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This story is a sequel to The Flight of the Alicorn

Rarity was certain her troubles with magical gemstones had ended, but an unexpected royal visit soon convinces her otherwise. In order to save an ailing Princess, stop an ancient menace, and avert a disaster that threatens the survival of a lost tribe of ponies, Rarity, Blueblood, and a brave group of friends will travel to strange and foreign lands, and into the fathomless depths beneath tormented seas. In her quest to uncover the secrets of the Abyssal Forge, Rarity will have to use all her charm, wit, and skill—and rely on allies old and new—as the unlikeliest of ponies once again attempts to save the world in style.

Part Two of Three
The Adamant Triskelion - Book One: The Flight of the Alicorn
The Adamant Triskelion - Book Two: The Abyssal Forge
The Adamant Triskelion - Book Three: ???

Beautiful cover art by Lucky Dreams.

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Huzzah! Well I know what I'm reading this Friday. I have been looking forward to this story for awhile now. :raritystarry:

Oh man it hit while I was commenting on the blog post!

Screw sleep!


Finally! I have been waiting for this forever!

It's here! It's finally here! Now to read

yey I wake up, check my Internetz and what do I get?! Ponydora Prancypants epic story continuation! Thank you god for small favorers.

Will read it ASAP.

On the side note that picture is beautifully made but ... well that smile of hers is .... disturbing. That Rarity is so judgmental and full of herself. When I look at this picture I can’t shake that feeling that she’s thinking that she’s sooo much better than everypony else ... and I’m about to be conned. Ofc. it’s just my humble opinion and I’m probably wrong.

<note to self> Stop staring at the picture and go read the awesome story… work can wait. If it would be important work they wouldn’t give it to you any way.

I trust that you will forgive me if I that scenario implausible.:

Missing find and a rogue :

“I still do not see what was supposed to be funny. You tell PInkie that we shall have words about this.”

Pinkie is not to my knowledge a private eye.

Aside from that, awesome. Fluttershy and Rainbow were perfect, as was our reluctant heroine, but I'm not entirely sure Coral is a pony at all.
Love that Luna. Rarity snapping at that innocent stallion was probably the best moment in this chapter: in my head it played out as if it was in the actual show.

Also, feature boxed already. Congrats?

Assertive Fluttershy, realistic Rainbow Dash, hilariously awkward Luna, and...

*sigh* Berry punch. You know, in my story, a murder mystery, Berry is the first to die. Now, every time I see her on screen or read of her in another story, I feel so bad. I'm sorry, Berry!:applecry:

Also, doth mine eyes perceive Sea Ponies?

At any rate, Ponydora, this is a great start to what is sure to be, just like Alicorn, one hell of a ride. Brava!

Also, just received my Hardcover copy of Alicorn! I lurves it! :raritystarry:


Ger? Gertrude, perhaps? Not as awesome as 'Danger', that's for certain.

Being an Element of Harmony apparently means never having a calm evening, huh. Well, I suppose you'd get that in any group of close friends that has Rainbow Dash as a member.

Looks like a pretty good opening night after all. :raritystarry:

Any comments on Rarity and the Princess of the Moon sounding a little similar?

Also, amused to see that Rarity still likes her spirits.

And so the Saga continues and with a great start non the less.


! Ponydora Prancypants has posted a new story called The Abyssal Forge

"Hmm, what's this? So, Blueblood has reverted to his old jerkish self? Or maybe he's actually in some sort of trouble? Is that what this is going to be about? :trixieshiftright: "
"Mm, I wish I could make a reservation to the Cobblestone for a fancy dinner and some mulled wine..."
"Uh oh, this business with Rainbow Dash is not sounding good at all. Sounding doubleplusungood in fact."
"Wait, what? Who's this creepy, crazy mare and what does she really want with Rarity? The plot is thickening at an alarming rate already..."
*Suddenly, Luna!*
" ... :pinkiegasp: (Oh, Luna, you and your melodramatic, old-fashioned ways! I love you.)
...wait, do we know it really is Luna? I have a bad feeling about this..."

