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Prince Blueblood has everything he could ever want- wealth, power, food, wine. But on Hearth's Warming Eve, he realises he lacks what he truly wants- somepony who genuinely wants him around. Or so he thinks, until a late visitor helps him see that happiness does not have to be so hard to find. In fact, it's right in front of his face.

Part of the Shadows of Canterlot universe. Title inspired by the poem of the same name, by Christina Rosetti.

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I must admit I quite I enjoyed this. Hit me in the feels it did.

Very touching, but I have one problem. I can understand him thinking his acquaintances not wanting to be around him, but his family? Luna, I can understand. Cadance, she's in the Crystal Kingdom. Celestia? What's her excuse?

7825113 Thank you for pointing that out- the thing I was trying to convey is that Blueblood thinks no one cares to see him, when there actually are ones that do. I didn't mention Celestia because I put the focus specifically on Blueblood and his friends, rather than Blueblood and his family. I didn't even think about Celestia, to be honest.

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