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Contentment. Some find it easier to find than others. For his entire life, Big Mac thought he had found it. He never questioned his existence or if he ever wanted more.

That was complex.

But what happens when simplicity isn't enough anymore? Big Mac has been pondering this for a long time, but pondering can only do so much. It's time for action, but will he be able to cope with his own inner emotions?
MxM shipping and romance themes.

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Bumper #1 · Mar 9th, 2019 · · 1 ·

Love it buddy, brilliant depicting of the maelstrom that is coming to terms with our differences no matter the potential /perceived support. Late night hot chocolate and chats under a blanket sounds like the way to go

To the author - Welcome back! sorta...
i think is the first time (that i've read) you've done in short story without a lot of dialogue.

p.s: btw love the cover art.

Really nice vignette here! :)

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