensibilis est...

should be:

Locus iste ā Deō factus est,
Inæstimābile sacrāmentum,
Irreprehensibilis est...


Kyrie eleison. Kyrie eleison. Kyrie eleison. Christe eleison...

Why wasn't I warned about Greek?

Other than those nitpicks, I liked this story. I'm a sucker for foreign languages.

Warning: Gayness and copious amount of Latin.


Read Later'd for that alone.

Damn. Christianity, m/m romance, and Blueblood. That's just a trifecta for attracting downvotes. All that's missing is for it to somehow to be connected to Cupcakes. Anyway, the story itself was a decent slice of life, and I do like the realistic out come with the compromise there at the end.

You... you managed to successfully combine religion with ponies. I mean, Blueblood manages to be at least somewhat in-character the entire time, and yet you manage to balance Blueblood's sarcasm and materialism/hedonism (is that the right way of putting it? I don't know...) with a completely reverent portrayal of the service. There has got to be an achievement for that.

Ugh. We have enough cultists espousing the teachings of what Richard Dawkins accurately refers to as, “...arguably the most unpleasant character in all of fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully," in this world. Why do we need them in Equestria, too?


Do me a favor. Tip your fedora just a little bit harder next time.

6988755 Richard Dawkins is a pretentious, entitled, priviledged, self-centered, self-important, selfish, arrogant, stubborn, vain, unimportant, forgettable, racist, sexist, will-rot-into-dust-someday atheist mountebank.

10/10 thread

Anyway, kudos for writing a gay MLP religion story that isn't the worst thing ever. Upvote

Already this comment section is off to a wonderful start.

Please forgive me, but how can this be added to a Christian group? Christianity and wickedness are at odds with one another. I'm not saying this to offend people, but to warn them away from what is wrong; would anyone here stick their hands in a fire, after all? And who would try to swim in deep water without knowledge of how to do so?

I wish to protest with all due respect. I am not attacking people, but an action.

Link 1
Link 2

And, for those claiming God is being unfair and who false call us bigots;

Link 3

Again, I'm not trying to hurt people. I'm trying to help draw them away from evil, from self harm.

7037214 Because entire major segments of Christianity, including the one I was reared in and continue to follow, liberal Anglo-Catholicism (which is what is portrayed in the fic) would not consider there to be any wickedness involved here? A fair number of Christians, including pretty much everyone from my own Protestant Episcopal Church, see no conflict between being gay and being Christian. It is a doctrinal difference, and I respect that; but there is no reason to assume all other Christians do, or should, believe as you do. For example, to a devout High Anglican, proper reverence towards the Sacrament of Christ's Body and Blood is of the highest priority, and the recognition of it as a commemorative sacrifice that applies the grace and merits of Christ's death, passion and resurrection to the faithful communicant is necessary, Gospel doctrine. To a Baptist, the very idea of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper being anything more than bare memorial, much less as being an object of reverence and veneration, is downright idolatrous. Which is right and which is wrong? Can one prove the other as objective truth based solely on Scripture, literally or contextually interpreted? Would either be convinced anyway? One has a moral objection to the other's belief- yet both are still Christian. Why should the issue of homosexuality be any different?


Because the story is about christian stuff, not about being gay. FYI, that group's folders are admin-managed and all stories are screened in or out. If you must bring up why it's there and get all self-righteously preachy, do so at the admins through the proper venue (not the story comments or insulting blog posts that implicitly claim anyone who disagrees with you clearly isn't a christian).

Also, yours is not the only christian opinion on the morality of homosexuality, and frankly, your opinion on that topic is irrelephant, due to the complete absence of sexual activity in this story.

Yes, irrelephant. The gap between your comment and relevance is immense.



Because not every branch of Christianity has a stick up their ass when it comes to allowing people to be who they are and still be a part of the faith. Y'know, like Jesus actually taught.

Also, the place you dullards pull your "gay marriage is evil" crap from is the same section of the Bible that claims that eating shellfish, dressing with clothes of different colored cloth, and divorce are sins. Hope you haven't done any of those, good buddy, or you'll be on the outs with the gays. Hope you haven't/never have sex before marriage, because that's bad too. Hell, you might as well just turn off your computer right now, because the internet is sin incarnate wrapped in a nice big hedonistic package if we go strictly by Old Testament standards.