Another amazing chapter. You certainly have a talent for creative writing, especially when it comes to pacing the story. Can't wait to read more! :pinkiehappy:

And the next adventure begins, i can only wonder where your words will take me. I am looking ever so forward to it.

Oh yay :3
I think I had a heart attack

Marvelous start of the second part of the story. Your work reminds me that descriptive narration is really enjoyable when done right. :raritywink:

Wait, Fancy Pants is going to be in this? Now there is a pony that can pull off gentleman adventurer.

Blueblood can pull off a kind of rakish skypirate lord thing when he gets a bit scruffy but he's not quite a gentleman.

...the fathomless depths beneath tormented seas...

Yes. We need more sub stories.

First I would like to say that, as always, I enjoyed reading your story very much. :pinkiehappy:

The characterization in your story is brilliant. After “The Flight of the Alicorn” I’m not surprised in that department, as I know you truly mastered Rarity character. As always I have to praise thou for your skill as it is truly impressive.:twilightsheepish:

You manage to stick very closely to the canon of the show in the process of creating something new. This is also the reason so many people like your stories. You give us show quality characters in new and interesting situations.:twilightsmile: Something many writers miss to accomplish. :facehoof:

I very much like how you expose Fluttershy in your story.:yay: Writers often have no idea how to characterize her well enough and leave her outside the action and don’t bother to add her complex character in the plot. :fluttershysad:

I know I did on many occasion expressed my admiration for your work in terms of characterization but I consider this very important part of reason why your stories are really worth reading.

There were many unanswered questions at the end of your last story and I’m very happy to see you have not forgotten about them and the second part directs us back at them, from the start. I have in mind the mystery of the Gallopitan pearls.:trixieshiftleft:

I have just one question. :scootangel:Time line. I understand that your story takes place now somewhere at the end of second season but did the events of Canterlot Wedding or Crystal Empire unfold, or are we yet to await them?

Btw I’m looking forward how are you going to implement the Crystal Heart from the show into the plot of your Triskelion series. :moustache:

Hooray, I've been looking forward to this! I almost missed it, though - did you not tag the blog post to "The Flight of the Alicorn", so that people following that story would be alerted?

Anyway, great opening chapter! It sets up a lot of different plots nicely. I really feel sorry for Rainbow Dash trying to work a desk job, and I'm not surprised that it didn't work out. I'm glad she made the effort, though.

If Coral isn't a sea pony, then I have no idea what she is. Between her warnings and Luna's arrival, everything is very ominous already! I also look forward to seeing just what Blueblood is up to.

And thus begins a new journey towards another printed book in the trilogy.

Oh, and adventures about Rarity.

I've been looking forward to reading this. I might go so far as to say that this is my favorite adventure story out there. If not, its close to the top :pinkiehappy:

Take my like, take my favorite. This story is gonna be epic and I wanna be there for every part of it. :rainbowdetermined2:

1902787 where did you espy Fancy Pants?

Ponydora, as incredible as always, and seaponies? Whee!!! It's like christmas all over again!

Hooray! It's here! :pinkiehappy:

A rather riveting start that I find unexpected. Suffice to say I'm dissappointed Blueblood starts this out as being a bit of a borish lout, but I suppose that just adds another layer of intrigue.

Your characterization is, once again, spot on. You manage to capture the Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash very well without making them cariactures. There's a good amount of subtelty and roundedness to your writing of them. Your Rarity is excellent as always.

You weave in what's happened over a year very well. I didn't expect a time-skip like that (I figured if it was a significant time-skip it would be longer), but you add a lot of interesting elements to what Rarity has been up to without making them overbearing. It is really cool seeing the places the mane 6 have been going, and I look forward to hearing perhaps more of it.

