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Prince Blueblood has everything he could ever want- wealth, power, food, wine. But on Hearth's Warming Eve, he realises he lacks what he truly wants- somepony who genuinely wants him around. Or so he thinks, until a late visitor helps him see that happiness does not have to be so hard to find. In fact, it's right in front of his face.

Part of the Shadows of Canterlot universe. Title inspired by the poem of the same name, by Christina Rosetti.

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"Prince Blueblood would not consider calling it a good morning. It had all the trappings of being a good morning: he was with his boyfriend, it was a beautiful day, and he had gotten all his weekend work done last night. There was one teensy problem, though.

His boyfriend wanted to take him to some strange thing called ‘church.’"

Humanised M/M fic, in which Blueblood is actually a competent administrator with a fondness for the finer things in life, Fancy Pants is a charming man with impeccable powers of persuasion, and the two of them possibly discover something else they both enjoy, though for entirely different reasons.

Inspired by Christian Values by bookplayer.

Warning: Gayness and copious amount of Latin.

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What happens when you mix devout faith with intense night life, loud music, and alcohol?
Meet Zeke; zebra DJ extraordinaire, and Brasta; stallion of the cloth extraordinaire. It was just a chance encounter; they never would see each other again, right? They never expected to find a chance encounter turns into something much much more...

Contains M/M romance.

Written with The Elusive Badgerpony.
With the editing help of Guy Incognito, IRpony and Kill Joy.

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