Oh, and the whole point of Jesus' "New Covenant" was that the proper way to worship God was to show him respect and love, and to give the same to your fellow man. In short, he tossed out the Old Testament and gave us the Great Commandment, one that we should follow above all else: "Love thy neighbor as thyself." But that's nowhere near as fun as pointing to people's lifestyles and shouting "sinner" at the top of your lungs, so why do that? Being holier than thou, patting others on the head and unironically saying something asinine like "I'll pray for you", and in general being a dipshit toward other lifestyles because something written in a book that was selectively edited, altered, translated, and mistranslated over the centuries said so.

I cannot begin to slow clap enough. You'll have to settle for this in reply to your entire post, along with the utter tripe you posted in your blog. Consider it my own version of "re: your opinion:":



Someone who spent twelve years in private Catholic schools, paid attention in Church history class, and actually read the Bible.


Also, yours is not the only christian opinion on the morality of homosexuality, and frankly, your opinion on that topic is irrelephant, due to the complete absence of sexual activity in this story.
Yes, irrelephant. The gap between your comment and relevance is immense.


Goddamn, Proper. Take my like.

7037828 I've intended no disrespect, and I didn't realize there was a place where I could take this in the group itself. Check my post for any disrespect; I have not tried to hurt anyone, but lead them away from evil. However, it is clear that we cannot agree. I've said my part.

Good luck and good day.

7039056 Check ours, we're not going after you for disrespect. I, personally, am going after you for a level of ignorance that's utterly laughable in the context of your own faith, Proper is pointing out that the story itself has little to do with sex, and Brasta is informing you that you are a part of a rather small minority of Christians who feel that being gay is evil.

Figured you could use the liner notes.


There isn't a place within the group. It's PMs. Going after the author of a story, or the story itself, for the decisions of a group's administration just seems weird.

Good day, I guess.

7039071 If my words are against what the Bible preaches, then what does 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 refer to?


7039150 You mean one of the books the Council of Nicea didn't toss out? I'm referring to Christ's teachings, dippy. Not the selectively edited works the Church decided to include in their book.


7039097 That robs him of the grandstanding. Y'know, the thing these pseudo-missionary types so love whenever they give their "sermons" on college campuses and internet forums.

Just as Jesus taught them. :trollestia:

7039150 People stupid and flagrant enough to get enough attention and causing enough scandal to merit getting a letter from Paul, several hundred miles away? After all, it's not like there was some kind of 1st Century Gestapo going around checking to see who's committing 'indecent acts' behind closed doors, so the only way this could come to Paul's attention at all was if it was a major, widespread problem enough to be publicly known- mostly likely, due to public orgies or some massive inter-Mediterranean scandal, or something of the like. This was Greece, after all, and paederasty, the most likely candidate for what the practice Paul is addressing as an issue, was widespread at the time. Grown men taking advantage of young, barely-pubescent teenagers is creepy no matter what gender is involved.


Alright, if you're determined to go down this route, its your choice to do so. I have just been trying to keep people from sticking their hands in a fire.

Still, I will make one last effort, and then truly be on my way...

One last card to play...

7039701 Oh, just piss off and go already. You've failed to address anything we've brought up in any way. Eat another wafer or three.

I /love/ that there are people who can see past the hate spewed by so-called "Christians" and see that God loves everyone, regardless of sexuality. Wonderful story, particularly the line about feeling love all around.

Why do you pick and choose what "so-called sins" from the Bible to take to heart? Do you think all people who have divorced are sinners?

You can be a practicing homosexual or you can be Christian, and fornication,divorce,incest are all frowned upon in christianty. How ever to many enshrine homosexualty as the truth no matter what the show says. If you call some one ignorant for protesting something that should not be in this group. I want to make one thing clear mlp is about friendship not about lgbt,fetishes or whatever liberal propaganda the mainstream media is espousing.

Gayness and Latin? Ugh, Latin.

(Actually, I love Latin.)


My understanding is that the NT condemns homosexual lust not long term, monogamous homosexual relationships. Lust is wrong, regardless of gender. As for the OT, it only condemns male anal sex, not homosexuality itself. (Lesbians are not mentioned.) Is that a fair interpretation?

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