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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


One day, after a long and complicated genealogy project, Sundance goes to visit his distant grandmother so he can say hello...

In return, she gives him a headache.

An experimental entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (223)
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Comments ( 4530 )

looking good so far

"Sire! The peasants are revolting!"
"You said it. They stink on ice. Pull!"

Who be the cute little pegasus filly?

Hmm so we have another batch of royal brats?

Color me intruiged~
A fish out of water story about a (relatively) normal pony, i mean he’s freaking under the poverty line, turned Lord? Not that i havent seen it before, but i havent seen it done very well. Shoot er at us kudz!

Also, I feel like i’ll say it now before anyone else steals the thunder from me, and i know this isnt even remontley the same Peasant/Lord situation, but i cant get the immage of Bretonnia out if my head now.

She goes by Hailstone:raritywink:

Comment posted by Raul deleted Jan 11th, 2018

OOOH I am liking the look of this.

Worldbuilding FTW!

I will certainly be following this.

Hailstone is a daughter of Celestia.
From what I remember the first "batch" of offspring from Celestia and Gosling are Radiance, Corbie and Nuance. With Corbie being the Pegasus.
So Hailstone is from a new triplet set.
At least I've not yet seen her anywhere else...

I thought about that ^^
So who are the other two?

I dunno yet, honest answer. I haven't finalised.

But Steadfast almost appeared in this fic.

I hope to see ties restored with house Lulamoon

Comment posted by Jacktank10 deleted Jan 11th, 2018

Love this idea been a whikr since i've seen a kingdom building story on this site im hyped.

Interesting so Luna got over Nuance killing her mommy wants

“You’ve dared to raise your head and show yourself as capable. Now, you will be conscripted. I have need of you… and this is a family affair.”

Competence can be a dangerous thing.
I am somehow reminded of how the hobbit, warns about walking out your door.

Here comes no-nonsense great-grandma Celestia! Make way, make way! :rainbowlaugh:

This was seriously brilliant, well done. Can’t wait for more and to see the way this story progresses.

Dear Princess Celestia, today I was heckled by peasants, send help

:raritydespair: :twilightangry2::pinkiehappy:

Or Celestia had another batch of ponies

Edit: read more comments. Nevermind. :twilightblush:

Is your dear rubber Duckie going to make a cameo in this story?

Lulu the night mother has kids. OMG this I can’t wait to read. Imagine the nocturnal pegasus shenanigans with the kids! Imagine the alicorn angst! The feathery blue snuggling! The family game nights! The horrible self doubt and motherly guilt! The pretty pegasus preening, earth pony pronking, highborn unicorn sibling scon! Wow this is gonna be great.

Three little nightmare moons.
Three little daybreakers.
No cookie will be safe.

Nuance is going to get a serious case of sibling rivalry i bet. Radiance is going to have to step up, and poor corbie will be like fluttershy dealing with a bunny stampeede.

I have high hopes for this

Oh yes! That sums it up pretty well :rainbowlaugh::yay::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Looking forward to further chapters...

NEIGHHHH, I absolutely love how Celestia has been given the visage of a normal pone while remaining immortal as she is! Her filly is so adorable, the thought of her having a husband is perfect.
I do not think a story could start more beautifully.

Looking forward to how this story develops. Also looking forward to learning more about Luna and her triplets.

I´m absolutly disgusted by the lack of proper youtube links for this. You are a bunch of disgusting primtives, the lot of you !

This is a most fascinating start, I shall look forwards to more.

This caught my interest, let's see where it goes. :twilightsmile:

I’m interest in seeing how the peasants respond

Interesting, this can do well as a one-shot but this can also become a much larger story. I will be waiting what you make of it.

Welp, back into the saddle!

Let's go.

There are a great many windows Kuzdu peers through, and here's another we get to see what's on the other side. This one's almost Georg-ian.

I had a guest editor.

Sounds like he signed up for a life of misery and hardship. I hope there's at least something to look forward to for him in all of this.

No factories, zero manpower, and crushing debt. Definately the fiefdom a new player should start with for his first time! :applejackconfused:

...I think he has to get a really good political marriage, and then arrange for all the other heirs to his wife's kingdom to die mysteriously. It's the only way.

Okay, I thought I was up on the Weedverse but...

House Nicker?

If I have forgotten where that happens, please tell me!

The Mask Makes the Pony.

TThe Mask Makes the Pony
Flicker Nicker has joined the Rat Catcher's Guild. He's rather good at it, but wants to be better.
kudzuhaiku · 202k words  ·  586  30 · 3.4k views

You see? This is why I don't try! People expect things from you when you try!

Hm that one mare he saw, we'll see her again I bet.

Whew wee, chapter 2 out so quick? Awesome :rainbowkiss:

Also daaaang, Pebble the tyrant already. *sniff* they grow up so fast :fluttershbad:

“Subtle” my ass. Also, holy shit, this previous Sunfire really fucked up... is there no system to remove shitty lords?

::rereads the ending:: Oh yeaaaah.


When the beast of parchment and ink finally turned upon them all, Sundance knew that he would be one of the chosen called upon to slay it.

Good to know that if Twilight were ever to go berserk, Equestria would have champions like Sundance to fight her!

And the Weed grows ^^

Wow instead of starting this noble game on easy he is forced to start in expert mode. Also, im glad we get a civ building fiction on this site it's so hard to find that type of story. Thank you for writing one Kudzuhaiku.

No tutorial level for you, buddy.

I'd like to say that the premise and character sold me...

But if I'm being honest if you hadn't had me with the by line, you'd have had me at "experimental entry." I'm really looking forward to this.

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