The intrigue and mystery being wove is excellent; not forcing things too deeply, but giving enough of a taste to leave the reader hungry for more. It seems to me like this story is getting off to a quicker start despite your prior warning.

An excellent and enjoyable chapter all told, despite my dissapointment of the lack of some Rariblood (which I'm sure will come). Eagerly awaiting the next chapter. :raritystarry:


I’m sure that he’s gone from designing air yachts and racing ships for the idle rich to developing some top secret invention upon which the fate of the entire nation rests, which he cannot disclose to me on account of its classified nature.

Talk about your not so subtle foreshadowing. :raritywink:

So.. Steampunk Submarines?
Please be Steampunk Submarines, Please.
Maybe an epic 10k Steampunk Submarine battle or two...
Can the submarines also be airships that are launched by cutting the envelope away and dropping nose first in to the sea?
Can one of them be modelled on the nautilus? with big glowing eyes? maybe just a background sub that doesn't get any lines?

I think I need to have a lie down.
(sketching out brass Triskelion propeller designs in my mind, just in case)

Excited now


He's going to be one of the featured characters.

And I've already recommended this to Spacebattles, so you may see more views Ponydora. :scootangel:

1903365 ahh, I always forget to check character tags :facehoof: glad you've got sharp eyes to notice :twilightsmile:


Rarity-centric fic that hopefully doesn't involve her being a prissy bitch? insta faved and liked.\

EDIT: i did not notice it is in the same series as FoTA. i don't have enough thumbs!

I clicked that gold star so hard it went supernova.

Wow, Ponydora, what an opening! Not only do you give us bits and pieces of info about what has been happening to Rarity and the rest of the Mane six in the time between stories, but the way you built up the suspence over the course of this chapter (pardon the pun) was masterful. Seriously, if every writer/director/artist could use your writing as a template, there would be many more awesome movie and book sequels out there.

Glad to see Luna is still her adorable, archaic, fish-out-of-water self from season 2.

I haven't been this excited by the opening scene of a sequel since I saw The Two Towers and The Dark Knight. Can't wait to see what happens next!:raritystarry:

Well I knew this would be waiting for me today, I did have to wait till I finished work to read it though so I was a little distracted. Lots of set up here so I am excited to see where it goes.

Okay, that anise-and-turnip dish scares me a bit, but I'll assume Apple Cobbler knows what she's doing when she's not trying to sun under a tree. Really, all of the dining details added a great backdrop to the story as exposition is offered to set up the changes since we last checked in on these characters in the Triskelion series. The Cobblestone seems like a wonderful setting with a fine selection of spirits, not to mention an interesting array of party crashers. I quite enjoyed the added comic relief of Luna's grand appearance and Rarity's resignation that she will never quite be free of crazy circumstance regardless of how stridently she tries to live a normal life.

Other touches I quite liked were the ongoing efforts to determine the pony-type of her mysterious, insistent, would-be client. Seeing Rarity check off the clues as they were offered was a nice insight into her intelligence and shows that she has a bit of a mind for intrigue, although she wasn't apparently prepared to make a Fox Mulder-sized leap that might have been necessary to grasp the right answer. I also liked the set up to Dash's need for an adventure, as it seems one is quickly brewing whether Rarity wants one or not. (I'm curious to see if Rarity is quite as content to avoid excitement as she claims, though. Certainly her relationship seems to need some new forward momentum.)

I'm also wondering what Twilight is up to, as while her name popped up it was never in reference to current events. AJ and Pinkie attended the rehearsal (and I suspect have some small involvement in the restaurant, through crops or family or dessert offerings), and Fluttershy and Dash made the opening (although only one was invited, and that one as a last-minute replacement). Admittedly, Twilight and Spike aren't exactly movers and shakers or opinion makers around Ponyville, so perhaps they were simply on the "post-opening" invite list, but you know I get curious about them easily.

