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Sunburst is perfectly happy with who he is. He couldn't be happier with his relationship with his boyfriend, and being gay hasn't been an issue for him for years. But when it comes to being himself in public...

Well, it's a bit more of a struggle.

So much of a struggle that there must be something more to it than just a simple case of social insecurity. And it's up to his boyfriend to find out why.

A massive thank you to Maxwell Edison again for being my amazing editor. He has been an absolute legend!!

Artwork by the fantastic Lopoddity. I'm sure you've all heard of her, if not... please do.

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I have to give you credit: you've tackled an issue that very, very few ever talked about and you did it flawlessly. It was relatable, emotional, and the dialogue flows very naturally. Once again, you amaze me. And don't ever sale yourself short as a sub-par. You've already reached my level of quality. Even if no one notices, this is a gem.

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me and for you to say that has made my week Inkwell! Thank you.

This was beautiful and, at least for me, quite relatable. Well done!

Thanks Mauser! That really means a lot. I tried to really tap into one of my biggest fears being the person I am and that was hands down up the top. I'm so glad I've made that relatable to you and both Inkwell and I hope we can work towards a time when everyone feels comfortable being themselves.

So lovely and good, thanks for creating this.

Aww. Glad to see someone talk about this, you're awesome


Thank you both so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightblush:

Good work. You have a good grasp of the vignette style and tackled a difficult issue effectively.

First off. dude...What the fuck! (this isn't out of angry but an overflow of happiness!)
omg I mentioned this in my blog and wanted a fanfic done towards the image even tagged you in it.
is this a coincidence or just my dumb luck?

the review - oh my god i hope sunburst is alright after going though that glass door!
the interaction between flash and sunburst was so perfect.
most emotional part is when sunny goes to his dad's grave telling him he's gay.
p.s: i just still can't believe it...Gah! thank you:)

Excellent work. I really love your characterization of Flash and Sunburst (I'm always a sucker for interesting characters). The writing is top notch though I did notice a few errors (I can PM them to you if you'd like).

Overall I enjoyed the piece. Helps that I like seeing a Flash Sentry that actually has a personality.

Dude, your not a sub-par writer, if anyone it's me who is a sub-par writer.

great story i hope too see more sunflash lol and i fallowed and just started FIMfic

Okay first of all, you are not a sub-par writer, you are amazing.

Secondly, that was quite the twist. I didn’t expect it at all.

What a beautiful and touching story for a great ship! Thanks for writing it. I'd love to see more about these two.

Thank you to everyone who has commented and shown me their support, its been absolutley overwhelming and I'm so glad you all enjoyed reading. I couldn't believe the response I got and to be having people read and enjoy my work? Absolutley amazing. Thank you all for the amazing love you have given me! :twilightblush:

No problem mate I mean your a great author in everything u do u desivre more fallowers:rainbowlaugh:

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Personally mate

I can't stop reading this is so flipin good

Honestly, thank you so much! I hope to try some more stuff like this soon! But I do have other fics that need attention, so those plans will have to sit on the backburner for now (but certainly not forever)

So how did you panel go?

Not done it yet! But I'll do a blog post when it's all over :raritywink:

Dawww! This was very heartfelt. I could feel the struggle Sunburst was having. I immensely enjoyed this. *Gives headpats*

This was very sweet. :twilightsmile: Great job tackling an aspect of being in a queer relationship that I don't think I've seen handled on the site before. Sunburst and Flash were characterized very well. You gave them a pretty cute dynamic here. FlashBurst is a ship that needs more love. They're just so adorable together!

I'm glad that quickly Flash realized how badly he'd screwed up and went to make amends for it, because he was really out of line there. The twist with Sunburst actually visiting Sunspot at the end took me by surprise, but, in hindsight, it makes Sunburst's distress at the restaurant even more heartbreaking. I also liked the perspective switch at the end, as well as the timeskip. Just goes to show how far they've come, which is great. :ajsmug:

The story was a bit rough around the edges in terms of grammar and formatting. However, it didn't detract from my reading experience. Great little slice of life here. Enjoyed it very much!

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