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This story is a prequel story to Soap Suds and Scary Movies. However, this story can be read without having read Soap Suds.

Pip has missed his friend Rumble all week at school. Rumble hadn't even shown up at all. Finally, Friday comes and Rumble is back but something is different. Rumble isn't acting himself in any way. Pip doesn't know why but he is determined to find out.

Big shout out to Stellar Spiral final editing. This fic took a long time to do with a couple of re-writes and much editing. I would also like to thank AllieTheLamb for ruthlessly tearing my work apart and generally making me a (slightly) better writer. It was fun working with you!

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That was a sweet story, and a nice setup for Soap Suds and Scary Movies.

Very sweet, very heart-touching and it works very well as a prequel to the duo's future story together.


Thanks! I am glad you like it, I made it specifically to fit into this miniature universe I am making. Expect to see more Pip and Rumble in the future for sure :raritywink:

This was really really nice. I feel like you got the dialogue tone for two young boys down pat. I'm glad it all worked out in the end and that they both opened up after much prying and were better off for it. A lovely story!

Wow didn't expect those shrunken texts, but still that was touching to the least :)

Wow. I'm glad you went through and published it. While still not without its chinks (no work ever kills them all off), I'm happy you saw this done and learned something from it.

Well done. :heart:

Thanks Allie! It really was a huge learning experience and looking back on it (as I did recently) I can totally now see the things that I needed (and still need do) to work on. I've come a long way since this fic and I don't ever plan to stop learning from my own work. THanks for helping me out along the way, it really did make a difference! :twilightsheepish:


I don’t have the words. Really. Great story! Great emotions, great characterization, amazingly cute resolution. This was legit.

Thank you so much! And thanks so much for the add! That means so much that I can put a smile on your face :twilightsheepish:
I hope you continue to enjoy my stuff!

Wow. That's nice and a little sad story.

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