All in all, an excellent jump back into the world of heroic-lead Rarity! I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

A magnificent and intriguing beginning to what is doubtlessly going to be an amazing new part of this story!
So many thing to look forward to! What Bluebloods' deal is, Who Coral is and the dangers she talked about, and what Luna wants with Rarity! I anticipate them all!
Fluttershy being assertive was adorable, and those dishes sounded delicious!
This is gonna be great!

Also, yay featured box!

Pink pearls? Fancy concealing cape? Strange pony?
Shoo-be-doop~ :raritywink:

And Luna Causes Excitement!:trollestia:

Can't wait for the story to start off for real!

Saw this on the front page, feature place, and immediately thought: Darksiders 2. I was a bit let down after my hopes went up a little. Hopes are for the weak.

Y'know, that single spoonful of turnip just so happens to be a great analogy for this chapter. A single little taste of awesomeness to prepare us for the excellence that lies ahead. ^_^

Great! I was hoping to see soon the continuation of "Flight of the Alicorn". Way to go! :raritywink:

In the future, are you gonna get another cover pic, with a title and all that?

Fluttershy shrugged. “Oh, I don’t know. I never go looking for danger or adventures or giant monsters or fire-breathing dragons or magical spirits of disharmony and chaos.” Her voice reached a crescendo before she had to pause for a breath, then she continued much more quietly. “They just seem to, um, find me. I really wish they would cut it out.

I came for the Rarity, and then Fluttershy stole the show!:raritydespair::yay:

Seriously the whole scene between her and Rarity was very well done. Nice to see Fluttershy showing off a bit of her new assertiveness while still being true to herself.


Ha. I should've known better than to expect a quiet establishing chapter. But babbling seaponies and party-crashing Lunas are better, anyway. So,
points of interest:

- Blueblood is apparantly back to being Blueblood. I suspect that he has a legitimate reason for not leaving Canterlot; the description's mention of a
sick Princess may have something to do with it. He'd better hope so, in any case. Nopony stands Rarity up without a good excuse.

- Dash has a desk job. Something about that image is just hilarious. And hopefully she really is prepared for another adventure...

- Coral. I didn't think we'd be seeing seaponies so quickly, or that they'd be amphibious. So she was a welcome surprise. Can't wait to find out what she really needs Rarity for, and learn more about her mysterious warning.

- Rarity herself. Seems like, Blueblood troubles aside, she seems to have recovered nicely from the events of FoTA. Co-running a restaurant and considering opening a new store in Canterlot? Not too shabby at all. Too bad the Powers That Be can't just leave her alone. But that would make for a boring story. Also, nice to see her alcoholic tendancies are still present. Drunk Rarity is Best Rarity.

- Luna. Gotta love her ability to make an entrance. The question, of course, is why she made it...

So, a typically awesome start. Thumbs-upped, and now I can finally fill that unsightly hole Alicorn's departure left in my Favorites list. :yay:

...Saddle Arabians?

So much WIN in this chapter!

First off Rarity and Fluttershy

Secondly Fluttershy using Rarity's line. "...... the worst possible thing!"

And best of all The Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack plays nicely while reading this gem.

YAY! :yay: new story! though i was also wondering if "the flight of the alicorn" was shipped back to you, as i haven't recieved it yet so i'm a bit afraid for it's location. I'd be happy to pay the shipping again if it came back, I just want it on my bookshelf so i can indulge whenever i want :pinkiehappy:

I LIKE THIS CHAPTER! *smashes glass on floor* ANOTHER!!! :trollestia: :raritydespair: (only, you know, Luna instead of Celestia...)

And HO SNAP SEAPONIES. Something tells me Rarity hit it right on the head re:Blueblood. Then again, maybe he's just arranging OTHER super-secret important plans. (The most perfect marriage proposal ever, anyone?) :raritywink: Anyway I am JUST SO STOKED for this to have begun! I'm sure it'll be just as fantastic as FotA! :raritystarry:

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