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Princess Cadance loves Hearts-and-Hooves Day. She does not, however, love the hundreds of letters sent to her every year from desperate and dateless ponies who misunderstand how her special talent works.

Still, not every letter contains a blatant request to remove another's free will. Some just ask for simple advice, or hold the naive-yet-innocent wishes of the young. And then there's a letter from a married writer who just wants his anniversary to be super special.

Although Mi Amore Cadenza is not the almighty angel of love that most ponies think she is, she might be able to help these select few writers.

Set after Rainbow Rocks, but before season 5.

Preread by Syeekoh, TheSlorg, Derpator, and Themaskedferret.
Edited by NightWolf289, PaulAsaran, and PegasusMesa.

Cover by luv4horsez.

The result of an old writing challenge between myself and TheSlorg. Character tags are final, but not all are currently present.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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I love the limitations on the love spell.

This fic was A challenge, huh?
I should take you on with something sometime :)

Oooh this looks interesting!

Glad to see you're writing again.


The result of an old writing challenge between myself and TheSlorg.

Back in 2014, at SalvageCon (Sydney, Australia), TheSlorg and I played a few games of pony-themed Connect Four. He proposed that we each come up with a story using whatever characters we used to win games with. Naturally, I didn't expect to beat him and so I wasn't paying attention to the faces on the chips I dropped. So the character tags are completely deliberate. :derpytongue2:

Well, I must say this is a good start. I only noticed last second that this story will have other chapters. Looking forward to reading the rest of this.

Oh wow, this is now a thing?

And Best Princess too. Colour me interested.

Hmmmm. I actually like this so far. I cant wait to read more.

This is nice! It's good to watch Best Princess at work. I'm not yet sure of the thrust of the theme so I can't tell whether some of these (admittedly very nice and lovingly drawn) details might have been better left out in that they don't serve the narrative, but that's a minor point. And as noted, I'm not conpletely unhappy to have the detail anyway.

I like it.

I figure it makes sense, really. Her being able to remove a pony's free will would be horrendously OP and monstrous. Ponies really should think about what they wish for.
Come at me, bro! :coolphoto:
Actually please don't, I have too much to work on already lol
Glad to be writing again, mang! Now, what to update next...
Thanks, Chaos. :twilightsmile:
Aye, Best Princess indeed.
Hope to deliver more soon. The next chapter has already been started.
I definitely have more planned, senpai. You just watch.
Oh crap, now I have to perform, crapcrapcrap
That's all I hope for from everyone. Thank you. :yay:

6933663 I love how I had the entirety of my Connect Four challenge story mapped out within a week or two, and now two years later you still beat me at getting the story released.


Should we just assume alcohol was involved?

This looks fun!

And Princess Cadance would banish ponies to the morning star, of course. The question is where Princess Twilight would banish them to...

Those character tags, though.

Funniest part is, no, we were both completely sober! :rainbowlaugh:
ikr? I should've been paying attention to how I won, not just that I won.

Based on the few character tags present, I choose to believe that this story will ship Gildalescence.


“Of course!” Pinkie yelled, throwing her hooves up into the air, streamers and confetti bursting out of her mane. “I’m not gonna get banished to the… uh… hmmm… sun, moon… hey, Princess,” she said, “where would you banish a pony to if they served you poorly?”

Oh, no no no, Cadance wouldn't banish them to the morning star. Keep in mind the elder princesses banish ponies to a place that's the opposite of their powers.

Cadance would banish them to the political corner of Tumblr.

Took me a while to remember what this was. Glad to see it finally up, though.

Quite nice and intriguing beginning, I'll eagerly be waiting for the next chapters.

I'm also shipping Flash Sentry and Solid Scout.:pinkiecrazy:

6945462 They'll be dead by hate poisoning in a week.

What do you mean by adopt this one? Giving up on the story???

Wait so Rarity WANTED to make her sister and her cat fall in love?

Er, no. She wants to show Sweetie Belle how forcing Opalescence into a relationship with Button Mash's cat is not the way to get Button to notice her.

“Pinkie. I don’t banish ponies to anywhere.” Cadance laughed. “Unless they try to take over the Crystal Empire and enslave my subjects, of course.”

You know, while its portrayed as light hearted, this is a pretty damn cold comment, considering the one pony who fits those requirements-Sombra-is flat out dead.


You know, I kinda like somewhat edgy Cadence with a hidden, hardcore edge.

If no-one else has tried taking it up, I could give it a crack. I haven't posted anything before, but I would do my best to finish this story to the quality that you have set as a benchmark.

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