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Sunburst has always gone into the same coffee shop every morning ever since his new job at the palace. He has gathered quite the reputation in the little shop for his morning routine. However, this reputation gets quite the attention in the busy little cafe.

MxM shipping
Romance themes
Mild sexual themes
I'd just like to give a special mention to TheVClaw and his amazing story Brushed Away. It has been a major drive to do this sort of thing when I actually had the time. One of the truly amazing MxM fictions out there.
And you can find the stunning TheVClaw here
Cover image by the amazing Ashee on DA! Thanks again or the awesome image.

Thank you An Alternate Universe for editing my chapters!

Thank you to the amazing CrackedInkWell for being another driving force for me and remaining in tight collaboration with me. If you are so much as semi-enjoying what I am doing, he is an absolute must to check out!

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This was pretty good, but it feels like it was meant to go on a little longer than it does. What I mean is that the end scene seems like the perfect setup for more story, but it just ends. You've got a good conflict going, with the misunderstanding and the situation you've ended on, but not a lot of resolution. The idea and the characters are certainly strong enough for a continuation, and an ending that ties up more of the strands of story would push this story from good to great.

Thank you for the feedback! I really do appreciate it and I think you have driven me to push it into incomplete and continue with the story, I really loved the characters but I didn't want to push it with making it more of a longer fic. I will really slow down the pace of the development and really consider continuing it on!

Im addicted. Any schedule you want to release them on or are you going to release them as you complete them?

It will depend, I mean I am super invested at this point so a sequel *cough* MIGHT come tomorrow, but after I will fall into a bit of a schedule.

7769003 Okay. I like this story so far. I actually saw it because of my feed on The Coltcuddlers because I joined said group. I like M/M ships if they're good.

One reading later...

Thanks! I am planning all of the little details for chapter 3 right now so I think my writing hype is coming back for round two. Oh goodness I am gonna crash tomorrow, but until then, I have the gusto of a pinkie on 5 rounds of caffiene:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Yay! I forgot to track this story. Stupid, stupid me. :P

Yay, update! (Also sickness :pinkiesick:)


Awww hope you enjoy! (and get better soon :fluttershyouch:)

Okay, now I want to know what happens next.

brilliant twilight sunset fading

Redundant word is redundant.

Some Colts were

Unless that’s the name of a group there’s an extra capital in there.

I love the story, however, you do have a few errors that seem to slip by. If you would like another pre-reader/editor, I am available, so let me know.


Thank you very much for finding those errors for me! :scootangel:
Usually, it is just me and grammarly premium so it would very much be appreciated to have an extra set of eyes! PM me if you are willing to volunteer and thank you heaps for helping me find those little spelling errors!

The little Colt ran

Colt is not a proper noun, stop capitalizing it!!! :)

Hazell Quill lets go of Ristretto and stuck his hoof out

Tense change.

“that is enough

Should be capitalized (and you like to overcapitalize).

Thanks once again! All fixed! :raritywink:

dream of a time when it wasn't stinking hot

Bwa ha ha ha. It’s winter where I am right now, so cold (I love it).:pinkiehappy:

Overall, another great chapter, now we shall see how the conflict escalates. 

7792817 No problem.

Excellent chapter! I'm glad that everything is alright with Hazel. Though at this point when its revealed to him that everything he thought he knew about gay ponies is wrong, I can imagine that he has a lot of questions for his brother.

I feel like the relationship between Hazel and Ristretto is going to be very fun to work with, also fitting Sunburst in this is going to just be so much fun! I feel like a kid in a candy store! :pinkiehappy:

YAY Solutions Galore!

And here's to 2017! 2016's hopefully better predecessor.

Hem. "predecessor"
I really hope that 2016 doesn't come after 2017. Successor maybe.

It was a pleasure to work with you on this chapter, I eagerly await the next.


I should really stop writing those stupid things at 2am in the morning :rainbowlaugh:

7806142 Probably a good life choice... to be entirely honest, one that I should probably make as well. Spoiler Alert: I probably won't make the right choice.

Hurrah! Back stories with pizza!

Conversation wise, it feels natural. The banter between Sunburst and Starlight put a smile on my face. And the dinner did help flesh out character development.

Now I'm curious to see what happens next.

Good lord jesus I hadn't read this yet, I may have just had a huge fanboy moment when they vented out . So cute :rainbowkiss:

I'm at loss for words, that was adorable. That part near the end was funny. Though at this point I wonder if Cadance and Shining Armor know about this since there's no mentioning about either of them.


Though at this point I wonder if Cadance and Shining Armor know about this since there's no mentioning about either of them.

All in good time :raritywink:

Starlight you caniving little minx, well that was cute

You just couldn't wait for me to lose sleep over this, could you?

Also, there's a period with its own line in there (last few lines) have fun finding it.


I thought you had finished! sorry :/

No, I usualy do at least four full rounds over a few days, if not more. It's not a problem and it is still your story and your decision, but for future reference I will usually send you a pm when I'm done.
Also, if you haven't figured out by now I'm a pretty sarcastic individual, don't take that comment personally.

a noogie, "Now turning it into a noogie. “Now, we


Also make sure to capitalize days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.)


Whoops! all fixed! Thank you :raritywink:

7944022 They have a character tag for Sunburst.

okay I have to many stories and they take to many of my time, but this looks good.

I mean I just hate the usual Sunburst x Starlight romance, just because he was her first friend and this is one reason why I'm happy to see this shipping. I don't say it can't be good, but I'm not one of those, who are happy with the typicall girlfriend in games/movies which is usually an old or the first friend/ important character.

really cute and nice

Oh Starlight that is a bit unfair, not everyone is lucky enough to find someone right away.

I actually wanted to ask that sooner, when does Starlight go home?

It is nice, but maybe other ponies should start to exist in this story too.

Wait didn't Sunburst said he never was together with someone?

I love Starlight, but to my liking she is going to far right now.

I hope Cadance isn't trying anything, it wents well enough already.

I think your going to have to put a set tag in this story.

yaay Gay Love!:heart::pinkiehappy:

I really love Cadence in this Chapter xD She is like one of my best friends and shoots her own mind out without hesitation:rainbowlaugh:
(still working with a translater xD)
See you

Yeah i put it in before but it was discreet haha.

This was mainly getting some things tied up and introducing a character I cannot wait to play with!

A new character? Gee, I wonder who would make an appearance in this story? :raritywink:

P.S. Finally! I was wondering when Cadance and Shining would show up on with what's going on with their Crystaller.

Oh no it is Cadance and even about that matter again.
I have to admit, from what I'm used of how people write her, this was probably one of the best ways to ...well write it.

I just don't like chlichees like Sex expert Cadance, but he actually had a reason to her, I guess she is one of his few friends and already got a child here.

The next chapter should be funny, even if I kind of expected him to ask in the next chapter.

8075729 who knows what awaits these two star crossed lovers and their friendships :raritywink:

...“...Yeah?” Sunburst replied after a sufficiently awkward amount of time had passed.

this...this right here and before it......there is nothing funnier than awkward sex talk! I literally had to keep myself from laughing out loud in front of my family (because they would think I'm crazy (even though I kinda am but my family (on my dad's side, including me) leans more towards the weird (and random) side) Wow, that's a lot of parentheses) by putting my hands over my mouth! I love awkward Sunburst! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

It would have been totally perfect… had Hazell Quill not arrived home early from his sleepover.

Don't you hate that when that happens even though that hasn't happened to me yet because I'm a virgin? Also....yeah....that would be awkward....

*One reading later*


Oh boy... If you need me, you'll know where to find me.

this is gonna be interesting

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